Walmart Asset Protection Associate (Duties, Pay + More)

When people think of jobs at Walmart, they usually think of cashiers. However, Walmart offers an array of positions in addition to its cashiers. For example, Walmart Asset Protection associates protect Walmart stores from theft, fraud, and damage.

If you’re interested in criminal justice or asset protection in retail, the Walmart Asset Protection position may be for you. Keep reading to discover everything I found out about this awesome job at Walmart!

Walmart Asset Protection Associate

Walmart Asset Protection Associates (AP) are store associates trained to identify and stop potential crimes or losses. This position is critical, as it ensures customer and staff safety. Also, AP associates are responsible for performing tasks such as checking receipts for fraudulent activity, monitoring surveillance cameras for shoplifters, and auditing cash registers.

If you’re interested in a Walmart Asset Protection position, continue reading and find out what it takes to be an Asset Protection associate at Walmart!

What Is a Walmart Asset Protection Associate?

Walmart Asset Protection associates work with a team of trained professionals to help protect Walmart from theft and ensure that customers have a safe shopping experience.

As the name implies, Walmart Asset Protection associates are responsible for preventing losses of Walmart merchandise by customers and staff.

In addition to their loss prevention duties, AP associates also train other employees in ways to prevent loss, theft, and damage of Walmart products.

What Are Walmart Asset Protection Associate Duties?

The Walmart Asset Protection team is responsible for protecting Walmart’s assets and people in the stores.

Additionally, these employees work diligently to reduce theft and provide a safe environment for customers and associates.

Walmart Asset Protection associates are responsible for preventing theft by both Walmart employees and customers.

Also, they guard against potential threats so that Walmart is a safe environment for every customer.

Therefore, Walmart Asset Protection associates are among the most important members of the Walmart team, as they’re usually on the front lines of crime prevention.

In addition to the previously listed duties, Walmart Asset Protection associates are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Conduct safety sweeps of the store and warehouse
  • Monitor the doors at stores and check bags that trigger the alarm
  • Ensure that safety regulations for forklifts are obeyed
  • Review of whether hazardous materials are being properly handled and disposed
  • Report unsafe situations to management
  • Log and record suspicious activity
  • Direct others on emergency response procedures

What Are the Requirements To Become a Walmart Asset Protection Associate?

For this entry-level position, applicants must be a minimum of 18 years old. Otherwise, there are no distinct requirements for the entry-level AP associate position.

However, Walmart has AP managers and managers in training positions that have additional requirements.

Since these positions are leadership roles, they have mid-level experience requirements like:

  • Minimum of two years of college experience or one year of experience as a supervisor of multiple departments
  • Two years of Asset Protection experience
  • If ammunition is sold at the location, a certificate of eligibility may be required
  • If firearms are sold, applicants must undergo a criminal background check and firearms training

Additionally, Walmart gives preferential treatment to applicants with a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, an (LPC) Loss Prevention Certificate, or (LPQ) Loss Prevention Qualified Certificate.

Do Walmart Asset Protection Associates Carry Weapons?

Do Walmart Asset Protection Associates Carry Weapons?

Following the Walmart policy on open carry of firearms, Walmart Asset Protection associates are not mandated to carry weapons unless otherwise authorized by law enforcement in states where open carry is legal.

Although some Walmart stores sell firearms, AP associates do not need to be licensed to carry them despite the requirement to undergo training.

To protect the store, its staff, and customers, AP associates are trained in the use of non-lethal methods for protecting assets.

Is It Safe To Work as a Walmart Asset Protection Associate?

As expected, many people would like to know if the Asset Protection position is safe.

Since Walmart’s in-store asset protection associates are responsible for patrolling the store, checking for shoplifters, and protecting cashiers and ATMs from other potential thieves, there is possible violence.

Despite the risk of potentially lethal levels of violence, APs are not permitted to carry firearms unless authorized by law enforcement.

Moreover, past employees have complained of being stabbed, having guns pulled on them, and frequently getting into fights.

However, most are concerned about procedural dangers.

For example, even though AP employees are permitted to stop customers and staff when expected of theft, they must follow procedures to ensure the reason is valid, or they risk termination due to profiling and harassment.

How Much Do Walmart Asset Protection Associates Make?

Walmart Asset Protection Protections associates earn an hourly entry-level wage.

That said, AP employees work either part-time or full-time with a range of hours from 20-30 hours per week based on need.

Given the potential for danger with these positions, AP associates have a generous starting pay between $14 to $20 per hour.

For this role, the median pay is $18.59, which is much more than other entry-level positions.

How Do I Apply For a Position as a Walmart Asset Protection Associate?

If you are still undeterred by the job’s potential dangers, you may be wondering how you can apply to be an Asset Protection associate at Walmart.

That said, the Walmart Asset Protection position is perfect for aspiring criminal justice professionals who are looking to gain valuable experience in retail loss prevention.

When you are ready to begin your search for open AP positions, you should visit the Walmart Careers website.

On this page, you can use the search function and look for “Asset Protection Associate.”

Once you find an opening in your area, the site displays the AP job description and reviews the eligibility requirements and duties expected for the role.

After reviewing the details, hit the “Apply” button, where you can create a profile after signing disclosures.

After completing your applicant profile, you can fill in the application.

Then, applicants applying for the AP manager or training position can upload their resumes after completing the application.

What Happens During a Walmart Asset Protection Associate Interview?

Upon reviewing applications, the hiring manager selects the most qualified applicants to come into the store and interview before making their final hiring decision. 

In preparation for your interview, it’s helpful to know some questions the hiring manager may ask. For example, past Walmart Asset Protection applicants have been asked:

  • Do you have any experience in de-escalating situations?
  • What is one of your weaknesses?
  • Do you have any experience in security?
  • Tell me about an apprehension that you had trouble with and how you adapted.
  • Have you ever lied or stolen from a previous employer?

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