What Is Amazon Multi-Format? (All You Need to Know)

Who doesn’t love sitting down to relax and watch a good movie? Whether you like chick flicks or horror, family films or documentaries, there’s no shortage of awesome movies to enjoy.

If you’ve ever shopped for movies online, you may be wondering: what is Amazon multi-format? The same thought crossed my mind, so I did my own research, and here’s what I can tell you!

What Is Amazon Multi-Format In 2024?

Amazon multi-format refers to two or more physical copies of a movie in the same purchase in 2024. When you buy a multi-format film package on Amazon, it will likely come with a Blu-ray disc, a DVD disc, and possibly a digital copy, too. Usually the multi-format costs more than a standalone Blu-ray or DVD version.

Keep reading to learn more about Amazon multi-format, including what kind of movies you can buy on Amazon and whether Blu-ray or DVD is better.

How Much Are Multi-Format Movies on Amazon?

Multi-format movies are in high demand at many mass merchandise retailers, including Amazon.

Multi-format films have at least two copies, usually Blu-ray and DVD, which is why the cost tends to be higher compared to films in a single format.

As a combo pack, each multi-format movie is usually priced around $5-$10 more than the Blu-ray or DVD version.

For example, a multi-format movie package may cost around $20-$25 compared to $10-$15 for a single Blu-ray or DVD copy.

Of course, it depends on whether the movie is a new release or an older film, as the newer the movie, the more expensive it will be.

Although multi-format packages are more expensive, buying both versions in the combo pack typically costs less than ordering a separate Blu-ray and DVD package.

If you have both a Blu-ray and DVD player, it may be best to invest in multi-format movies so you always have something to watch.

Otherwise, you can also rent movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime Video, which has over 20,000 movies.

Which Movie Format Is Better: Blu-ray or DVD?

When shopping for movies on Amazon, you will see blue bold letters beneath each movie title to confirm the format, which could be Blu-ray, DVD, digital, or multi-format.

While Blu-ray is the newest digital optical disc format designed to store more hours of high-definition video, its predecessor DVD format is still sold worldwide.

However, many households and retailers are slowly but surely phasing DVDs out.

Even movie studios such as Warners Bros. have announced their intentions to cut back or even stop the production of physical movie copies altogether.

Another advantage of Blu-ray is the premium sound quality, not to mention that most newer TVs and video players are built for Blu-Ray rather than DVD.

If you have both an old DVD player and a newer Blu-ray system in different rooms, it may be worthwhile to get a multi-format package instead of one or the other.

What Kind of Movies Does Amazon Sell?

What Kind of Movies Does Amazon Sell?

Amazon sells thousands of movies with Blu-ray, DVD, multi-format, and digital download options.

The top movie genres with both multi-format and single-version films for sale on Amazon include:

  • Action & adventure
  • Anime
  • Bollywood
  • Comedy
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Educational
  • Exercise & fitness
  • Faith & spirituality
  • Fantasy
  • Foreign
  • Horror
  • Kids & family
  • Military & war
  • Music videos & concerts
  • Mystery & thrillers
  • Performing arts
  • Reality-TV
  • Romance
  • Science fiction
  • Sports
  • TV talk shows
  • Westerns

You can view all Amazon movies for sale at amazon.com/movies.

Remember, underneath each title will be a description of the format in blue bold letters, so look for multi-format, Blu-ray, DVD, or digital depending on your needs.

Do I need Amazon Multi-Format?

At the end of the day, it’s up to you which kind of movie format you prefer for your home entertainment.

Multi-format is a good option if you’re still going back and forth between different video players or you prefer physical copies over digital streaming.

Until you transition fully to streaming services only, it may be a smart idea to keep a few physical copies on hand of your favorite movies.

In that case, a multi-format package with both Blu-ray and DVD makes a lot of sense.

Don’t forget that many multi-format packages come with digital downloads or 4K Ultra HD. 4K Blu-Ray discs offer the best resolution and photo quality with bright, bold colors.

Plus, a multi-format movie with a digital version gives you the flexibility to watch the film at home or on the go with different devices.

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Next time you’re shopping for physical copies of movies or TV shows on Amazon, consider buying multi-format. If you want both Blu-ray and DVD or even digital copies included, then multi-format is the way to go.

If your screening system only supports Blu-ray or DVD, then you can probably skip the multi-format and just buy the format you can watch instantly at home, which is usually less expensive.

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