What Are Dunkin’ Refreshers? (Price, Flavors + More)

Over the past years, Dunkin’ Donuts has introduced new beverages on its menu to give customers diverse options to choose from.

Dunkin’ Refreshers are such drinks on the quick-service franchise’s menu that have gained traction among Dunkin’ customers in recent years.

So, what are Dunkin’ Refreshers? I embarked on extensive research about this, and this is what I discovered!

What Are Dunkin’ Refreshers In 2024?

Dunkin’ Refreshers are fruity and lightly caffeinated iced drinks in 2024. These energizing beverages feature fruit-flavored concentrate, green tea extract, and B vitamins. Since Dunkin’ Refreshers are low in caffeine, they’re a good alternative to coffee. The fruity flavored drinks are healthy since they contain less than 200 calories and aren’t made with artificial dyes or flavors.

Keep scrolling to learn more about Dunkin’ Refreshers, what they are made of, the best Refreshers offered at the fast-food chain, and how much caffeine they have!

What Are The Best Dunkin’ Refreshers?

Dunkin’ Donuts offers a wide range of Refreshers in its stores worldwide to give its customers numerous flavors to choose from.

Thus, choosing the best Dunkin’ Refresher flavor at the restaurant chain can be hard to crack and require trial and error, but that shouldn’t be the case.

Below, I have outlined the most popular Refreshers at Dunkin’ and what they taste like. 

Golden Peach Coconut Refresher

The Golden Peach Coconut Refresher is a popular beverage at Dunkin’ Donuts made of peach passionfruit flavored concentrate and coconut milk.

Also, a medium size of golden yellow-colored drink comes with 180 calories and 30 grams of sugar.

That said, this refresher has a tropical and passionfruit flavor and leaves an irresistible aftertaste in your mouth.

Moreover, the small-sized Golden Peach Coconut Refresher’s price is $2.48, the medium is $2.86, and the large is $3.11.

Strawberry Dragonfruit Refresher

On its part, the Strawberry Dragonfruit Refresher incorporates strawberry dragonfruit flavored concentrate and brewed green tea.

Further, a medium-sized cup of the fan-favorite drink contains 99 milligrams of caffeine content, 130 calories, and 27 grams of sugar.

Also, the combination of strawberry and dragonfruit gives the refresher a mildly sweet, refreshing taste.

Lastly, a small cup of the Strawberry Dragonfruit Refresher costs $2.48, a medium cup $2.86, and a large-sized cup $3.23.

Peach Passionfruit Refresher

Peach Passionfruit Refresher Dunkin'

Dunkin’s Peach Passionfruit Refresher features peach passionfruit flavored concentrate and brewed green tea.

Also, a medium drink comes with 99 milligrams of caffeine content, 130 calories, and 29 grams of sugar.

Further, the pale yellow-colored refresher has a distinct, soft, and sweet taste with a tart punch of passion fruit flavor.

Additionally, a small Peach Passionfruit Refresher costs $2.23, a medium one costs $2.86, and a large one costs $3.11.

Pink Strawberry Coconut Refresher

Dunkin’s Pink Strawberry Coconut Refresher is made with strawberry dragonfruit flavored concentrate and coconut milk.

That said, a medium-sized cup of the drink contains an unknown caffeine content, 170 calories, and 28 grams of sugar.

Also, this Dunkin’ beverage has a sweet and creamy taste that resembles the Strawberry Kiwi Capri Sun; a small drink size goes for $2.23, a medium costs $2.48, while a large goes for $3.48.

Still, other Refreshers offered at Dunkin’ Donuts include:

  • Purple Pomegranate Coconutmilk Refresher
  • Blueberry Pomegranate Refresher
  • Apple Cranberry

Lastly, keep in mind that some Refreshers are seasonal, so the ones listed here may not be available.

How To Order Dunkin’ Refreshers

Dunkin’ Donuts primarily offers two Refresher flavors: Peach Passionfruit and Strawberry Dragonfruit.

Previously, the fast-food franchise offered the Purple Pomegranate Refresher, but it was discontinued from Dunkin’ menus in August 2021.

In addition, Dunkin’ offered a limited-time refresher flavor dubbed the Apple Cranberry Refresher, whose reign ended in early November 2021.

So, you can order both the Peach Passionfruit Refresher and Strawberry Dragonfruit Refresher at your local Dunkin’ store at any time.

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that these Refreshers come in different names at the multinational coffee and donuts company, depending on whether you order them with green tea or coconut milk.

For instance, the Dunkin’ Peach Passionfruit Refresher comes with green tea, while the Dunkin’ Golden Peach Refresher is the same beverage, only with coconut milk.

More times than not, Dunkin’ serves its Refreshers without dairy ingredients, but the drinks can be served with whole milk on request.

Also, since the fruit-flavored concentrate used to make Dunkin’ Refreshers is pre-sweetened, you don’t have to add any sweetener when ordering the drinks.

Finally, you can order Dunkin’ Refreshers in three sizes: small size of 12 ounces, medium size of 24 ounces, and large size of 32 ounces.

Do All Dunkin’ Refreshers Have Sugar And Caffeine?

Yes, all Dunkin’ Refreshers have sugar.

That said, these customer-favorite drinks are made with different pre-sweetened fruit-flavored concentrates with natural sweeteners or sugar.

Thus, you cannot order a sugar-free Dunkin’ Refresher since the multinational fast-food restaurant chain doesn’t have anything like that.

Luckily, Dunkin’ Donuts offers a wide range of sugar-free drinks that you can order if you don’t like sweetened beverages.

For example, some of the Dunkin’ drinks you can order without sugar include coffee, cold brew, tea, skim milk latte, non-dairy latte, americano, and cappuccino.

Besides sugar, all Dunkin’ Refreshers contain caffeine content since the fruit concentrate they’re made with contains green tea extracts.

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Dunkin’ Refreshers are iced drinks made of fruit concentrate, Vitamin B and C, and green tea extracts.

Further, these drinks come in a wide range of fruit flavors at the fast-food chain, giving you a chance to choose the drink that best suits your taste buds.

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