Walmart Underwear Return Policy [Without Tags, Used, No Receipt, Bras + More!] 

Walmart has a simple and easy-to-follow clothing return policy, but there is little to no information online about returning underwear!

Though getting the right size is important, these are also more intimate items, so will Walmart accept returns on them? Keep reading to find out everything I have discovered!

Walmart Underwear Return Policy

Walmart does accept returns of unused and unopened underwear (bras, jocks, boxers, lingerie, panties, etc.) within 90 days of purchase. Due to hygiene reasons, Walmart cannot accept returns of underwear that has been worn by a customer.

To learn more about returning underwear to Walmart without a receipt or no tags, keep on reading!

Can You Return Underwear To Walmart Without A Receipt?

It is unlikely that you will be able to return any form of underwear to Walmart without a receipt. However, if the garment is unused and still in all its original packaging, you may be able to qualify for a return.

Additionally, if you have any tags or packaging with a label, barcode, or brand, this can help you get a return, as Walmart can see if the item was on their system.

However, the decision to return underwear without a receipt ultimately rests on the Walmart store associate. If you can get your return approved, you will only be eligible for a Walmart store credit.

To learn more, see our full guide on returning items to Walmart without a receipt.

Can You Return Bras To Walmart?

Yes, Walmart can return bras that have not been worn and still have the tags on or is still in the original unopened packaging.

For these items, customers must present a receipt as proof of purchase and be within Walmart’s standard  90-day return window.  

Can You Return Used Underwear To Walmart?

For hygiene reasons, Walmart will not accept a return, exchange, or refund of any used or opened underwear.

Worn underwear that has been damaged or worn down over time may be repaired under Walmart’s warranty, but this is subject to Walmart’s approval. 

Can You Return Lingerie Sets To Walmart?

Though Walmart has not published a definite return policy regarding underwear and more intimate items, our research suggests that unopened sets in original packaging with the receipt and security tag in place may qualify for a return. 

Lingerie sets that have been worn or shows signs of use will not be accepted for return at Walmart due to hygiene issues.  

Can You Return Underwear Without Tags To Walmart?

Can You Return Underwear Without Tags To Walmart?

No, you cannot return underwear without tags, as Walmart will not accept any opened or used underwear. If the item is faulty, you may be able to have it replaced or repaired under Walmart’s warranty plan, but this is at the discretion of the store manager. 

Does Walmart Have A Warranty Plan For Underwear?

Walmart has a general warranty plan that covers most items, including underwear. On, individual underwear items that have a ‘warranty’ section under the listed item should fall within this plan.

This plan enables a 90-day protection guarantee on items, where they are able to replace or repair any damaged items per the policy. 

Click here to find out more about Walmart’s warranty plan!


Walmart’s return policy on underwear is generally in accordance with their usual clothing items, though there is a greater emphasis on these intimate items being unworn and in original packaging.

You must also present a receipt with these items for a better chance of receiving a return. 

It can be frustrating if your returns are not accepted, but it is important to remember that Walmart is in no way obligated to uphold any exchanges, refunds, or returns.

Refused return items may still be eligible for replacement or repairs under Walmart’s warranty plan, so make sure you ask staff about that route too! 

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