Walmart Paint Return Policy [Simply Explained] 

Walmart prides itself on offering a flexible and personable service to its customers, allowing them to make returns on all sorts of items, even occasionally without a receipt! 

However, you may be wondering what Walmart’s policy is regarding customers returning paint to the store and how to actually go about it. Here is everything I have managed to find out!

Walmart Paint Return Policy

Walmart does accept returns of paint products, even if the paint has been opened. Customers can return gloss paint, spray paint, oil-based paint, interior paint, exterior paint, primer, chalk paint, etc., to Walmart within 90 days of purchase for a refund if a receipt and packaging are provided.

If you want to know more about returning mixed paint, returning paint without the receipt, and the process for making the return, read on to find out!

Can You Return Mixed Paint To Walmart?

No, Walmart will only accept returns of paint that have not yet been mixed. To be accepted for a return at Walmart, the paint must be in its original packing and original color. 

Mixing paints together causes an irreversible change in the product, so mixed paint cannot be resold after being returned, which is why Walmart does not return mixed paint.

Can You Return Paint To Walmart Without A Receipt?

Yes, you can return paint, such as interior paint, exterior paint, oil-based paint, gloss paint, primer, spray paint, chalk paint, etc., to Walmart without a receipt, as long as you are going within 90 days of purchase and have the original packaging.

In this case, you will receive a refund in cash if the total cost of paint is below $25 and will be refunded with in-store credit or a Walmart gift card if the total cost is above $25.

How Can You Return Paint To Walmart?

To return your paint to Walmart, take it to a nearby Walmart store in its original (preferably undamaged) packaging with the original receipt and a valid government-issued photo ID. 

If you made the original payment using a debit/credit card, make sure to bring the exact card you used to make the purchase with you. Once at the store, you can visit the customer service desk and ask the store employee for a refund.

If you bought the paint online through, you can head over to your order history on the website, select the paint and proceed with the ‘return’ instructions.

You will get a return shipping label which you can print and attach with the paint before handing it over to a postal carrier for delivery to Walmart. The refund will be processed whenever Walmart receives your paint.

Why Would Walmart Deny The Return Of Pre-Mixed Paint??

Your paint return might be denied for lacking the original receipt or for lacking the original packaging. Additionally, Walmart may also deny the return if you exceed the 90-day return policy.

However, individual Walmart managers are able to use their own discretion to decide whether to accept a return that doesn’t meet the usual standards. 

Therefore, speak to the store manager if you feel that you have a valid reason for not meeting the exact criteria for returns.

How Can You Dispose Of Old Paint If Walmart Does Not Return It?

Paint can be relatively difficult to dispose of, and if you have an excess of it left over after a painting project, you must dispose of it carefully since it can cause pollution problems.

Some states (such as California) have imposed an outright ban on paints being disposed of in general landfills. Paints in these states must be disposed of properly at specialized facilities.

If you do wish to dispose of your paint personally, then the recommended method is to dry your paint by spreading it out for small amounts, or filling the paint with sawdust for larger amounts.

After that, you can put it in your general household waste since it will have solidified.

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Conclusion – Walmart Paint Return Policy

Walmart does allow customers to return paints for any number of reasons. Customers must ensure that their paint has not been mixed with any other products, that it comes in its original packaging, and that the original receipt is still held. 

Certain Walmart stores may be willing to bend their returns rules for specific reasons, but it is best to meet the returns criteria as best as possible.

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