Walgreens Perfume And Cologne Return Policy [Full Guide] 

Walgreens, one of the largest drugstore chains in the U.S., sells a variety of perfumes and colognes at its stores. You may have bought one of these only to later find that you don’t like it.

This must’ve made you wonder: what is Walgreens’ perfume and cologne return policy? Here is what I’ve found out from Walgreens employees!

Walgreens Perfume And Cologne Return Policy

Walgreens will return perfumes and colognes within 30 days of purchase, even if the product has been opened. If you have the receipt, you will get a full refund in the payment method you used. If you don’t have it, you will only receive store credits. 

If you want to know more about returning opened cologne and perfume, returning these products without the original receipt, and much more, keep on reading! 

How Long Do You Have To Return Perfume And Cologne To Walgreens?

According to Walgreens’ official returns policy, you can return the perfume and cologne you bought from Walgreens within 30 days of purchase.

So whether you don’t like the fragrance or you realize you had another lying around the house, you have 30 days to return the item.

However, once 30 days are over, you will not be able to return the item to the store for a refund. 

Can You Return Perfume And Cologne To Walgreens Without A Receipt? 

Yes, you can return perfume and cologne to Walgreens without a receipt. However, this is left to the discretion of the store manager, who may, at times, decide not to return your item without the receipt. 

If the manager agrees to return your item, you will only be refunded the lowest advertised price of the product in the form of store credits or a Walgreens gift card. 

Can You Return Perfume And Cologne To Walgreens After 30 Days?

No, based on Walgreens’ official policy, stores don’t return items once 30 days have passed since their purchase. 

However, since this decision is left with the store managers, you may be able to return your item after 30 days if you have a valid reason for the delay.

In this case, you will only receive store credits or a gift card equal in value to the lowest advertised price of the product. 

Can You Return Opened Perfume And Cologne To Walgreens? 

Yes, Walgreens will return a perfume or cologne if you do not like it, even if it has been opened. However, you must bring along the original receipt of the purchase to get the return accepted. 

How Can You Return Perfume And Cologne To Walgreens? 

To return an item that was bought in-store, you should head over to the store where you bought it from with the product in its original packaging, the original receipt, the payment method (if you used a debit or credit card), and a valid government-issued photo ID.  

Ask the employee at the checkout counter to process your return. The employee will verify your ID against Walgreens’ database to make sure their policy is not being abused and then process your return. 

If you bought the perfume or cologne online through the Walgreens website, you could send it back to Walgreens’ return center. To do so, visit this link and enter your address, order number, and the reason for your return. 

Once you have done this, you will get a prepaid return shipping label which you should print and attach the product as per the instructions given on the label.

You can hand this over to your postal service (or dropbox), and Walgreens will process the refund once it has received the item. 

For returning other items to Walgreens, you can see our other guides on the Walgreens return policy for makeup and gift cards.

Conclusion: Walgreens Perfume And Cologne Return Policy 

Walgreens will return all perfume and cologne products if these are brought within 30 days of purchase along with the receipt.

You will get a full refund through the mode of payment you used to make the purchase. Without the receipt, you will only get store credits or gift cards with a value equal to the lowest advertised price of the item. 

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