Walmart Breast Pump Return Policy (Open Box, After 90 Days, + More)

If you’re a new or expecting parent, you’re probably relying on Walmart for a lot of items, like toys, diapers, clothing, and a breast pump.

But what happens if you buy a breast pump from Walmart and find out it’s not the one you wanted. You’re probably curious about Walmart’s return policy. Fortunately, I researched the issue, and here’s everything I discovered!  

Walmart Breast Pump Return Policy In [currentyear]

Walmart offers expecting or new mothers up to 90 days to return unopened breast pumps for a full refund with proof of purchase as of [currentyear]. That said, returns can be done either in-store, through the mail, or online. Additionally, baby registry or gift purchases require proof of purchase to be eligible for return.

If you want to learn more about Walmart’s breast pump return policy, like what you’ll need for a successful return, keep reading!

How Long Do I Have To Return A Breast Pump At Walmart?

Fortunately, Walmart gives you 90 days to return unopened breast pumps purchased from Walmart locations. Also, if you have a receipt, you can get a full refund!

However, if you bought your breast pump from a Walmart Marketplace vendor, you only have 30 days from purchase to return your breast pump, and you must have proof of purchase.

Do I Need A Receipt To Return Breast Pumps At Walmart?

If customers bring a receipt or other proof of purchase within 90 days to make a return, they can receive a full refund on unopened products.

According to Walmart’s return policy, if you don’t have your original receipt, you can still receive an exchange or refund via Walmart credit cards, provided you meet some additional requirements.

For example, if you don’t have a receipt, make sure you follow these requirements:

  • Your debit or credit card used for the original purchase (Walmart associates may be able to look up your purchase!)
  • A government-issued photo ID

Moreover, there are conditions if you wish to exchange your breast pump at Walmart, including:

  • Exchange must be for the same item or a similarly priced item
  • Receive a cash refund on breast pumps priced at $10 or less
  • Receive a Walmart gift card on breast pumps over $10

What Do I Need To Bring When Returning A Breast Pump At Walmart?

When you come to Walmart for a refund, ensure you are adequately prepared and have all the necessary items, including:

  • A valid government-issued photo identification card
  • For a full refund, you must bring proof of purchase (shipping confirmation, receipt, online order confirmation)
  • Credit/Debit card used for the purchase
  • Item you wish to return in the original packaging

Can I Return Used Or Open Breast Pumps To Walmart?

Can I Return Used Or Open Breast Pumps To Walmart?

Due to health concerns, Walmart cannot accept used or open breast pumps per corporate return policy.

Although Walmart won’t take your used pump, there are many ways to recycle them.

For example, a few manufacturers have programs that accept used breast pumps for refurbishing.

That said, Medela has a program that allows you to recycle your breast pump online.

So, before you throw a breast pump away, check with your manufacturer to see if they accept used breast pumps.

Another alternative is to check if any electronics recyclers accept used breast pumps.

In the US, you can search locations near you with PC Recycle, or in Canada, you can visit the local Recycle My Electronics location.

Can I Return Broken Breast Pumps To Walmart?

Yes, if a breast pump is defective, you can return it to Walmart. However, you must make the return at the store you bought it from.

Additionally, make sure you bring all the parts, packaging, and receipt for a smooth refund or exchange process.

If you bought your breast pump online, you can only return it via mail.

With that, to start a return through the mail, you must start the process on Walmart’s website or mobile app.

From there, you can request either a refund or a product exchange.

How Do I Make An In-Store Return At Walmart?

Although you can begin any exchange online, you can visit any Walmart location when you make an in-store return.

When making your return, you must take your breast pump to the Customer Service desk, and an associate will assist you.

How Can I Return Breast Pumps Purchased Online?

Online shopping for baby products is becoming the new norm.

Therefore, Walmart allows customers to begin returns of breast pumps purchased online via the Walmart app or website.

First, you need to locate your account and purchase history on Walmart’s website. After selecting the order number, click on the “Start Return” button.

After you initiate the return, you can select the item for return. Then, Walmart will ask you to answer the following prompts:

  • Select a reason for the return and then click “Next”
  • Select to receive a refund or a replacement item
  • Review the claim request and hit “Submit”
  • A confirmation email with a shipping label will be emailed to the address on file

According to the corporate return policy, online purchases of breast pumps can only be returned by mail.

That said, you must attach the shipping label provided in the confirmation email to the packaging and then schedule a pickup or drop off the package at a FedEx, UPS, or USPS location.

Can I Return A Breast Pump Purchased From Walmart Marketplace?

Since you can make purchases through third-party vendors via Walmart Marketplace, you should be aware Marketplace purchases have different rules for returns.

Before requesting a return, you must contact the Marketplace vendor via email and allow them 48 hours to resolve the issue.

After this 48 hour period, you may contact Walmart to help mediate the return process. Additionally, all returns for Marketplace items must be made within 30 days of purchase.

Can I Return A Breast Pump That Was A Gift At Walmart?

Since breast pumps are common baby shower gifts, you may be wondering if you can return a pump bought as a gift.

Yes, breast pumps that were gifts can be returned or exchanged at Walmart within 90 days and proof of purchase for a full refund.

If you must return baby registry items, you can return the item by mail or in-store by following these steps:

  • Log in to your Walmart account and go to your baby registry landing page.
  • Click “See All Registry Items” at the top of the page and then “Purchased.”
  • Select the item (breast pump) you would like to return.
  • Make a selection to “Return to Store” or “Return by Mail.”
  • Speedy returns can be made in-store when you select “Return to Store.” The confirmation email will contain a barcode to present to the associate at the customer service desk to complete the express return.
  • Shipping labels are provided by email if you select “Return by Mail.” Print the prepaid return label and mail it to the Walmart processing center. Once the item is received, customers will be issued a Walmart e-gift card.

Simply bring the breast pump and gift receipt to a Walmart location if you do not have a baby registry.

If you cannot locate a gift receipt, you may have the sender initiate a return on your behalf.

To know more, you can also read our posts on the Walmart diaper return policy, Walmart baby registry, and Walmart baby formula return policy.


In conclusion, although Walmart cannot accept used or open breast pumps due to health concerns, it has a generous return policy for unopened breast pumps.

For example, new parents can take 90 days to consider if they made the correct selection before returning the product to the store.

Also, online initiation and mail-in returns are convenient time-savers for busy parents.

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