Walgreens Photo Return Policy [All You Need To Know]

Walgreens, one of the largest drugstore chains in the U.S., provides a suite of photo services under its Walgreens Photo Center.

However, the quality of these products may sometimes turn out to be unsatisfactory, so you must be wondering: what is Walgreens’ photo return policy? Here is what I’ve found through my research!

Walgreens Photo Return Policy

The Walgreens Photo Center accepts returns of any photos or developed film you find unsatisfactory, once these pass the return verification process. You can return Same Day Pickup products in-store, but not mail and Ship to Store orders. There is no time limit for returning photo products. 

To learn more about returning Same Day Pickup and Ship To Store orders, returning orders without a receipt, and the time limit for returns, keep on reading! 

Can You Return An Online Walgreens Photo Order?

Yes, you can return a photo product that you ordered online through the Walgreens website. 

However, note that the process of returning an order you made online is tricky since it depends on the shipping option you chose in the first place. Follow these guidelines to make sure you don’t run into any problems: 

  • For Same Day Pickup orders, head back to the store where you picked up the order from and ask the employees for a refund or an exchange 
  • If you received the order through mail, you should contact the Walgreens Customer Service team on 1-866-264-2910, and request a return (They are available 24/7) 
  • If you selected Ship to Store for your order, you should again contact the customer service team (on 1-866-264-2910) and ask them to explain the process of initiating a return 

Can You Return An Online Walgreens Photo Order In-Store? 

Can You Return An Online Walgreens Photo Order? 

This depends on the shipping option you selected. If you chose Same Day Pickup, you can return the online photo order to the store you picked it up from. 

However, if you went for delivery via mail or Ship to Store, you will not be able to return the order at a nearby Walgreens store. According to Walgreens, “Walgreens stores are unable to process refunds for Photo Ship to Store purchases”. 

When Can You Return Photo Orders? 

There is no time limit for when you should return photo orders. Walgreens has a general limit of 30 days (after purchase) for returning other items, but this does not apply to photo products. 

Can You Return A Photo Order To Walgreens Without A Receipt?

No, you cannot return a photo order without a receipt. Walgreens uses a return verification process to avoid fraudulent returns. Therefore, you will need to have the original receipt to get your return accepted. 

In case you have misplaced the physical copy of the receipt, you can simply head over to the Walgreens website, log into your account, and find the receipt in the ‘Orders’ section. You can print it out and include it with the product for return. 

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Walgreens accepts all returns of photo orders that you find unsatisfactory. However, you have to provide the original receipt to pass the return verification process. If you chose Same Day Pickup, you can return the order in-store. If you selected the delivery via mail or Ship to Store options, you cannot return the order in-store and will have to send it for a return via mail. 

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