Buying Donuts From Walmart (7 Things To Know)

National Donut Day falls on June 7, but for many of us, any day can be a donut day.

This is especially true if you have a Walmart in your neighborhood, where the bakery is churning out cookies, cakes, and wide varieties of sweet, circular treats.

What kind will you find in a typical Walmart? How much are they? Are they baked fresh in-store? Do they contain eggs?

I am going to answer all these questions and more in this, your complete guide to Walmart donuts.

Buying Donuts From Walmart

What Type Of Donuts Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart sells donuts via their in-store bakery department under the Freshness Guaranteed label, which also covers cookies and bread products.

Availability and selection will vary based on stock, time of day/week/year, and your store’s location.

But some common examples of what donuts you might find in an everyday Walmart include:

  • Mini powdered donuts
  • Glazed sour cream
  • Bavarian crème filled
  • Raspberry Bismarck
  • Cake Donuts
  • Sour cream cake
  • Vanilla glazed donuts
  • French cruller
  • Assorted donut hole varieties
  • Filled bar donuts
  • Apple fritters

How Much Are Donuts At Walmart?

If you need a sweet treat from Walmart, you won’t need to bring anything more than a $5 bill.

One of the things I love most about Walmart is that I am always surprised by how little they charge for items.

This is true of their bakery department, and especially their donut selection.

A 12-count package of donuts (glazed, iced, etc.) is only $3.98. A six-pack will set you back $2.97, with curious pricing that looks to encourage shoppers to get the 12-ct.

It’s only a dollar more, after all!

Plastic tubs of mini donuts and donut holes clock in at just $2.36, while two counts of filled or iced bars and the like cost only $1.28.

Then you can also pick up a 4-oz. bag of mini donuts for just $1.

These prices are subject to change, of course, and may be higher based on your store’s location.

Who Makes Walmart Donuts?

Who Makes Walmart Donuts?

A few message boards have spilled the beans when it comes to Walmart’s donuts.

One, though it’s from 2003, claims that Walmart does bake some of their donuts in-store – the filled ones.

The rest, however, are made off-site and shipped in frozen.

One commenter on a Reddit post even alleges that “the donuts come in frozen and are passed through a heated conveyor belt that drips icing onto them.”

However it works, it is clear that Walmart donuts are not made from scratch on-site and are only rarely baked in-store.

Are Walmart Donuts Fresh?

Are Walmart donuts freshly baked in-store? From what I gather, only rarely.

Are Walmart donuts still at their peak freshness when they are put out for sale?

I would argue yes.

Baked goods like cookies and donuts freeze and then thaw notoriously well.

If they were frozen as soon as they were finished baking and cooling off-site, then I think they are pretty much at their peak freshness once thawed in-store.

But make sure you check the labels. Walmart has been caught out by vigilant Redditors, covering old “Fresh until” stickers with new ones that feature later and later dates.

And if you see a container of donuts that is out right on its “expiration” date, you might want to skip those.

However, if you don’t mind a little staleness, you can save even more dough (see what I did there?) at the discount baked goods cart.

Most every Walmart has one, with past-their-freshness goodies at a steep discount, so that Walmart can try and move the cake or donuts or cookies out.

Baked Vs Fried Donuts At Walmart

Baked Vs Fried Donuts At Walmart

While some of Walmart’s donuts have a fried texture, it does appear that the retail chain actually fries any of their donuts on-site.

That makes sense since they don’t typically bake a lot of their donuts on-site, either.

I can’t speak to how the donuts are prepared off-site, though; if they taste fried, they might be fried very well at their origin location!

Do Walmart Donuts Have Egg In Them?

As Sally’s Baking Addiction says, your typical donut dough includes eggs for “structure and flavor.”

You will likely want to steer clear of Walmart’s donuts if you have an egg allergy.

As always, the best way to check and see if the donuts contain eggs is to read the ingredient label.

Walmart’s bakery goods are marked with ingredient labels, generally as part of the sticker that holds the box closed.

How Many Calories Are In Walmart Donuts?

Not all of Walmart’s bakery goods are marked with nutritional info, but you can easily find that data online.

For example, one Walmart glazed donut contains 220 calories and 12 grams of fat. lists three Walmart donut holes at 190 calories and 9 grams of fat.

And it attributes 195 calories and 8 grams of fat to one Bavarian Crème donut.

So clearly, Walmart’s donuts are not healthy food.

But they’re perfect when you want a quick, cheap, indulgent treat.

Now that you know about Walmart’s donuts, you might also be interested in reading up on Walmart bread, Walmart bakery cakes, and Walmart cupcakes.


Walmart’s donuts are relatively tasty, despite not being made on-site, and they are incredibly affordable, with a small bag of mini donuts starting at just $1.

The selection is also reasonably generous, with filled options, glazed, frosted and even seasonal picks, like football-themed donuts in fall.

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