Buying Cupcakes From Walmart (7 Things You Should Know)

Cupcakes are a neater, more compact way to eat cake, and it’s no wonder they have begun replacing cakes at birthdays, weddings, and other parties.

Like nearly everything they sell, Walmart’s in-store bakery department cupcakes are an excellent deal, but the selection can be overwhelming.

Here are the types and prices, customization info, reviews, and everything you need to know about Walmart cupcakes!

Buying Cupcakes From Walmart

What Types Of Cupcakes Doe Walmart Sell?

Walmart sells two types of cupcakes: Pre-packaged cupcakes on the bakery department floor and customizable cupcakes that you pre-order.

Walmart sells pre-packaged cupcakes under two store labels, Freshness Guaranteed and Marketside.

Freshness Guaranteed cupcakes are more general, including mini cupcakes with various frosting flavors, colors, toppings, and full-size.

Some examples include vanilla cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles and vanilla and chocolate mini cupcakes with green and blue frosting.

The Marketside cupcakes are a bit more elaborate, leaning toward a “gourmet”-style dessert.

Some examples of these include mini triple chocolate cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes, and strawberry shortcake cupcakes.

Further, in the open cooler cases near or right under the main bakery counter, there’s no telling what you will find if you go looking.

It seems like each bakery has a certain degree of autonomy to put out different types of cakes, cookies, and cupcakes.

If you have a particularly creative bakery employee behind the counter, you could probably find some uniquely decorated cupcakes.

(Or at least, that’s what I’ve noticed at my stores!)

Then there are also Walmart’s customizable cupcakes, which you can order in-store and online. See below for all the info on your customizable options!

How Much Are Cupcakes At Walmart?

How Much Are Cupcakes At Walmart?

Walmart’s pre-packaged cupcakes under the Marketside and Freshness Guaranteed labels run between $13.28 and $2.48.

That upper number is for a package of 24 mini cupcakes, perfect for a schoolroom or office treat.

Depending on the type, a typical container of 12 mini cupcakes costs between $7 and $3.

Single Marketside cupcakes are sold for $2.97 and come in a variety of flavors.

While not quite as cheap as Walmart cookies or donuts, the cupcakes are still affordable.

Even the pre-ordered, custom cupcakes are accessible and priced for many different budgets.

They start at $4.48 for six and go up to $13.28 for a set of 24 (and these are regular-sized cupcakes, not minis).

Walmart offers the option for a cupcake filling, too; that bumps the price by $3.

Does Walmart Sell Individual Cupcakes?

Walmart does sell individual cupcakes, although they tend to be “gourmet”-style and more expensive per ounce than buying six or 12 at once.

Some examples of individual cupcakes include a vanilla flavor, vanilla with strawberry filling, and even a tasty-looking red velvet option.

These are individually packaged in plastic and sell for $2.97 each.

Are Walmart Cupcakes Baked In Stores?

Are Walmart Cupcakes Baked In Stores?

It seems that Walmart’s cupcakes, like their cakes, are not baked in-store. Instead, they arrive frozen.

The Grocery Store Guy describes the cakes as arriving this way, and various other message boards lump the bakery desserts together and describe them arriving frozen.

It is a simple matter of defrosting before setting them out on the sales floor and a good way for Walmart to keep their operational costs down.

However, many baked goods hold up incredibly well with freezing, and I think Walmart’s cupcakes are no different.

If they are frozen directly after they are baked and cooled, the freezing technique “suspends the quality in time” so that when they defrost, they are still fresh.

I have even re-frozen and defrosted Walmart’s cakes, cookies, and cupcakes at home, with very little quality deterioration that I can detect.

Can Your Order Customized Cupcakes From Walmart?

As part of their custom cake operation, Walmart also customizes cupcakes

While you can go in-store to order them, if you don’t need anything extra or fancy, you can easily order them online here.

You start by choosing the amount – 6, 12, or 24 – then the sites guide you through flavors, fillings, icing, and decorations.

A six-cupcake order starts at $4.48, and a 12-ct. starts at $6.92, and a 24-ct. starts at $13.28.

The only customization that adds to the total is the filling, which is $3 extra.

Can You Order 12/24 Cupcake Cakes From Walmart?

Can You Order 12/24 Cupcake Cakes From Walmart?

It appears that you can order cakes made out of individual cupcakes that have been formed into shapes and frosted over.

If you look at the reviews on this page, someone left a photo of a cupcake cake that Walmart did (and the reviewer gave five stars!).

And you can see in the photo accompanying this article that your Walmart might have a ready-made cupcake cake that resembles a sheet.

However, that option is not available on their website, so you would have to call or go into the store to speak to an associate and place that order.

Are Walmart Cupcakes Any Good?

Reviews on Walmart’s cupcakes are mixed, with some calling them “disgusting” and others finding them okay but citing stores like Publix as having better ones.

One issue seems to be the cupcake’s texture – too dry for some.

Others feel Walmart’s frosting is too sweet or leave a weird aftertaste.

I have personally had many Walmart cupcakes in my day, and while they do not have the quality of a gourmet bakery – of course – I don’t find them offensive, either.

In fact, at a graduation party or a birthday event, they fit the bill admirably.

They suit someone celebrating on a budget very well, at least comparable to box mixes.

If you want to know more about Walmart’s baked goods, you can also see our related posts on Walmart’s range of bakey cakes, Walmart bakery cookies, and a rundown of Walmart donuts.


Walmart makes all kinds of baked goods accessible to the masses, and their cupcakes are no different.

For mere dollars, shoppers can take home a dozen mini cupcakes or one specialty cupcake from their prepackaged selection.

And for special occasions (or just because you feel like it) Walmart will customize your cupcakes with a variety of frosting, filling and topping options.

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