What Is Kroger Pay? (How It Works + Other FAQs)

Today, most retailers have introduced a mobile payment platform for their customers to make it easier for them to pay for products and services.

As the largest supermarket chain in the U.S., Kroger has this type of payment platform known as Kroger Pay. But how does this work? Here’s all you need to know!

What Is Kroger Pay In 2024?

Kroger Pay is a contact-free and safe way for customers to pay and save using a mobile device as of 2024. It’s usually available at participating locations within the Kroger family of companies. If you have Kroger Pay, you can use it in participating in-store locations. Setting it up is straightforward, and customer payment information is secure.

Keep on reading for more information about Kroger Pay, how it works, and where you can use it!

How Do You Set Up Kroger Pay?

To set up Kroger Pay on your phone, you’ll first need to have a digital account with one of the stores in the Kroger family of companies.

In addition, you also need to download the Kroger app on a mobile-compatible device from the App Store or Google Play.

Further, Kroger Pay is a quick, safe, and easy-to-use feature available on iOS and Android devices.

As long as the Kroger app is available in your location, you can access it easily via the shortcut menu.

Once you log in to your Kroger account, you’ll be prompted to verify the phone number and create a four-digit PIN. In addition, you can use a fingerprint or facial recognition.

Moreover, you’ll need to add your shopping location and save your payment cards to your digital wallet.

Afterward, you can load additional eligible payment cards that you can use in your digital wallet.

How Does Kroger Pay Work?

Since its introduction in 2019, Kroger Pay has become an easy way for customers to pay for products at the Kroger family of companies.

That said, this mobile payment solution combines the customer’s loyalty card and payment information to make the checkout experience much faster.

To use the payment platform, go to any participating store and access Kroger Pay either via Google Assistant or Siri, the app shortcut Menu, or the Kroger Pay button in your Wallet.

Then, you can enter the PIN or scan your biometrics. When checking out at the store, the item scanner will scan your QR code displayed on your device.

Additionally, you can review your order before the payment is completed to confirm the transaction.

Apart from making the payment and checkout process easier, Kroger Pay ensures that your loyalty information is well secured and that you can accrue loyalty points.

Is Kroger Pay Safe?

Kroger Pay is a safe payment method for shopping because it does not store the customers’ card information on a mobile device.

In addition, the untokenized card information will not be shared with the store during checkout.

Put differently, Kroger securely stores this payment information and does not share the card details.

Furthermore, there’s an added layer of security because the customer needs to authenticate the PIN or biometrics before the QR code is generated.

Is Kroger Pay Compatible With All Mobile Devices?

Is Kroger Pay Compatible With All Mobile Devices?

Kroger Pay is usually available through the Kroger app, and to use this app, you need to have a mobile device that’s compatible with the service.

To know whether Kroger Pay will work, you’ll need to check whether the Kroger app is available for your phone on the App Store and Google Play Store.

What Payment Methods Can You Add To Kroger Pay?

To purchase items using Kroger Pay, you have to add a payment method; you can use any credit card, debit card, prepaid card, and Kroger Rewards Debit Card.

Do Customers Earn Loyalty Points When They Use Kroger Pay?

According to the Kroger website, customers can accrue loyalty points and benefits when using Kroger Pay to purchase items.

Additionally, if the customer uses a Kroger Rewards debit or credit card with a mark from the Kroger family, they earn additional loyalty benefits.

Further, some rewards include fuel points that enable customers to purchase fuel from Kroger stores. On top of that, you can earn discounts on some products.

When you need to redeem fuel rewards, you can scan the loyalty card and use your ID details at the pump.

Will You Be Charged To Use Kroger Pay?

Fortunately, Kroger and its affiliates will not charge you fees to use its mobile payment platform.

However, your mobile carrier might charge you some data fees when you use Kroger Pay based on your agreement with the issuer of the payment cards.

Naturally, customers are responsible for paying charges or fees required by the mobile carrier or payment card issuer.

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Kroger Pay is a contact-free and safe way for customers to pay and save using a mobile device, usually available at participating locations within the Kroger family of companies.

If you have Kroger Pay, you can use it in participating in-store locations in the U.S. Also, setting it up is pretty straightforward, and customer payment information is secure.

In addition, customers earn loyalty points when they shop using Kroger Pay in participating locations.

While the platform is free, customers might incur fees from their mobile carrier or issuer of the payment card.

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