Buying Shoes From Amazon (Counterfeits, Brands, Returns + More)

It seems like no matter what you are looking for, despite how obscure it may seem, Amazon has exactly what you are shopping for.

But if you are looking to score a great deal on a pair of shoes, you may be wondering if Amazon is a reliable seller. For example, are there counterfeit sneakers on Amazon?

Here is everything you need to know before purchasing a pair of shoes on Amazon!

Buying Shoes From Amazon

Amazon sells a wide variety of shoe styles for men, women, and kids. To avoid buying counterfeit sneakers on Amazon, it is best to buy products sold and shipped by Amazon, not third-party sellers. Additionally, if you order the wrong size shoe, Amazon offers an easy return process.

To learn more about how to return shoes on Amazon and other ways to identify a third-party seller selling fake shoes, keep on reading!

What Kinds Of Shoes Does Amazon Sell?

Regarding the style of shoes that Amazon offers on its website, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Whether you are looking for men’s, women’s, or kid’s shoes, Amazon has an extensive selection to choose from. Some of the styles of shoes that Amazon carries include:

  • Boots
  • Sneakers
  • Sandals
  • Slip-on
  • Loafers

This is only a tiny portion of the styles of shoes available on Amazon’s website.

So whether you need a new pair of boots for hiking or dressier shoes for a special occasion, it is almost guaranteed Amazon has your style in stock.

What Shoe Brands Are Sold On Amazon?

Like their selection of styles, the number of shoe brands on Amazon can be overwhelming because there are so many choices!

Amazon carries well-known big-name shoe manufacturers like Under Armour, Adidas, and Steve Madden.

Additionally, Amazon offers several generic shoe brands so that you can score a great deal on a new pair of sneakers. Finally, Amazon also manufactures and sells its own brands of shoes.

Usually, Amazon shoes are sold through a subsidiary, a smaller company under the control of Amazon.

Are There Any Shoe Brands Amazon Does Not Sell?

There is one popular shoe company that refuses to sell its shoes directly through Amazon; Nike. Nike recently announced it would no longer be selling any of its products on Amazon.

This decision was partially made because of the alarming number of counterfeit Nike shoes on the website.

However, a bigger reason the sportswear company cut its ties with Amazon was to create a more personal relationship with its customers.

Even though Nike does not sell its shoes on Amazon directly, you can still find Nike sneakers on the Amazon website, which third-party manufacturers sell.

Are There Counterfeit Shoes On Amazon?

Are There Counterfeit Shoes On Amazon?

Amazon is usually a very reliable site to buy most products.

However, because of the company’s massive size, some counterfeit or fake sneakers make it on the platform.

Counterfeit sneakers are almost always sold via a third-party seller, not the actual shoe manufacturer. 

Due to the size of Amazon, it makes it impossible to catch every single fraudulent third-party seller. With that, any sneakers sold directly through Amazon are reliable and will not be fake.

Additionally, while these products are not always detected, Amazon tries to shut down counterfeit sellers as soon as possible.

How Can You Avoid Buying Fake Shoes On Amazon?

If you are concerned about being tricked into buying a pair of counterfeit sneakers on Amazon, there are certain signs to look out for and things you can do to avoid buying fakes.

Buy Through Amazon

If a pair of shoes indicates that they are shipped and sold by, it should be legitimate.

If the shoes are not real and you bought them from Amazon, you can at least count on an easy return and refund.

On the Amazon website, you can filter out products to show only shoes sold and shipped by Amazon. Buying shoes directly through Amazon is the best way to avoid purchasing counterfeits.

View Seller Product Pages

One way to spot a third-party seller that is selling fake sneakers is to check their product pages and profiles. If you Google search the seller and notice a lack of an online presence, that is a red flag.

Additionally, if the seller indicates extra-long shipping times, that is another sign the sneakers may be fake.

Finally, if you find a deal on shoes that seems too good to be true, it probably is, and it is a good indicator the shoes are counterfeits.

Online Tools

Several online tools can help you determine the legitimacy of a third-party seller on Amazon. Sometimes a third-party seller will have an array of good reviews.

However, the good reviews on their page are actually fake. To help spot fake reviews, use Fakespot, which determines the likelihood of fake reviews on a product.

Usually, if a third-party seller has fraudulent reviews, it is a sign the shoes are counterfeits.

How Do You Return Shoes At Amazon?

If you accidentally order shoes in the incorrect size or are unhappy with your purchase, Amazon offers an easy return process. After logging in to your Amazon account, locate the “Your Orders” tab.

The site will lead you to all your recent orders. Select the shoes you want to return and select “Return or Replace Items.”

Amazon asks for a reason why you are returning a product, so enter in your reason for doing so. Then, Amazon provides you with a free shipping label to return your order.

When you select your return method, Amazon also offers the chance to submit a request for a refund. If you do not want a refund, you can replace the pair of shoes with a different size or color.

After printing your shipping label and attaching it to the package, bring the box to the designated return center.

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No matter what style of shoes you need, boots, sandals, or sneakers, Amazon has the style, color, and size you are searching for!

However, some third-party sellers on Amazon sell counterfeit sneakers. So it is best to purchase shoes shipped and sold by Amazon directly to avoid buying shoes that are not authentic.

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