What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover? [Full Guide + FAQs] 

As a customer, you want to ensure that your item has protection against damages or technological failures, especially if it was not your fault!

That is why it is handy to know exactly what Walmart’s protection plan covers and how this will add peace of mind to your purchase. So, what exactly does it cover? Keep on reading to see what we have found!

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover In [currentyear]?

Walmart’s protection plan  covers naturally occurring wear and tear, electronic malfunctions, external damages, repairs, and replacements if the product cannot be fixed. Product categories covered under this plan include TVs, phones, laptops, outdoor equipment, jewelry, and general merchandise.

To why out what specific items are protected under this warranty, just keep reading! 

What Items Are Covered Under Walmart’s Protection Plan?

Walmart’s protection plan covers items that fall under the following categories, according to Walmart.com: 

For more information about the perks of protecting these product categories, click here!

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For TVs? 

Walmart’s protection plan for TVs covers the following issues: 

  • Screen failure 
  • Remote failure 
  • Won’t power on 
  • Speaker failure 

However, it is not protected against theft, intentional damage, accidental damage, and loss.  

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For Mobile Phones?

Walmart’s protection plan for mobile phones includes the following occurrences: 

  • Cracked screen 
  • Liquid damage 
  • Touchscreen failure 
  • Charging port failure 

Walmart’s plan does not account for intentional damage, loss, or theft. 

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For Laptops? 

Walmart’s protection policy for laptops enables the following to be covered: 

  • Cracked screen 
  • Liquid damage 
  • Battery failure 
  • Hard drive failure 

Intentional damage, loss, and theft are warranted under Walmart’s protection plan.  

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For Tablets? 

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For Tablets? 

Electronic tablets are covered for the following issues under Walmart’s protection plan: 

  • Cracked screen 
  • Liquid damage 
  • Battery failure 
  • Touchscreen failure 

Any loss, theft, or intentional damage is not eligible for an exchange or replacement under Walmart’s policy.  

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For Outdoor Power Equipment and Patio? 

Walmart’s protection plan for outdoor power equipment and patio covers the following: 

  • Mechanical & electrical failures 
  • Power supply failure 
  • Failures from normal wear & tear 
  • Motor failure 

Despite this, it is important to know that Walmart’s warranty plan does not cover accidental damage, intentional damage, product loss, or theft.  

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For Jewelry and Watches?  

Jewelry and watches are covered under Walmart’s protection warranty plan for the following issues: 

  • Mechanical failure 
  • Liquid damage 
  • Broken or defective components 
  • Breaks due to normal wear & tear 

However, the plan does not cover any intentional damage, loss, and theft that happens to the jewelry or watches.  

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For General Merchandise? 

Walmart’s protection plan for general merchandise covers the following: 

  • Mechanical & electrical failures 
  • Power surges or supply failure 
  • Failures from normal wear & tear 
  • The power will not turn on 

The Walmart protection plan unfortunately, will not cover any intentional damage, accidental damage, thefts, or product losses for general merchandise items. 

How Long Do Walmart’s Protection Plans Last? 

Walmart’s protection plan can last as long as you would like! You have the option to choose a warranty plan from upwards of one year, and some protection plans for specific products will cover the item’s lifespan (until you decide to stop using it or it breaks beyond repair)! 

To have a look through the different protection plans and find the best one for you, you can browse the warranty plans online at Walmart.com.   

How Can I Make A Claim Under The Walmart Warranty Protection Plan? 

You can make a claim online following this link for a quick response. You will need to have the item’s receipt and the item itself at hand.

If your claim is not instantly approved, though in most cases they are, a trained specialist will offer guidance for the next steps you will need to take. 

Alternatively, you can phone your local Walmart, and they will help you submit a warranty claim! 

Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover Theft? 

Unfortunately, Walmart’s protection plan does not cover the theft of an item.  

How Much Is Walmart’s Protection Plan? 

Walmart’s protection plans differ in prices depending on the length of time that the warranty is purchased for; a warranty that lasts one year will cost less than a protection plan that lasts two years.

The cost also depends on the value of the products it is being bought to cover. 

As an example, this protection plan is a two-year warranty that covers electronics ranging from $100 to $199.99. This specific plan costs only $16! 

How Do I Purchase The Walmart Protection Plan? 

To purchase Walmart’s protection plan online, you can search in the browser at the top of the Walmart homepage.

It is best to include the phrase ‘protection plan’ and the length of time you would like it for, for example, a 2-year protection plan.  

In-store, you can ask a member of staff who will be happy to assist you!  


In summary, Walmart’s protection plans aid customer’s peace of mind due to their extensive warranty coverage. You are able to protect your items under these long warranty plans to ensure product longevity and safety. These can be purchased for an inexpensive price for a service that will last a lifetime (or at least, a product’s lifetime)! 

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