What Is Lidl? (What Is It Known For, How Is It Different, Type Of Store + More)

There’s been an increased emphasis on budgeting and getting the best value for your money in recent years. People love a bargain, and for this reason, Lidl has taken the world by storm. With around 11,550 stores worldwide, Lidl has had a massive impact on the food retailer’s market.

Are you looking to switch up where you do your weekly shopping? Or maybe you’re running on a budget this month? I’ve done the research to tell you everything you need to know about Lidl!

What Is Lidl In 2024?

Lidl is a German-born discount retailer specializing in not only food products but also homeware and clothing as of 2024. With thousands of stores worldwide, Lidl has become one of the leading discount food retailers. That said, you can find Lidl in around 30 countries, with most of those in Europe.

Are you still interested in what Lidl has to offer? Keep reading to find out if Lidl could be your new favorite store!

What Is Lidl Known For?

Lidl is known for its high-quality products at the lowest possible price.

That said, with grocery products ranging from fresh fruit and vegetables to meat and an in-store bakery, Lidl customers can get all they need at one shop.

Also, Lidl has recently jumped on the trend of sustainable shopping, incorporating more paper bags for shoppers and taking to environmentally friendly means of production.

Moreover, Lidl takes care of its employees, as it realizes that a happy workforce is vital for a well-run business.

Is Lidl The Same As Aldi?

No, Lidl and Aldi are not the same. With that, the confusion arises as Aldi split into two companies owned by two brothers.

Therefore, people usually assume one of these brothers owns Lidl. So, while Lidl and Aldi are both German stores, they’re not connected.

Further, Lidl was formed much later than Aldi and follows a very similar concept. However, Lidl has more promotional offers than its discount counterpart Aldi.

Additionally, Lidl is a lot newer to the US market than Aldi is.

What Makes Lidl Unique?

Lidl is a very forward-thinking and fast-paced retailer. That said, it keeps up with the trends while creating its own movements.

Further, with most of its products being its own brand, it can keep costs low for customers.

Also, Lidl’s special buys section offers different promotional products for consumers and is perfect for bulk buying meats, fish, or feeding a large family.

On top of that, you can find bakeries in each store, along with fresh flowers, clothing, and homeware.

With that, this makes the company an excellent competitor to other food stores that may not sell these products.

Moreover, the stores are generally very small, making for a quick shopping experience, perfect for those leading busy lives.

How Many Lidl Stores Are There?

How Many Lidl Stores Are There?

Lidl boasts of having a significant growth rate internationally.

So, with approximately 11,550 stores in around 30 countries, including Europe and the US, Lidl is quick to snatch up gaps in the food retail market.

In the United States, Lidl has about 300 stores, which is a lot lower than other competitors, yet people love the German store as it brings a very European feel.

When Was Lidl Founded?

Lidl was originally founded in 1973 by Josef Schwarz, with the main headquarters beginning in Neckarsulm in Germany. Then, the company only began to grow from there.

That said, the first US store opened its doors in 2017 in Virginia and has rapidly increased its number of stores across the country.

Moreover, Lidl is one of the most recent European food retailers to branch out into the US, but it’s certainly not finished yet, as it has big plans for expansion in the coming years.

What Type Of Store Is Lidl?

Lidl is a chain of grocery stores that has been quickly expanding over the last 40 years.

What Does Lidl Sell?

From fresh fruit to freshly baked bread, Lidl sells it all. With that, Lidl is a store where you can find practically everything.

Also, don’t be put off by the low prices of produce in Lidl; they’re as good as the next guys for providing high quality, fresh fruit and veggies, as well as locally sourced meat and fish.

Further, its award-winning meat brands and amazing bakery selections are something to shout about, especially when considering the lower-than-average prices.

Is Lidl Vegan Friendly?

Yes, Lidl has recently launched a new vegan range, and unlike other vegan products, these won’t cost you a fortune.

Being a brand about sustainability and helping the planet, Lidl has realized the importance of offering vegan options.

Further, this means that its new vegan products are incredibly inclusive, offer lots of options for fellow vegans.

With prices starting low, it gives customers a chance to budget and make the most of plant-based products.

Also, this is immensely forward-thinking and something that other stores should provide for those against eating animal-based products.

Is Lidl’s Food Healthy?

In an age when obesity is on the rise, it’s more important than ever to trade in your favorite products for a healthier and equally as tasty option.

Fortunately, Lidl has recently pledged to make its food as healthy as possible with promises to increase the amount of fresh produce sold in stores.

Also, it aims to have 85% of all sales on healthy or healthier products.

Therefore, in an industry where sugary products sell better than any other food item, Lidl goes against the norm to make a healthier future.

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Lidl is a forward-thinking grocery retailer that also stocks clothing and homeware products.

That said, its US customers enjoy the experience of shopping European-style and the wide variety of fresh produce it offers.

As a discount retailer, you would think that Lidl lacks quality, yet with Lidl’s own brand filling the shelves, it keeps costs low and the quality high.

Finally, Lidl is incredibly inclusive of all dietary requirements, as it provides several affordable vegan options.

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