Home Depot Paint Return Policy (Opened Can, Tinted Paint, Not Used + More)

Home Depot sells interior, exterior, and other types of paints in a variety of preset and custom shades to help you with your DIY and renovation projects.

However, what if you’ve got the wrong shade or your paint is defective? Can you return it to Home Depot? Don’t worry; here is everything I’ve found about Home Depot’s paint return policy!

Home Depot Paint Return Policy

Home Depot only accepts paint returns within 30 days of purchase if a customer is not satisfied with the provided color. Additionally, Home Depot may accept opened and tinted cans of paint within the same time period, but this decision will rest on the store manager. Customers should bring a receipt for a refund or store credit.

If you want to learn more about returning opened paint cans, returning paint without the original receipt, and much more, keep reading!

Can You Return Opened Cans Of Paint To Home Depot?

You can only return opened cans of paint to Home Depot as long as it is within the 30-day purchase window and you are unsatisfied with the color.

Additionally, if the paint is the wrong shade, Home Depot will attempt to correct the shade color, and if they cannot, they will exchange the paint for a closer shade.

Also, for Home Depot to accept an opened can of paint, it cannot be 70% empty, as this may be seen as attempting to take advantage of the policy.

Can You Return Tinted Paint To Home Depot?

Customers can only return tinted paint to Home Depot if they have tried it and found it was not the correct shade within a few days.

Home Depot will attempt to correct the color, but that is all it can do in this instance, as it cannot resell opened-tinted paint.

However, if you have been given the wrong type of paint (for example, matte instead of gloss), you will be eligible for a refund, as this is the associate’s mistake and not yours.

What Types Of Paint Can You Return To Home Depot?

If the paint is unopened and within 30 days of purchase, you can return any paint to Home Depot.

This includes interior and exterior paint from brands such as Behr, Rust Oleum, Glidden, and PPG.

However, remember that it is down to the manager’s discretion whether the store will issue your return since the amount of used paint can influence the decision.

Home Depot’s Paint Satisfaction Guarantee states that if you aren’t happy with your paint, you can bring it with proof of purchase (receipt or online invoice) for color correction or an exchange.

It is recommended that you don’t use the paint you intend to return once you’ve decided to return it, as the store will likely have to dispose of the paint.

Paint is categorized as hazardous waste, so it will cost Home Depot to dispose of the product, especially mixed paints which cannot be resold.

Can You Return Unused Paint To Home Depot?

Can You Return Unused Paint To Home Depot?

Most Home Depot stores will accept unused and unopened paint cans for returns as it means they can resell them to other customers.

Home Depot understands that mistakes happen, and at times you may receive the wrong color of paint.

Try to check the details on the tin before you open it to determine whether the product is correct since you are more likely to receive a full refund if you provide an unopened product.

To make a return, head over to your local Home Depot with your receipt and explain the situation.

An associate will be more than happy to help you with a return, and you will likely receive either a refund or an exchange using the original payment method.

Can You Return Mixed Paint To Home Depot?

Home Depot will gladly accept the return of mixed paint that was wrongly mixed or is of unsatisfactory quality.

In most cases, Home Depot will only register returns for the above reasons.

If you have changed your mind about the color, you may need to negotiate your return with the store manager.

Keep in mind that, like most paint products at Home Depot, you will have a time frame of 30 days to return mixed paint.

Can You Return Paint Without A Receipt To Home Depot?

It is highly unlikely that you will be able to initiate a paint return at Home Depot without the receipt.

Some stores may allow it, but you will only receive store credit at the paint product’s lowest advertised price.

However, you can always get your receipt reprinted by an associate within 30 days of your purchase as long as you paid by debit or credit card, including a Home Depot credit card.

Additionally, if you have a Home Depot Pro Xtra account, you can save your receipts for up to 24 months online.

What Types Of Paint Does Home Depot Sell?

Home Depot has a wide variety of paint, primer, and wood stain products, with brand names such as Behr and PPG.

These paint brands cover a wide variety of colors and various uses, such as interior paint, exterior paint, concrete paint, spray paint, and even art supply paints.

Note that Home Depot’s Paint Return Policy only covers paint specifically and will not cover samples or liquid stains.

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Home Depot only allows returns on paint within 30 days of purchase and only if you have discovered that you aren’t satisfied with the color provided.

Home Depot will then attempt to correct the color or exchange the paint for a comparable color.

Note that if you do not have a receipt or you have used more than half of the paint can when you’re returning it, your return is unlikely to go through.

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