What Is Amazon Assistant? (How It Works, Is It Free + More)

If you like to shop online, you might’ve heard about a piece of software known as Amazon Assistant.

You may wonder how it works and if you would benefit from installing it on your device. Read on for a complete guide with answers to these questions and many more…

What Is Amazon Assistant?

Amazon Assistant makes it possible to easily compare other retailers’ prices with those of Amazon. It also provides convenient access to shopping lists, order tracking, product reviews, and information about recent price changes. The software installs on your device as a browser extension or Android app.

Continue reading to discover the drawbacks of this software, how to use it, and whether or not it will work on your device.

How Does Amazon Assistant Work?

When you look at a product on any shopping website, Amazon Assistant will pop up and supply further information about the same product on Amazon.

Within the pop-up, it will show the item’s current Amazon.com price, show you Amazon customer reviews, and also the ability to add the product directly to your Amazon cart.

Benefits of Amazon Assistant

This software provides a quick way to see if Amazon offers a better price than other retailers.

It also lets you see how much the cost has increased or dropped during the past month.

Ultimately, the main benefit of using Amazon Assistant is to save you more money when shopping around online.

Is Amazon Assistant Available For Safari?

Currently, Amazon doesn’t offer an add-on for the Safari browser.

You can download extensions for Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Opera, or Firefox.

An alternative is to install and run the Assistant app; it requires an internet device with the Android operating system.

Does Amazon Assistant Cost Money?

Does Amazon Assistant Cost Money?

No, you can download and use this software at no expense.

You might even receive a reward; Amazon sometimes offers $5 or $10 credits to new users.

Additionally, Amazon Assistant does require a basic free Amazon.com account and a compatible device or browser (see above).

Is Amazon Assistant A Virus?

This is legitimate software that wasn’t intentionally designed to cause any harm.

However, some users complain about intrusive monitoring or bothersome pop-up ads.

There have also been reports of a virus that pretends to be an Amazon Assistant.

It is recommended to only download the app from a reputable source and run a virus scan if you have any concerns.

Is Amazon Assistant Safe?

You can safely use this software without putting your device or Amazon.com account at risk.

At the same time, some people have serious concerns about the privacy of this software.

The many concerns are that Amazon keeps track of how customers use the Assistant and stores data on visits to unrelated websites.

By capturing this data, Amazon is able to cater more personalized products to your Amazon homepage, which entices users to spend more.

Is Amazon Assistant Spyware & Why Is It On My Computer?

If you didn’t intentionally download this program, it might have been bundled with other software (like a Java update).

Additionally, a family member or the computer’s previous owner might have installed it.

If neither of these is the case, exercise caution if the app unexpectedly appears on your device; it could actually be a virus that resembles Assistant.

How To Install Amazon Assistant

How To Install Amazon Assistant

To set up this software on any Android device, navigate to Google Play and download it.

The process becomes somewhat more complex if you’re using a different operating system like Windows or Mac OS.

The subsequent steps will vary based on the specific browser; you’ll need to click a button or link that installs the extension.

Your browser might ask if you want to allow Amazon to put new software on the device.

Confirm that you’re willing to give it permission, and carefully follow any further instructions.

How To Use Amazon Assistant

The software will activate automatically when it detects that you’ve visited a retail product page.

If you want to open it manually, click on Amazon’s symbol in the browser extension toolbar (look at the upper-right portion of the screen).

When the software is running, you’ll see links to Amazon product pages and a button that lets you add the selected item to your shopping list.

You can view one of your lists by clicking on its name; the Assistant will display it in a separate browser window.

Why Is Amazon Assistant Not Working?

The program might not work correctly when your internet connection is interrupted, or there’s a temporary glitch at Amazon.

If a technical problem persists, try to solve it by updating this software.

Additionally, the Android application might work better after you empty your app cache; Amazon offers detailed instructions on how to do so.

How To Stop Amazon Assistant From Popping Up

Generally, it will continue to reappear as long as it remains on your device and you visit shopping websites.

You could change system settings so that the program doesn’t automatically start when you boot your device.

Another option is to shut down and completely uninstall the app or extension.

How Do I Get Rid Of Amazon Assistant?

The necessary steps will differ depending on your equipment and browser.

Under Android, go to “Settings” and click on “Apps” or “Manage Apps.” After finding and selecting Amazon Assistant from the list of software on your device, click “Uninstall.”

You may need to tap it twice before the system removes this application.

If you’re using a browser extension, go to the web browser’s main menu. Click “Add-ons” or “Extensions”; you’ll see extensions under “More tools” in Chrome.

Next, find Amazon Assistant in the list and select it. Finally, click on “Remove” or “Uninstall” to delete the software from your device.

Google Vs. Amazon Assistant

Google Shopping provides a free, easy way to search for products across multiple retailers.

The website will let you check prices at a wide range of stores like Amazon, Lowe’s, REI, Kroger, CVS, and Target.

This service lacks the Amazon-specific features of Assistant, but it’s less intrusive and doesn’t require any specific software.

Several other free alternatives are available as well. Honey automatically finds useful coupon codes and searches for lower prices on desired merchandise.

You can use the Shop Your Way app or website to compare prices and earn rewards from numerous retailers.

Another option is the ShopSavvy app, which lets you compare prices by scanning barcodes.

The bottom line is that Amazon Assistant expedites the process of using popular Amazon.com features.

You won’t need to separately visit the website when you want to update a shopping list or check the price of a product you’ve found elsewhere. It can also directly alert you if a desired item goes on sale.

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