Walmart Laptop & Computer Warranty (Claims, Damage, What’s Covered + More)

With any luck, a new laptop or computer lasts you years and years.

But sometimes things happen – you get a dud, or the battery randomly fails – and you wonder if your recent and big investment was just a waste of money.

This is what warranties are for, and it’s why Walmart sells them with many of its electronics, especially laptops and desktop computers.

You’ve probably experienced a Walmart cashier attempting to upsell you on a warranty plan, and maybe you turned it down because you weren’t sure what it is or what it covers.

Well, here is a comprehensive guide to the Walmart laptop and computer warranty, with some of the most frequently asked questions answered below.

What Does The Walmart Laptop & Computer Warranty Cover?

Per the Walmart warranty page, laptops and computers are covered by a warranty for cracked screens, battery failure, liquid damage, and hard drive failure.

To get a little more in-depth, that also means:

  • Defects in the machine from the time of its assemblage (so you bring it home, and it doesn’t work as it should)
  • Buttons or ports that don’t work
  • Pixels on the screen that are defective
  • Internal overheating, dust build-up, moisture inside the machine
  • A dead machine due to a power surge – but the machine must have been plugged into a surge protector and you may be required to show the technician the surge protector so that they can examine it

As you can see, if it happens, much of what is covered will seem like it came out of nowhere.

The warranty page goes on to say, “Your laptop is covered for drops, spills, and life’s accidents…”

As someone who has spilled a full iced coffee on a laptop (and then had to buy an entirely new one because there was no protection plan), Walmart’s warranty is quite generous.

How Much Is A Walmart Laptop & Computer Warranty?

Walmart’s electronics warranties vary in price based on the product’s cost and the warranty’s length.

Here are some examples:

  • 2-year protection plan for laptops $100-199.99: $40
  • 2-year protection plan for laptops $200-299: $48
  • 3-year protection plan for laptops $400-699: $79
  • 3-year protection plan for laptops $799-4999.99: $88

The best way to find out how much a protection plan will cost for the specific laptop or computer that you’re interested in is to find the product on Walmart’s website.

Under the product description, there will be a box for “Add-on services.” It will say, “Add Walmart protection plan powered by Allstate.”

You can typically choose between a two-year or three-year plan and see the prices for each.

How Do You File A Walmart Laptop & Computer Warranty Claim?

Walmart has made filing a claim easier than ever. You can do so online at their protection plan website.

Scroll down to the “File a Claim” button and click.

It will take you to a third-party site run by Allstate and have you set up an account before you make the claim.

One thing that will make the process so much easier: having your receipt on hand (or the information at hand, if you purchased online).

So if you’re reading this before you have purchased your laptop or computer: Hold onto your receipt!

How Long Is A Walmart Laptop & Computer Warranty Claim Good For?

How Long Is A Walmart Laptop & Computer Warranty Claim Good For?

Walmart laptop and computer protection plans are good for two or three years.

You can choose when you purchase your machine which length of time you prefer.

The clock starts ticking on your warranty at the time of purchase.

What Kind Of Damage Does The Walmart Laptop & Computer Warranty Not Cover?

The Walmart warranty plan for laptops and computers does not cover a few types of damage or mischance, including theft; intentional damage; or lost items.

What Is Walmart’s Return Policy On Laptops & Computers?

You might be tempted to return the malfunctioning laptop or computer to Walmart, rather than go through the warranty claim process.

If you’re within 15 days of the purchase date, that is absolutely still on the table.

You must have all the packaging and accessories that came with the original purchase, and if you want the money back the way you paid, you will need your receipt.

For the full return policy on laptops and computers, see here.

Does Walmart Fix Laptops & Computers?

Walmart does offer tech services out of some of their stores, but unfortunately, this does not cover fixing laptops and computers.

Instead, it covers services like setting up wi-fi and network connectivity, printer set-up, and even basic support for different types of laptops.

Your best bet is to file a warranty claim for a broken laptop or computer and see if the representative can’t get your machine working.

Remember, if it’s not fixable, you can get a replacement.

Is Walmart’s Computer & Laptop Warranty Refundable?

You have 30 days from the date of purchase to receive a full refund for your protection plan if you wish to cancel it.

Beyond 30 days, you can receive a pro-rated refund.

If you want to learn more about Walmart’s warranty, you can also check our related posts on Walmart’s laptop & computer return policy, Walmart’s return policy without a box, and what Walmart’s Protection Plans cover.


With multiple plans based on the cost of the item and the length of the warranty, Walmart’s laptop and computer warranties give you extra piece of mind.

Electronics are expensive investments, and Walmart’s laptop warranties are quite generous, covering even accidents and liquid damage and replacing what they can’t repair.

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