Amazon Seller Complaints (How To Make One, Common Types Of Complaints + Contact Information)

Amazon Seller offers an e-commerce platform for sellers to meet customers’ needs. The sheer volume of these interactions can generate so many complaints.

Therefore, if you wish to understand how the Amazon Seller complaint resolution mechanism works and how sellers and buyers can use it, read on to see what I discovered!

How Does The Amazon Seller Complaint Resolution System Work In [currentyear]?

The Amazon Seller complaint resolution system handles complaints from sellers and purchasers on the platform, mainly through its online channels and emails as of [currentyear]. The mechanism enables Amazon sellers to be held responsible for purchaser complaints, especially faulty goods. Additionally, sellers and buyers have alternative forums for airing their complaints.

Keep on reading to discover how you can make complaints to an Amazon Seller and how your complaints are handled as a seller or buyer!

How Can Sellers Complain To Amazon Seller?

Sellers on Amazon can contact customer support to make their complaints through their Amazon Central Accounts by calling or emailing.

But, the customer service portal in the account is more of a FAQ than where you file a formal complaint. However, it is a good place to start resolving any issues.

Also, you may contact Amazon Seller via email, which is ideal as it leaves a record you can use if the issue persists. 

Remember, be precise and accurate in your email, and limit your complaint to a single issue. So, if your complaint has more than one issue, send separate emails.

Additionally, ensure you provide all relevant information and evidence of your claims and remember to keep a cool head.

A seller may call as well, which is quicker. Finally, it is advisable to have all information relevant to the complaint at hand.

How Can You Contact Amazon Seller Support?

You can contact Amazon Sellers customer support using the following contacts:

  • Via telephone at (888) 280-4331
  • Via email at
  • Follow Sell On Amazon on Facebook and send a direct message to the company
  • Follow Sell On Amazon on Twitter and send a direct message to the company
  • Subscribe to Sell On Amazon at Youtube

What Are The Common Complaints Made By Sellers Against Amazon Seller?

Some of the most prevalent complaints third-party sellers on Amazon file include the following:

  • Account suspensions (the most common complaint on Amazon Sellers)
  • Issues with account verification despite providing all the relevant documentation
  • Customer support is unresponsive

How Else Can Sellers Make Their Complaints Against Amazon Seller?

Sometimes it is necessary to seek alternative ways to handle complaints with Amazon Seller. 

For example, the most common alternative is for attorneys to investigate the customer complaint and mitigate any damage that may result.

However, this may be more effective for customer complaints, leading to an unnecessary account suspension, lengthy downtimes, and loss of income.

Moreover, alternative outlets for complaint resolution include such review sites as the Better Business Bureau and the European Online Dispute Resolution Center.

How Can Buyers Complain To Amazon Seller For Violations By Third Party Sellers?

How Can Buyers Complain To Amazon Seller For Violations By Third Party Sellers?

Amazon Seller encourages buyers to report sellers on the platform who violate its terms of engagement and cause grief to the buyer in the process.

That said, buyers do this by going to the selling policies and code of conduct page and selecting “Report Abuse” on the site.

After that, you should provide your order details in the “Please describe your issue” field. Further, ensure you provide as much relevant and precise information as possible.

More importantly, remember to include necessary evidence to help in a speedy resolution.

How Can A Buyer Contact A Third-Party Seller On Amazon Seller?

Your third-party seller is responsible for handling complaints about products that come directly from them, and so it is to them you should complain.

With that, you can use the following process to contact a third-party seller after placing an order.

  • Go to “Your Orders,” find your order in the list that comes up, and select the “Problem with Order” field
  • Choose a topic from the list displayed and select the “Contact Seller” field
  • Wait for two days for the seller to respond to your complaint. If they do not, you can check to see if you qualify for the A-Z Guarantee

However, Amazon Prime members should channel their complaints through their accounts with Amazon.

How Should Sellers On Amazon Seller Deal With Unjustified Customer Complaints?

Customer complaints on Amazon will not only give a bad reputation but may lead to the suspension of a seller’s account.

Therefore, sellers must deal with such complaints promptly and satisfactorily.

Fortunately, Amazon Seller provides a mechanism for sellers to handle negative reviews.

With that, for negative reviews on an Amazon Seller Central forum, the seller is urged to reach out to the reviewer and make amends.

Also, the seller should inform the buyer of the possibility of updating their feedback.

On top of that, the forums allow the seller to reply to the buyer’s allegations in a tactful, non-controversial manner.

Once the reply has been posted, it cannot be modified unless the buyer modifies their original allegation.

Should I Complain To Amazon Seller Or The Third-Party Seller?

The third-party seller is liable for any damages that may arise from their products, and complaints should be directed to them.

However, Amazon Seller may be responsible in some circumstances, though it is debatable to what extent.

If the damages and facts justify it, it is good to lodge your complaint with Amazon Seller and the third-party seller, especially if you resort to the law.

What Are Some Tips To Get The Most Out Of Amazon Seller Business Support?

Sellers and buyers can get better results from Amazon Seller’s complaint resolution mechanism by implementing these simple tips:

  • Begin with an email, as it helps maintain a paper trail if you wish to escalate your complaint
  • Have all relevant information and evidence at hand, and be precise and effective in presenting your case
  • Escalate, but at the right moment; otherwise, it costs you goodwill
  • Be persistent in presenting your complaint
  • Be courteous

How Effective Is Amazon Seller’s Complaint Resolution Mechanism?

Unfortunately, most customers do not find the Amazon Seller complaint resolution mechanism effective. Therefore, the department has received low ratings on review sites.

For instance, Trust Pilots rates Amazon Seller customer support at 1.8 stars based on 62 reviews, while Reseller Ratings gives it two stars.

Additionally, Better Business Bureau awards Amazon Seller 1.2 stars, with Hissing Kitty awarding it 1.25 stars based on 759 complaints.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on Amazon UK complaints, Amazon India complaints, and Amazon Flex complaints.


Sellers and buyers on the Amazon Seller platform have various channels to present their complaints to the forum and sellers.

If these channels prove unsatisfactory, the platform’s users can resort to extraneous means such as review sites and legal measures.

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