What Is Samsung One Connect? (All You Need To Know)

In their bid to get their products to appeal to more customers over their competitors, electronics manufacturers bundle certain items in. One such item that comes with some of Samsung’s TVs is One Connect. 

So, if you’re looking to find out what the One Connect box actually is, here’s a comprehensive guide to help out!

What Is Samsung One Connect?

Samsung One Connect is a separate device that acts as a hub for all the ports for more effective cable management. It has the standard ports such as HDMI and USB, and it connects to the display through one cable that’s responsible for both data and power. As of now, it’s only limited to higher-end TV models.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Samsung One Connect, including how it works, what TVs come with it, and more!

What Are the Dimensions of the Samsung One Connect Box?

Samsung One Connect boxes come in different dimensions, measured by width, depth and height in millimeters, as follows:

  1. 2021 for 8K TV – 330 x 310 x 45
  2. 2021 for The Frame – 350 x 150 x 68
  3. 2020 – 390 x 140 x 67
  4. 2019 – 390 x 140 x 67
  5. 2019 for 8K TV – 394 x 177 x 80
  6. 2018 – 390 x 130 x 70
  7. 2017 – 360 x 115 x 30
  8. 2017 Mini – 204 x 70 x 22
  9. 2016 Mini – 205 x 70 x 23
  10. 2015 Mini – 205 x 70 x 23

Does the Samsung One Connect Box Come With the TV?

Samsung’s One Connect box comes with a TV if it’s designed to use it. This is why the units that use it are the ones people would be paying higher prices for anyway.

What Size Conduit Do I Need for the Samsung One Connect Cable?

Based on the size of the plugs, we’d recommend you get a 40 mm conduit, preferably one that’s as straight as possible, for the Samsung One Connect cable.

Getting one in this size means you’ll be able to fit the whole thing through without getting it stuck or having to remove the shielding around any of the plugs.

If you can’t find one, a 32 mm conduit could work, but you’ll need to be slow because it might not go through smoothly.

So, unless you’re using a 40 mm conduit or wider, we recommend contacting a specialist to handle it for you.

How Do I Connect My Samsung One Connect?

To connect your Samsung One Connect box, follow these steps:

  1. Find the larger plug on the One Cable, which should be marked TV and plug it into the display. Ensure the “TV” marking is facing you when doing this and push it until you hear a click sound
  2. Insert the cable management clips provided to hold it in place
  3. Run the cable through one of the two raceways on the surface depending on what side the box is on
  4. Plug the other end of the cable into the box – the port for this should be the first one on the right and will be marked “One Connect”
  5. Plug the box into a power outlet via the provided AC cable

When you finish setting it up, you should be able to use the TV; because it depends on the box for both power and input, you only need the one cable running from the display.

You should avoid bending the cable at certain angles, as it’s not designed to withstand certain pressures.

It’s built to be small and unintrusive, hence why it’s almost transparent, so it’s not as strong as traditional cables.

Unfortunately, the cable that comes with the TV isn’t wall rated, meaning it’s not safe to run inside walls because it’s a fire hazard.

So, if you want to run the cable through the wall, you’ll need to buy another one; these will also usually be longer, at up to 50 feet.

What Does Samsung One Connect Do?

What Does Samsung One Connect Do?

Samsung One Connect hides cables so that a TV can have a cleaner setup, especially when it’s mounted on the wall.

It works like a hub with the following ports:

  1. Power
  2. Antenna In
  3. Service
  4. HDMI
  5. USB
  6. Ethernet

Older models might come with more ports, such as Digital Audio and IR, but the ones listed above should be present on even most of the new ones.

Does Samsung Still Use One Connect?

Samsung still uses One Connect but only on the most expensive models, which also tend to be larger, at least 65 inches.

In 2020, fewer models than in the previous year (11 vs 14) were shipped with the box, leading to speculation that the company was moving towards discontinuing it.

At the time, the company stated that it was hesitant to pursue it because it was expensive both to manufacture and for the customers.

However, it made a return the following year on 13 models, 5 of which were part of The Frame lineup.

Because they were being marketed as a way to use a display as an art piece more than a TV, it made sense to have a more effective way of hiding the cables.

What TVs Have Samsung One Connect?

In our research, we found that the TVs which have Samsung One Connect are usually the most expensive models.

For example, the ones that got it during the latest generation were the Neo 8K QLED and The Frame models, all of which cost thousands of dollars.

Can I Bypass the Samsung One Connect Box?

Unfortunately, you can’t bypass the Samsung One Connect box on a TV that came with it.

This is because most of its components, including power supply, are on the unit, so it can’t work without it.

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Samsung One Connect is a device that moves most of a TV’s components onto a separate unit for cleaner, cable-free setups, especially when they’re wall-mounted.

However, note that One Connect comes with a cable that isn’t wall rated, so you’ll need to buy another one that isn’t a fire hazard or run it through a conduit, ideally a 40-mm one.

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