Walmart Transfer Policy (Simple Guide For Employees to Transfer Stores)

Since Walmart is the largest employer in North America, it’s not unusual for employees to transfer to different Walmart stores.

So if you are after a full guide on the Walmart transfer policy for employees and how to submit a transfer, keep on reading!

Walmart Employee Transfer Policy

Walmarts Employee transfer policy applies to associates with six or more months of Walmart experience. You must write a request to the Store Manager, notifying them of the store you wish to transfer to, reasons why, and a personal statement. Transfers between Walmart stores for employees can take 2-6 months.

To learn more about the requirements behind a Walmart transfer and more, keep on reading!

How Long Do You Need to Work at Walmart To Transfer?

Employees must have worked at Walmart for a minimum of six months to be eligible for a store transfer.

Under exceptional circumstances, Walmart does allow exceptions known as a Hardship Transfer, catering to people with Medical or Legal obligations. 

What Do I Need to Write In My Transfer Request? 

Titled to your Walmart Store Manager, you must write a formal letter of request.

The written note must specify which branch you wish to transfer to and inform the reader of your reasons why — outline why you are a valuable Walmart associate. 

Avoid including non-work-related events, such as relationship issues, as your request may appear unprofessional.  

How Long Does The Transfer Period Take? 

Transfers vary in duration, and factors involve availability or demand in the store you wish to transfer to, holiday periods, and approval.

Typically though, the transfer process from one Walmart store to another can take 2 – 6 months.

Can I Transfer To Another Department At Walmart? 

Yes, however, you may need to apply for the given position in the new department you would like to transfer to.

As an existing Walmart associate, your experience will give you an advantage, and you can apply on the OneWalmart platform.

Does Walmart Offer Hardship Transfers? 

Does Walmart Offer Hardship Transfers? 

Yes, Walmart will allow Hardship Transfers. In some circumstances, employees do not need to surpass the 6-month window before requesting this transfer.

Associates facing Medical situations, emergency relocation, or unique family obligations are eligible for a Hardship Transfer. Hardship Transfers usually take 3-4 weeks to process.

Can I Use OneWalmart to Request a Transfer?

Yes, you must submit your request using your employee profile. If there is an available position, the Transfer request shall be approved. You must notify the store managers involved beforehand. 

Will I get Paid More If I Transfer to a Different Store? 

Not necessarily; if you transfer to another store to continue your current position, your pay could change.

Occasionally your wage can increase or decrease by $1-$3. If you are moving to a more senior role, your hourly salary may increase. 

On average, Cashier and Sales Associates’ hourly rates equate from $11 to $14, whereas Store and Department Managers earn around $12-$19 per hour. 

Can I Transfer to a Walmart in Another State? 

Yes, you should reach out to the Store Manager at your desired Walmart to inquire about possible opportunities.

In some situations, college students work seasonal periods when they are in their home/study town. 

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Current associates can write a letter of request to your Store Manager, asking to transfer to another Walmart store. You should outline your intended store, reasons why, and a personal statement. Approval can take a few days – months. You must ensure there are available vacancies at Walmart you wish to transfer.

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