What Is Amazon Astro? (All You Need to Know)

If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon, you probably have an idea of the company’s vast product offerings. After all, Amazon sells everything from household essentials to high-tech gadgets.

When it comes to Amazon technology, you may be wondering what is Amazon Astro? This new product captured my attention, too, which is why I started researching. Here’s what I learned!

What Is Amazon Astro In [currentyear]?

Amazon Astro is a U.S. brand of domestic robots launched in late 2021. Developed by Amazon, this device was designed to assist with senior care and home security. Astro can play music and shows, respond to security alerts, and pair with Furbo dog cameras, Ring doorbells, and other accessories in [currentyear].

Check out the rest of our guide for answers to all your questions about Amazon Astro, including who can buy it and what accessories it works with!

What Does Amazon Astro Do?

Amazon Astro is a new line of domestic robots developed by the innovative tech team at Amazon. The device was made to fulfill a number of home security and assistance tasks.

The main things Amazon Astro does include:

  • Moves from room to room, retrieving and delivering snacks and other items
  • Plays music, shows, and podcasts
  • Helps look after elderly loved ones to ensure their safety
  • Roams the house and answers Ring security alerts
  • Integrates with other high-tech accessories to monitor households and entertain families

Essentially, Astro offers all the great features of Amazon Alexa on wheels, plus more attractive benefits like the storage bin for transporting items and automatic recharging.

Does Amazon Astro Work With Alexa?

Amazon Astro is powered by Alexa and known as a high-tech home monitoring robot that uses voice recognition to bring added safety, convenience, and entertainment to households.

If you’re familiar with Alexa voice recognition on Amazon Echo, then you can expect all those same capabilities, although Astro moves around your home, too.

Although it’s relatively new to the market, many people have described Astro as similar to the Roomba robot vacuum, except with Amazon’s top tech features.

Some of the ways in which Amazon Astro works with Alexa include messages, calls, alarms, reminders, and timers. The robot follows users around, offering entertainment and connections.

Also, Astro comes with a subscription to Alexa Together, which helps users remotely care for older loved ones while supporting independent living.

This combination of Astro and Alexa Together manages activity alerts, reminders, and shopping lists so families have greater peace of mind that their aging relatives are safe at home.

What Are Amazon Astro Accessories?

What Are Amazon Astro Accessories?

Amazon Astro pairs with a number of popular accessories to help families stay safe and connected.

The robot uses visual ID to recognize family members and send alerts if an unrecognized individual is detected.

Optional accessories include detachable cup holders for carrying drinks and snacks or the OMRON blood pressure monitor.

Pet lovers also appreciate how Astro pairs with Furbo dog cameras, which are used to check on dogs and cats and drop treats for them.

At the end of the day, there are many ways to upgrade your experience.

That’s because Astro uses Linux and FireOS and can be integrated with most Amazon tech products and Ring devices.

Can I Buy Amazon Astro?

If you like the sound of Amazon Astro, then you can take a closer look at the product listing on Amazon.com.

However, don’t get your hopes up too much, as Astro is currently categorized as Day 1 Editions, which are early releases of innovative ideas.

Amazon shoppers who participate in the first release of these products are asked to provide feedback for future development.

You can request an invitation to buy Amazon Astro, and the retailer will get back to you if you are selected.

Keep in mind that you will need to complete a survey so Amazon can decide if the limited-release robot is right for your household.

Moving forward, Amazon has plans to launch Astro on a wider scale, but release dates have not been announced.

Is Amazon Astro Worth It?

Although Amazon Astro is only available in limited quantities to start, many of those who have tried it out say the household robot is worth the $1,000 investment.

That’s because Astro has such a wide range of features to support households, whether it be playing shows and podcasts in different rooms or monitoring home security.

Amazon introduced Astro Intelligent Motion with this device. The advanced navigation capabilities mean the robot can navigate throughout the home as needed.

Astro just hangs out nearby when not in use, returning to the charging station to make sure it’s fully charged and ready when you are.

Also, Astro is equipped with Alexa Together, which provides activity alerts to help families keep an eye on their elderly loved ones who are home on their own.

Astro allows you to stay connected no matter where you are, as you can remotely send the robot to check on family members or certain rooms.

Finally, another reason why Amazon Astro is worth it is that it enhances home security by sending alerts if certain sounds or unrecognized people are detected.

With peace of mind that your home and loved ones are well-protected, Amazon Astro can have a positive impact on your household.

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Amazon continues to innovate with new technology products in development. Amazon Astro is one of its latest creations, launched at the end of 2021 as a domestic robot. Astro is designed for monitoring elderly loved ones, keeping an eye on home security, and entertaining families.

If Amazon Astro sounds like a good addition to your household, keep in mind that as of mid-2022, it’s available by invitation only. You can log into your Amazon account and request an invitation to see if you’re selected to try one of these high-tech household robots.

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