What Time Does Walmart MoneyCard Process Deposits? 

Walmart’s MoneyCard is a prepaid debit card introduced by Walmart as a safe and convenient option to receive deposits and make purchases.

Since deposits take some time to process before you can actually use the funds through your MoneyCard, you may be wondering what time Walmart MoneyCard processes deposits. Here is what I’ve found out! 

What Time Does Walmart MoneyCard Process Deposits?

Walmart MoneyCard does not have a fixed processing time for deposits. Your account balance is updated whenever MoneyCard receives payment instructions from an employer or a government benefits provider. The MoneyCard app can send notifications when deposits arrive.

To learn more about the factors that determine when Walmart MoneyCard processes deposits, whether you can get early deposits, and much more, keep on reading!

What Does Walmart MoneyCard Payment Timing Depend On?

Walmart MoneyCard will credit a payment to your account balance as soon as it gets the payment instructions from your employer or the government (in the case of benefits).

Therefore, the payment timing depends primarily on when your employer (or the government) sends payment instructions. 

If MoneyCard has not received payment instructions on the date of payment, it will not be able to process the scheduled deposit, causing delays for you.

Additionally, the payment timing can also be affected by whether the name and social security number sent by the employer match the information stored in your Walmart MoneyCard account.

If these do not match, there will be delays in processing the deposits.

Does Walmart MoneyCard Deposit Early?

Walmart MoneyCard’s ASAP Direct Deposits allow you to receive early payments from an employer up to two days prior to your scheduled payday. 

For government benefits, your deposit will be sent to your account up to four days before you normally would receive benefits.

However, this heavily depends on when the employer or government sends payment instructions. MoneyCard will only deposit early to your account if it receives the payment instructions before the actual scheduled date.

Additionally, you need to make sure the name and social security number with your employer and on your MoneyCard account are the same for the deposit to actually be processed (as mentioned earlier).

How Can You Track Your Walmart MoneyCard Deposit?

You can track the status of your deposit, receive instant notifications and alerts when you receive a deposit, and check your account balance by downloading the Walmart MoneyCard mobile app.

What Can You Do If You Don’t Receive Your Deposit On Time?

If a deposit you are expecting is overdue or has not arrived in your account, you should contact your employer or benefits provider and ask them for a trace number.

After that, you should contact the Walmart MoneyCard customer care department by telephone on: (877) 937-4098 and tell them your trace number to find out when the deposit will be processed.

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Having a Walmart MoneyCard account is a great opportunity for customers, it offers them a way to receive deposits on a prepaid debit card days before money from paydays or government benefits would usually land in their account from employers or benefits providers. Thanks to Walmart MoneyCard’s service, customers have deposits processed earlier than possible before through using traditional banks.

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