What Is Amazon Prime Gaming? (All You Need To Know)

Believe it or not, Amazon is one of the top places to find games online, as the tech and e-commerce giant continues to dominate in the digital retail space.

So, if you’re into video games, you may be wondering: what is Amazon Prime Gaming? If you’d like to find out, keep reading to see what I discovered!

What Is Amazon Prime Gaming In [currentyear]?

Amazon Prime Gaming is part of the Prime membership on Amazon.com, offering premium Twitch live gaming experiences, free downloads, and exclusive gaming content in [currentyear]. Prime members can access these special gaming features in addition to free shipping, books, music, movies, and much more, all included with the monthly cost of a Prime subscription at $12.99 a month.

If you’re ready to learn more about Amazon Prime Gaming, including how it works and where to sign up, then keep reading for the full scoop!

How Does Amazon Prime Gaming Work?

Amazon Prime Gaming is included with a Prime membership, so as long as you have an active membership, Prime Gaming will work for you.

Essentially, Prime Gaming is an optional feature that works by offering exciting in-game content, popular downloads, and a free Twitch monthly channel subscription.

You can use as little or as many of the Prime Gaming features as you’d like, the same with other Prime perks, as long as you’re logged into your Amazon Prime account.

Prime Gaming can be accessed through Amazon and Twitch, the live streaming and gaming platform that’s been owned by Amazon since 2014.

While non-Prime members have to pay for games, a membership makes games free and supports subscriber perks on Twitch, which would otherwise be expensive.

Many passionate gamers are taking advantage of this dynamic digital gaming option, as well as free two-day Prime delivery for physical games and consoles, especially new, in-demand releases.

Prime Gaming isn’t free, as you have to pay the $12.99 monthly Prime membership fee, but all the special features and benefits are included.

This is another way for Amazon to appeal to a wider audience with its Prime subscriptions.

This way, there is a lot to enjoy entertainment-wise, even for those who don’t shop a lot or need reliable grocery delivery.

Because Amazon owns Twitch, Prime Gaming users can expect a seamless experience across the two platforms, which only makes this membership model more popular.

What Are the Benefits of Amazon Prime Gaming?

What Are the Benefits of Amazon Prime Gaming?

Amazon Prime Gaming offers several key benefits, particularly for regular gamers who can get good use out of a wide selection of games and fun features.

With Prime Gaming, you can expect:

  • A Twitch channel subscription
  • Exclusive game access, emoticons, and chat colors
  • Prime chat badge
  • 60-day Twitch broadcast storage

The Twitch channel subscription is one of the most popular Prime Gaming perks.

This channel allows you to subscribe to a partner or affiliate channel each month for exclusive subscriber perks like chats, emoticons, and badges.

In-game loot and popular emoticons, including KappaHD and ScaredyCat, are reserved for Prime Gaming subscribers.

Gamers can also choose a chat color and display a member-only chat badge.

Prime gamers are identified by the crown icon in Twitch channels and can make the most of extended broadcast storage, with past broadcasts saved for 60 days rather than the usual 14.

While these are the main benefits of Prime Gaming, avid gamers can also get exclusive deals on thousands of Amazon products, with specials offered on new video games and consoles.

How Do I Sign up for Prime Gaming?

To sign up for Prime Gaming, you should follow these steps to ensure your Prime membership is active for full benefits:

  1. Go to amazon.com/prime.
  2. Click on the option to begin a 30-day free trial before the paid subscription kicks in.
  3. Complete the prompts to start your trial, which requires credit card information.

Once your Prime membership is active, you can check out all the Prime Gaming features directly in your account and start downloading free games.

Stay signed into Prime and connect to Twitch for the exclusive channel subscriber perks.

To connect your Amazon and Twitch accounts, just select the Prime Gaming option to manage Twitch.

From there, you can connect your Twitch account and take full advantage of Prime Gaming benefits.

Keep in mind that Twitch isn’t the only platform you can link to Prime Gaming. Additional options for linked gaming include:

  • Activision – Call of Duty: Black Ops IV
  • Epic – Fortnite
  • Rockstar – Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead
  • Ubisoft Inc – Assassin’s Creed

You’ll be able to see all the games available for download and in-game content under the Prime Gaming tab for the duration of your membership.

Also, if you already have an Amazon Prime membership that you use for shopping, grocery delivery, or movie streaming, you can start using the Prime Gaming benefits right away.

However, make sure you maintain your membership to keep all the gaming benefits.

If you decide to cancel Prime, you won’t be able to download more free games or enjoy the enhanced Twitch features.

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As part of the Prime membership model, Amazon Prime Gaming is a popular choice for avid gamers who can enjoy free game downloads, special in-game features, and monthly Twitch channel subscriptions.

If you already have Amazon Prime, you can see all the digital gaming options under the Prime Gaming tab, which allows you to link Twitch and other gaming accounts directly to Amazon Prime.

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