Walmart Cancellation Pending (What It Means + How To Resolve)

Being able to place orders online is a quick and convenient way to shop, but by replacing in-person interactions with digital technology, we’ve opened up a whole new host of retail issues when orders go awry.

Walmart has a reputation for making transactions quick and easy and for going out of its way to accommodate the customer. But what happens if you see “cancellation pending” on your online order? Here’s what you need to know.

Walmart Cancellation Pending

Walmart’s “cancellation pending” occurs after the customer or the Walmart store cancels the order. In most cases, the “cancellation pending” notification is due to Walmart not having the product in stock or a product listing error. Unfortunately, there is no way to undo this; refunds take 1 week after the order has been canceled.

Let’s investigate further what the cancellation pending status means, how to resolve it, why Walmart sometimes cancels orders, and when you can expect to get your money back. Keep reading!

What Does Walmart Cancellation Pending Mean?

When you see your order marked as “cancellation pending” that means one of three things:

  • You purposely canceled the order because you no longer wanted the items
  • you accidentally canceled the order
  • Walmart has canceled the order on its end.

Whatever the case, cancellation pending indicates that the request is in the process of being approved, and unfortunately, it’s just a matter of time until the cancellation is complete.

Why Was Your Walmart Order Cancelled?

Walmart lists a variety of reasons for why they cancel an order on their end. These include:

  • Limits on available quantities – If you ordered too much of an item, and it somehow got past Walmart upon purchase, they can go back and cancel the order.
  • An item is out of stock – We’ve all been there: You excitedly order something, especially after seeing that only one or two are in stock, only to find out that the website isn’t up-to-date and the item has sold out.

If it was the only thing you purchased and it’s sold out, Walmart will cancel the order.

  • Price or other listing errors – Again, websites aren’t foolproof; they’re the product of human handling. Walmart might find that a price has been mis-listed or the item isn’t what the product description says.

To avoid a loss or overcharge or ensure that the customer doesn’t feel deceived, Walmart may cancel the order altogether.

How Do You Resolve A Walmart Cancellation Pending?

How Do You Resolve A Walmart Cancellation Pending?

How you resolve a Walmart cancellation pending situation depends on what resolution you would like to see.

If you purposely canceled the order because you no longer want the items, you wait until the cancellation has been processed.

If you accidentally canceled the order or Walmart canceled the order on their end, you will, unfortunately, have to accept the cancellation. They cannot be undone once initiated.

If Walmart canceled because of a price or product description mishap, you could perhaps wait to see if the listing gets updated and repurchase later (see below for how the refunds work).

If they are out of an item for pick-up, you could try searching for it at a different location and purchasing from there.

If you accidentally canceled because you clicked on the button without meaning to, your only option is to add all the items to your cart again (this can be done easily from your order history) and make the repurchase.

When Will Walmart Refund You After A Cancellation?

Per Walmart’s FAQ page, Walmart shoppers can expect to see the money back in their account or the pending charges hold removed, within a week of the cancellation.

It seems unfair that retailers can take our money instantly, at the click of a mouse, yet when it comes time for them to give it back, it can take days.

For some online orders, like pick-ups (where you have arranged to go get your order from the store of your choice), the money is withdrawn pretty automatically.

How long it takes to get back to you can depend on your bank – some work slower than others.

For online orders with an item delivered, you aren’t charged until the item ships.

So until that point, your funds are considered “pending charges” – you might see the total amount marked as such in your bank account or a small dollar amount.

In this case, the money hasn’t actually been withdrawn, but it is still being set aside or earmarked for the purchase.

When an order is canceled, Walmart will “remove the temporary hold on your account right away.”

However, It can take the same amount of time as a refund for your bank to process Walmart’s “return” of the money and remove the pending hold.

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While Walmart’s cancellation pending is like a “waiting room” until finalized cancellation, and it cannot be undone once initiated by the store or you, you still have options for receiving the items you wanted.

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