Buying Cookies From Walmart (7 Things You Should Know)

Walmart has really built an international empire in the last 20 years, expanding its stock from general merchandise to full-on grocery stores.

On top of everything else that they sell, Walmart has an ample in-store bakery that churns out breads, cakes, and, yes, dozens of varieties of cookies.

The bakery doesn’t come with instructions, so you might be wondering about what they have in stock, whether they’re made in-store, and how much you can expect to pay.

Here is everything you need to know, a full guide to Walmart bakery cookies.

Buying Walmart Bakery Cookies

Are Walmart Bakery Cookies Made In-Store?

According to one Walmart employee, Walmart’s bakery cookies are baked in-store.

However, they revealed that the dough arrives frozen, and then the cookies are baked.

Walmart purports that over half of their bakery items are made in-store, and it appears their cookies can be counted among that selection.

They just aren’t made from scratch in the store, but I imagine the prices would be higher if they were!

How Much Do Walmart Bakery Cookies Cost?

Walmart has found all the methods of operation that keep prices on their goods way down, including their ample bakery selection.

At your typical Walmart Supercenter, you can find cookies ranging from $1.00 for a bag of three to $10 for a tray of 32.

Items like a 12-count box of cookies generally cost about $2, while larger plastic containers with specialty items like frosted sugar cookies and sandwich cookies are $4.98.

What I love about these low prices is that, even for a tray of cookies, you can get enough sweets to treat an entire office or schoolroom without breaking the bank.

And to sweeten the deal even further, most Walmart stores (if not all) have reduced-price bakery racks in the store.

On these, you can find all kinds of baked goods – including cookies – that are a day or a few days old at a steep discount, anywhere from 20 to 70 percent off.

Can You Customize Walmart Cookie Orders?

Walmart Bakery Cookies: Are They Good?

I can’t find any information that confirms Walmart will customize their prepackaged cookies in the bakery department.

However, Walmart is well-known for its commitment to customer service and flexibility.

You can always ask if they will decorate cookies purchased from the store (for an additional fee).

The worst they can do is say no!

How Long Do Walmart Bakery Cookies Last?

The website suggests that cookies, once opened, will keep for about one month.

I think Walmart cookies stay at peak freshness for about a week but are still good after about two weeks.

After two weeks, I feel the quality starts to really deteriorate – they get a lot more stale-tasting (and stale-feeling) and a lot crumblier.

However, one great thing about Walmart cookies is that they freeze perfectly!

If you’re freezing the whole batch, you can pop them in the freezer in their storage container.

If you want to separate them, say half for now, half for later, you can put them in a freezer baggie, push all the air out before sealing, and they’ll keep for months.

All you have to do is thaw them at room temperature before eating, and they really taste like you just brought them home.

Are Walmart Bakery Cookies Good & Are They Tasty?

Are Walmart Cookies Good & Are They Tasty?

As a personal eater of Walmart cookies, I will attest that most are very good.

Some of my favorites include:

  • Freshness Guaranteed Sandwich cookies (any of them!)
  • Marketside Decadent Chocolate Chunk cookies
  • Freshness Guaranteed Peanut Butter Cookies

Additionally, though not my favorite type of cookie, the Freshness Guaranteed Frosted Sugar cookies, which mimic the Lofthouse-style cookies, earn rave reviews!

Can You Buy Walmart Bakery Cookies With EBT?

EBT or SNAP benefits (formerly known as food stamps) cover all food products meant for humans.

Since cookies fall under that category, you can buy Walmart bakery cookies with EBT or SNAP benefits.

This includes any of the smaller packages of cookies and any of the larger assorted trays.

Can You Order Cookie Cakes From Walmart?

In my opinion, Walmart’s cookie cakes are excellent; they make the perfect substitute for birthdays for people who aren’t crazy about actual cakes.

You can order and customize a Walmart cookie cake in person or online via their website here.

You will see they have three cookie cake options, including peanut butter candy, chocolate chunk, and chocolate candy (like M&Ms). They also have a brownie cake.

Cookie cakes are 10.5 inches by 10.5 inches (and a half inch thick) and can be customized with buttercream or whipped frosting.

Buttercreme comes in 15 colors, and whipped comes in 11. The frosting is used for both the border and the decorations, which you can choose to your liking.

And no cookie cake would be complete without a message – you get 50 characters to say what you need.

All of the customizations are included in the price of the cake, so you can expect to pay $9.98 for your creation, plus applicable taxes.

Does Walmart Bakery Have Cookie Trays?

Does Walmart Have Cookie Trays?

While Walmart doesn’t offer cookie tray orders, they sell trays as part of their everyday stock.

Availability and selection will vary by the individual store, but I have seen the Decadent Cookie Platter from their Marketplace label.

This includes a 32-count (eight of each) chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin, turtle brownie, and white chocolate macadamia nut for $9.98.

Another example is the Gourmet Cookie Platter from The Bakery at Walmart.

This 32-count cookie ray includes chocolate chunks, oatmeal cranberry, toffee almond crunch, and red velvet.

Again, it retails for $9.98.

If you know you will need a lot of cookies and don’t want to spend the big bucks on an order from a specialty bakery, Walmart’s cookie trays would be a great option.

Plus, I imagine you could call the store early in the morning or the day before and ask them to reserve some trays for you.

Does Walmart Bakery Have Graduation Cookies?

Walmart doesn’t take custom cookie orders, but they do carry cookies seasonally.

So you will see Christmas cookies around the holidays and graduation-themed cookies in April, May and June.

The store also sells graduation-themed toppers, so if you wanted to buy a few trays, some frosting and then decorate yourself, you can do that and only have to make one trip!

If you want to learn more about shopping at Walmart, you can also read our related articles on Walmart bakery cakes, Walmart cupcakes, and Walmart donuts.


Walmart has a lot of sweet deals, but none are sweeter than their accessibly priced cookies from the in-store bakery.

For less than $10, you can take home multiple packages or a generous assorted tray, and they’re actually really tasty and sure to please.

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