What Is Amazon Try Before You Buy? (How It Works, Returns + More)

The rise of online shopping has changed the retail industry forever, with millions of people preferring to shop on their computers or phones rather than in person, on sites like Amazon!

If you’re an avid online shopper, you may be wondering: what is Amazon Try Before You Buy? I know I was thinking the same thing, so I did a deep dive to figure it out. Here’s what I can share with you about this popular Amazon Prime program!

What Is Amazon Try Before You Buy In 2024?

Amazon Try Before You Buy is a popular style service exclusive to Amazon Prime members that allow shoppers to try eligible clothing, shoes, and accessories before purchasing in 2024. It includes a great selection of women’s, men’s, children’s, and baby clothes, with a seven-day timeframe to try on clothes and decide what to keep and return.

If you want to know more about Amazon Try Before You Buy, including how it works and when you are charged, check out the rest of this detailed guide!

How Does Amazon Try Before You Buy Work?

Amazon Try Before You Buy is available for current Prime members, who just need to be logged in and look for clothing, shoes, or accessories displaying the Prime Try Before You Buy icon.

Simply add up to six eligible items to your cart and then Amazon will take you to the Try Before You Buy checkout, where you’ll see the estimated arrival date for the box to arrive with free shipping.

It usually takes 4-6 business days for shipments to be delivered, and the seven-day try-on period starts once you get the last item in your order, as sometimes they’re shipped separately.

You can take the full seven days to try on all the items in the comfort and privacy of your home, and then you return anything you’re not crazy about and keep the items you love.

The key is to complete the checkout before 11:59 pm on the seventh day, otherwise, Amazon will charge you for the full order.

You just select the items you wish to return, which can be sent back in the same box they came in.

While there’s a limit of six items per order, you can use Try Before You Buy multiple times to keep finding the best styles for you.

Just make sure to keep a valid Prime membership to take full advantage of this convenient at-home try-on option.

How to Make Returns on Amazon Try Before You Buy

Amazon Try Before You Buy has gained popularity with Prime shoppers in recent years, mainly because the ordering and return process is fast and simple.

As for returns, keep in mind you need to log in and select the items you want to keep and return by 11:59 pm local time on the seventh day.

If checkout isn’t completed by then, Amazon will charge the full value of the order, but you should be good to go as long as you confirm your returns ahead of time.

Simply place return items in the same box they arrived in with the prepaid return label that came with the order.

You may see a few different return methods in your orders. However, Amazon recommends returning items within seven days of the last try-on day.

Once the box is sent back, all that’s left to do is wait for return confirmation. You will receive notifications as return items are received, or you can track the package within your orders.

Amazon will charge your payment method at the end of the seven-day try-on timeframe for anything you’re keeping and not returning.

You can go in and select your return and keep preferences at any time during those seven days.

So, if you try clothes on right away and realize they aren’t a good fit, you may start the returns process sooner.

How to Get Started with Amazon Try Before You Buy

How to Get Started with Amazon Try Before You Buy

If you want to test out new styles with Amazon Try Before You Buy, make sure you’re logged into your account with a current Prime membership.

There’s a special section on the Amazon website and app with eligible Prime Try Before You Buy items: amazon.com/tbyb/

On this page, you will see a curated collection of clothing items from Amazon Essentials and top name brands like Levi’s, Champion, Adidas, New Balance, Calvin Klein, and many more.

You can browse all Amazon clothing and accessories pages, too – just keep an eye out for “Prime Try Before You Buy” in the description or use the search bar to see more styles.

Add eligible items to your cart and proceed to checkout to order your box and get set up for an at-home wardrobe try-on.

If you don’t have Prime but want access to Try Before You Buy and other in-demand features, you can learn more and sign up today at amazon.com/prime.

Are Amazon Try Before You Buy and Personal Shopper the Same Thing?

One more thing to consider about trying before buying on Amazon is an optional add-on service called Amazon Personal Shopper.

The two programs are very similar, with the main difference that Try Before You Buy is free, while Personal Shopper comes with a $4.99 fee per styling.

Essentially, while Try Before You Buy lets you pick out styles yourself, Personal Shopper offers style inspiration and custom wardrobe recommendations for men and women.

You get to chat with a stylist who learns more about your style, budget, and size/fit preferences before handpicking items just for you.

With both Try Before You Buy and Personal Shopper, there’s a try-on period of seven days and resealable packaging for returns.

You don’t need to worry about any upfront cost for the items, either.

Instead, you only pay for clothing items you decide to keep, so Try Before You Buy and Personal Shopper are smart options for savvy online shoppers.

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If shopping online stresses you out, because you’re not sure if clothes or shoes will fit right, Amazon has a great solution, although you need a valid Prime membership to access this special try-on feature.

Amazon Prime members can take advantage of the Amazon Try Before You Buy program, which lets shoppers select up to six eligible clothing, shoes, and accessories for free shipping and a seven-day try-on period.

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