Walmart DVD & Blu-Ray Return Policy [All Your Questions Answered!]

Walmart, one of the largest retail chains in the U.S., sells a variety of movies in both DVD and Blu-Ray formats online and in-store.

Sometimes you may realize after buying one that you don’t really like it, so you may be wondering: what is Walmart’s DVD & Blu-Ray return policy?

Here is everything I’ve found out about returning DVDs and Blu-Rays to Walmart!

Walmart DVD & Blu-Ray Return Policy

Walmart only accepts returns of unopened DVDs and Blu-Ray discs within 90 days of purchase. Customers must provide a receipt with the DVD/Blu-Ray to receive a full cash refund. Otherwise, a store credit may be given. Walmart does not accept returns of opened or used DVDs and Blu-Rays.

If you want to know more about the process of returning a DVD & Blu-Ray in-store and online, whether you can return opened discs, and much more, keep on reading!

When Can You Return A DVD & Blu-Ray To Walmart?

You can return any DVD or Blu-Ray disc you bought through Walmart within 90 days of purchase, according to Walmart’s official policy on returns of these products. Once 90 days have passed, Walmart will not accept any returns.

However, note that if you are returning in-store, the decision to accept a return after 90 days rests with the store manager.

In case you have a valid reason for returning after 90 days, you can speak to the store manager and explain your situation to try and get a return.

Can You Return DVD & Blu-Ray Without A Receipt To Walmart?

Yes, you can return a DVD & Blu-Ray to Walmart if you don’t have the receipt, as long as the total value of the goods is not above $50.

You have to make sure that the items are unopened and inside the original packaging for the return to be accepted.

DVD and Blu-Ray returns made without receipts are refunded with in-store credit only.

If you don’t have the receipt and paid using a credit or debit card, the store employees may be able to track and verify your purchase, giving you a full refund.

If the store employees are unable to verify your purchase, you must present a valid government-issued photo ID, upon which you will be refunded in-store credit.

How Can You Return A DVD & Blu-Ray To Walmart In-store?

To return a DVD or Blu-Ray to Walmart, you should bring the unopened disc with the receipt (if available) and the original packaging to a nearby Walmart store (or the store where you bought it from).

If you had paid using a credit or debit card, make sure to bring it along as well.

Go to the checkout counter and ask the employee to return the DVD. If you have the receipt, you will be refunded through the mode of payment you used to make the purchase.

How Can You Return A DVD & Blu-Ray Bought Online From Walmart?

If you bought a DVD & Blu-Ray online from Walmart, you can either return it to any Walmart store or mail it back to Walmart for a return. For in-store returns, follow the instructions given above.

To mail the DVD or Blu-Ray back to Walmart, you have to log in to your account through which you made the purchase, head over to the order tracking page, and enter the details. 

You will be sent a prepaid return shipping label which you should print and attach with the item before shipping it. Once the item reaches Walmart, you will be refunded through the mode of payment you used to make the purchase.

Can You Return An Opened DVD & Blu-Ray To Walmart?

No, you cannot return an opened DVD or Blu-Ray to Walmart. Walmart has a strict policy regarding opened discs so no Walmart store will accept returns of opened DVDs or Blu-Rays.

The only exception to this is if the DVD or Blu-Ray turned out to have scratches, was defective, or did not play. Walmart will accept the return of an opened item if that is the case. 

To learn more, you can also see Walmart’s policy on returning products without boxes, Walmart’s return hours, Walmart’s video game return policy, and also items that Walmart cannot return.


Walmart accepts returns of DVDs and Blu-Rays within 90 days of purchase, as long as these are unopened and are inside the original packaging. If you do not have the receipt, you can still have the items returned and receive store credits as a refund (only if the total value is less than $50).

You can return DVDs and Blu-Rays both in-store and through mail. Opened items are not accepted for returns unless these are defective, scratched, or malfunctioning.

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