What Is Amazon ASIN? (All You Need to Know)

Amazon is a leader in all things e-commerce, with millions of products from companies all around the world.

If you’ve ever shopped or sold on Amazon, you may be wondering: what is Amazon ASIN? I was thinking about this too, so I did a deep search, and here are all the updates I can give you!

What Is Amazon ASIN In 2024?

Amazon ASIN is the standard product identification number used for the e-commerce retailer’s barcode system in 2024. Most numbers usually have ten characters with a mix of letters and numbers. Sellers and shoppers use ASIN to identify and look up specific products throughout Amazon’s extensive catalog.

Continue reading to learn more about Amazon ASIN, including how it works and where to find it, along with other related facts!

What Is Amazon ASIN Used For?

Standard product identification numbers are used across Amazon to index pages for search results, track product inventory, and reference catalog information.

Without Amazon ASIN, the e-commerce giant’s product catalog wouldn’t exist. Every unique product identifier helps consumers find their desired products.

For most products, a new ASIN is generated when an item is added to the Amazon catalog. For books, the ASIN and ISBN numbers are the same.

ASINs are unique to each marketplace, but Amazon sites from other countries may not use the same ASIN for certain products.

Amazon’s selling policies include guidelines for ASINs, which sellers must adhere to so they don’t violate terms or lose eligibility.

Why Is Amazon ASIN Important?

Amazon ASINs make it possible to index search results and catalog pages, manage inventory, and browse Amazon’s huge selection of everyday items.

Identifiers help shoppers search for specific items, browse multiple categories, and find the closest match to their initial query.

As the leading e-commerce platform, Amazon uses ASIN to ensure accurate product searches for the best shopping experience.

That’s why it’s important Amazon sellers always use the proper ASIN so products are organized correctly.

When listing a product on Amazon, the item must be either matched to an existing ASIN or paired with a new one.

How Can I Find the Amazon ASIN Number?

How Can I Find the Amazon ASIN Number?

The Amazon ASIN number may be located on the product’s web address or details on Amazon. There are also third-party tools for looking up identification numbers.

The fastest option for finding ASIN numbers is to look in the browser bar for the product, as the identifier will be listed in the URL after the item name and /dp/.

You can also scroll down to the bottom of the product detail page to see the ASIN under the additional information section. It’s listed just above customer reviews and the date first available.

If you need to look up hundreds or even thousands of products at a time for selling purposes, then it may be worthwhile to invest in third-party software tools.

Instead of searching individual web addresses for each item, you can use software tools for a bulk upload that returns each ASIN number.

Of course, there is a higher cost involved when using third-party software rather than manual Amazon ASIN lookups. If you just have a few items, manual lookups are easier and cheaper.

What Are Amazon ASIN Policies?

All Amazon sellers need to pay close attention to the company’s policies, as it’s prohibited to make a new ASIN for an item currently listed on Amazon.

This could result in suspension or removal of selling privileges, so vendors are encouraged to check whether any items are already on the platform.

The Amazon Product Variation policy is important for ASIN generation, too. Parent products and associated items with different sizes or colors will appear under one parent ASIN identifier.

Sellers must follow all guidelines relating to product variation to confirm the ASINs match and the relationship between the two items is clear.

How Can I Make a New Amazon ASIN?

Now that you know about Amazon ASIN, you may want to add items to Amazon, and in that case, you need to create a new identifier for each product.

It’s simple to make a new ASIN – you just need to click on the option to add a product, and then you can match existing items to the proper ASIN.

Otherwise, follow the prompts to make an ASIN for new products, and once the page is published, you can start selling.

Keep in mind that when you create a new ASIN, fellow sellers with the same products will use this number, too.

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Amazon ASIN refers to the standard product identification number, which is used to identify items and find products through Amazon’s highly accurate search function. Letters and numbers make up these 10-digit identifiers.

Every time a product is uploaded to Amazon, a new ASIN is assigned, apart from books where the ASIN and ISBN match. Shoppers can use ASIN to find products while sellers can track inventory and keep track of sales across the massive Amazon platform.

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