What Is Prime Wardrobe? (How It Works, Return Policy + More)

Shopping for a new wardrobe used to be something you only did at the mall, but nowadays, you can do it online with major retailers like Amazon.

If you like shopping for clothes on Amazon, then you may be wondering: what is Prime Wardrobe? If you’d like to learn more, continue reading to see what I discovered!

What Is Prime Wardrobe In [currentyear]?

Amazon Prime Wardrobe is a popular option for shoppers who want to order clothes online and try them on before buying. Prime members can use this service to order three to eight eligible items to be delivered directly to their door. Shoppers have seven days to try the clothes on and decide what to keep and return in [currentyear].

If you are interested in learning more about Amazon Prime Wardrobe, such as how it works and what you can buy, keep reading for all the details!

How Does Prime Wardrobe Work?

As the “try before you buy” concept continues to grow, Amazon is making the most of it with Prime Wardrobe, which is easy to use and free for members.

Amazon sells millions of clothing items, both those fulfilled by Amazon and sold on Marketplace.

Prime Wardrobe is a curated collection of these items that are available for direct delivery and try-ons, exclusive to Prime members.

In other words, Prime Wardrobe is essentially Amazon’s answer to trying clothes on in a traditional fitting room, which helps people shop comfortably for clothes online.

With Prime Wardrobe, shoppers can order staples like dresses, t-shirts, and sweatpants in the comfort of home and only pay for items they keep.

Prime Wardrobe includes popular pieces for women, men, kids, and babies, as well as shoes and accessories, so you can order clothes for the whole family.

Amazon has designed Prime Wardrobe to keep customers coming back for more, and here’s some additional information about how the process works:

  1. First, make sure you’re logged into your active Prime account so you can view eligible Prime Wardrobe items.
  2. Browse Amazon’s vast selection by typing in keywords like “long sweater” or “jean shorts” in the search bar.
  3. Select Prime Wardrobe under filters on the far left side of the screen to only bring up eligible items.
  4. If you prefer to browse all eligible clothing items in one place, go to the Prime Wardrobe home page instead, as it has curated filters based on the latest trends, including popular and premium brands.
  5. Add eligible items to your cart (at least three and up to eight) and proceed to checkout to confirm your Prime Wardrobe delivery and try-on.
  6. Track your direct delivery the same as you would with any other Prime package, and follow the instructions for returning items you don’t want.

Remember that you have seven full days to try everything on once your package arrives, and then you must send back what you don’t want.

Amazon only charges you for the items you keep, and there’s no fee to actually use the Prime Wardrobe service apart from your standard Prime membership fee.

Additionally, note that Amazon charges for whatever items you still have when the seven days end at 11:59 p.m. local time.

What Is Prime Wardrobe Vs Personal Shopper?

What Is Prime Wardrobe Vs. Personal Shopper? Amazon

While Prime Wardrobe is free with your Prime membership, there is an add-on service called Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe.

Personal Shopper has a monthly fee of $4.99 a month, which connects customers with expert stylists who handle the clothing shopping based on someone’s personal style and special requests.

If you’re a bit overwhelmed by the hundreds, if not thousands, of clothing items available on Amazon, then Personal Shopper could help you out. Here’s how it all works:

  1. Personal Shopper works the same as Prime Wardrobe, with customers choosing 3-8 clothing items to try on before keeping or sending back. The return policy is the same for both, and the only difference is that Personal Shopper has a more tailored styling experience.
  2. Shoppers create a profile and fill out a short survey for Amazon stylists, giving these fashion pros more information about their personal style preferences, sizing, and budget.
  3. Customers may also give their stylist specific requests, such as every style lineup should include a new pair of shoes or jeans from a certain brand.
  4. Prime members can preview the stylist picks and select up to eight items for the seven-day try-on, keeping what they’d like and returning anything else.

Keep in mind the Personal Shopper monthly service can be canceled at any time.

How Do I Return Prime Wardrobe Items?

The Prime Wardrobe return policy allows for free returns within the seven-day trial period, which starts when the full order arrives, typically in 4-6 business days.

Keep in mind that sometimes all Prime Wardrobe items arrive at the same time, otherwise, the shipments may be split up. Once you get the last box, you can make final picks within your account orders.

All you have to do is choose the items to keep and return, and then use the provided return sticker and drop the box off at your nearest UPS.

Even if the items were first shipped in multiple packages, you can use any of the return labels to send back the extra clothing items.

Remember, Amazon Prime Wardrobe items need to be in their original packaging to be accepted for returns.

The clothing must be unwashed, unused, and undamaged with tags on, meaning you can’t wear it out on the town and then try and return it for free.

Even with the Prime Wardrobe return policy, you can still return items for a refund after the try-on period ends, as long as it’s within 30 days.

What Can You Buy on Prime Wardrobe?

The list of fashion brands on Amazon continues to grow, giving Prime Wardrobe members a vast array of stylish pieces to choose from.

Prime Wardrobe gives Prime members the chance to try on featured brands, including AIX Armani, Alex and Ani, Calvin Klein, J Brand, Levi’s, Lucky Brand, Theory, and more.

What’s interesting about this service is that both small labels, national names, and everything in between are covered on Prime Wardrobe, so prices range from extremely affordable to expensive in-demand designers.

Current trends and seasonal releases play a role in what’s featured on Prime Wardrobe too, as Amazon highlights different brands and clothing items.

One good example is Daily Ritual, an Amazon brand with an “Elevate Your Everyday” page that links to closet staples on Prime Wardrobe.

Of course, the best way to see what you can buy on Prime Wardrobe is to look for yourself using the Prime filter on the search function.

Rest assured, Amazon is regularly updating its Prime Wardrobe catalog, and all its available fashions in general.

Therefore, shoppers always have a wide range of looks to choose from.

What Are the Perks of Amazon Prime Wardrobe?

Amazon is a name recognized around the world, so many of the most beloved fashion brands are teaming up to offer their styles online, including through Prime Wardrobe.

Let’s wrap up by taking a look at the biggest benefits of Prime Wardrobe:

  • It’s convenient – no more going to the mall and struggling to find what you’re looking for. You can use Amazon’s advanced search features to find the styles you want to try on at home.
  • Amazon has additional fashion solutions to help with your Prime Wardrobe experience, such as Personal Shopper, where you get a dedicated stylist or StyleSnap AI to use a photo or screenshot to find certain styles.
  • Unlike many other subscription services, Prime Wardrobe is free of fees or commitment- all you have to pay for is the clothes you keep. There are no upfront payments either, minimizing the need for refunds, as you’ll only be charged for what you really want to keep.

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Prime Wardrobe is a program that lets shoppers choose from three to eight clothing items for free delivery and a full seven days to try the items on at home. Shoppers can return whatever they don’t want and will only be charged for the items they keep.

The service itself is free as part of a Prime membership – the only cost associated with Prime Wardrobe is the actual price of the clothing.

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