What Does Code 1,000 Mean In IKEA? + Other Secret Codes

Millions of people worldwide view IKEA as their go-to retailer for a colossal range of affordable furniture, appliances, and accessories.

While you’re shopping, you may hear staff intercoms communicate with secret codes such as Code 1,000, but what does it mean? Here’s what I found!

What Does Code 1,000 Mean In IKEA In 2024?

Code 1,000 in IKEA informs staff that there is an emergency that requires a complete store evacuation. IKEA will sound the code to protect customers from hazards such as fire, smoke, or structural collapse. Unless stated as a drill, the code should always be taken seriously.

If you’d like to find out more about IKEA’s secret codes, read on!

What Does Code 22 Mean At IKEA?

Code 22 alerts fellow IKEA employees that the checkouts are becoming overly busy with queues.

At this point, employees with cash register experience will head to the department to jump on additional tills. Most retailers have their own version of this code.

What Do IKEA’s Security Codes Mean?

To gain a quick reaction, IKEA established codes directly aimed at security staff; however, considering the size of stores, employees also act where appropriate.

In most IKEA stores, Code 500 is an alert of theft or warning of a violent customer in or around the store. In the instance that the police are called, staff may communicate severity codes.

IKEA takes security incredibly seriously, protecting both you and their staff. For more information, check out their website.

What Does IKEA’s Code 99 Mean?

Code 99 is called when a child has gone missing and is likely wandering the store alone.

In most cases, children perceive IKEA stores as a giant playground, perfect for hide-and-seek.

More than often, kids are found hiding within display wardrobes. Nevertheless, staff always take each Code seriously.

What Are IKEA Safety Codes?

When Code 5 is announced at IKEA, it means there is a medical emergency at the location given by the intercom speaker.

If an ambulance is called, they may speak in Code to inform paramedics of the situation’s severity.

If you hear the Code on the intercoms, it would be best to avoid the area and allow appropriate staff members or professionals to handle the situation efficiently.

An Unexpected Secret Code At IKEA

If you’ve been to IKEA, you’ll understand how many twists and turns throughout showrooms you’ll take.

The long path you take is known by employees as the “Long Natural Path, which is said to be curved to keep the customers engaged.

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Conclusion: What Does Code 1,000 Mean At IKEA?

At IKEA, Code 1,000 is used to alert staff members of an emergency which requires evacuation of the whole store. Codes are given for hazards such as fires, smoke, severe flooding, or similar dangers.

If you hear the code, do not panic; calmly make your way to the nearest exit. Unless stated as a drill, Code 1,000 is always taken seriously.

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