What Is Samsung Upgrade? (All You Need to Know)

Being able to get the latest version of a smartphone with minimal hassle is the key principle behind major upgrade programs.

Well, Samsung Upgrade is the company’s program for this, so if you’re interested in getting a new device through it, keep reading to learn more!

What Is Samsung Upgrade?

Samsung Upgrade is a program that sends you a newer device if you previously bought one directly from Samsung. You’ll need to wait until you’ve had the first device for at least 12 months before you’re eligible for an upgrade in [currentyear]. You have the option to return the older device for credit or keep both and continue making payments.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Samsung Upgrade, including how it works, when you should get a new device, and more!

How Can I Check for Samsung Upgrade?

You used to be able to check for Samsung Upgrade via the website, but the option seems to have been taken down.

We went through an older version of the site from 2020 and it used to have two buttons when you opened it: one to enroll and another one to check whether you were eligible.

How Does Samsung Upgrade Work?

Samsung Upgrade works under the following general guidelines:

  1. You’re eligible for an upgrade after exactly 12 months
  2. You’re only eligible for an upgrade if you bought a qualifying device and opted into the program at the time, with an approved Samsung Financing account
  3. You can only upgrade to eligible models that the company changes from time to time depending on what it’s trying to promote
  4. Your Samsung Financing account must be open and in good standing
  5. You can turn in the older phone for credit of up to 50%
  6. You can keep the older phone and still get the upgrade but you’ll need to keep making payments on both
  7. If you return the phone, it will need to be in good condition, meeting requirements we’ll list later on in this section
  8. If you return the old phone, you don’t need to send in other components such as the charger or box
  9. If you return the old phone, you’ll need to wipe it beforehand
  10. You can’t combine the Upgrade program with other discounts, offers, or promotions, unless it’s explicitly stated that you can do so
  11. You’re not allowed to resell the device you upgrade to
  12. You should be at least 18 years old to participate

If you choose to send back the old device for an upgrade, it will need to meet the following requirements:

  1. It should be able to hold a charge
  2. It should have a functioning display with no pixelation or black marks
  3. It shouldn’t have any physical defects like cracks and dents that go beyond normal wear and tear
  4. It shouldn’t be on any blacklists, e.g. because it was reported stolen

These requirements are similar to the ones in the Samsung Trade-In program, so you can compare the two to have a better chance at success with your upgrade.

When you get the new device, you’ll also receive a shipping label that you can use to send in the older one, just like you would with a trade-in.

How Do I Claim My Samsung Upgrade?

How Do I Claim My Samsung Upgrade?

You can claim your Samsung Upgrade via the website if you can find it with the options to do so still available.

As of now, the options aren’t there and seem to have been removed a while ago.

If you still can’t find it, you could look into other similar programs, such as Samsung’s own trade-in system.

It works similarly to the upgrade program, but you’ll have to send in the old device and have it assessed to determine how much credit you can get.

Luckily, it doesn’t require that the phone come from Samsung; you’re allowed to send in devices from Apple, Google, Motorola, OnePlus, and more.

When Should I Upgrade My Samsung Phone?

You should upgrade your Samsung phone if you notice the following issues:

  1. It’s slowed down significantly since you got it and the usual fixes like clearing the cache or uninstalling apps don’t work
  2. It’s no longer supported via software or security updates
  3. Certain components aren’t as strong as they used to be, e.g. the battery drains faster than it did when it was new
  4. It turns off and on by itself

With some of these issues, it might be harder to go through the Samsung Upgrade program if you’re looking to get credit.

However, with the 12-month requirement, the program is intended for people looking to go from one relatively new device to another one.

This means that, when upgrading your phone through the program, you’re likely doing it because you want the latest model and not because your current one is already failing.

Is Samsung Upgrade a Good Deal?

Whether Samsung Upgrade is a good deal depends on what you’re looking for and what you currently have, i.e. device and budget.

If your current device works fine but you want to get a newer model, Upgrade is a good deal because you can get credit if you trade it in.

With payments spread out over 24 months and a potential 0% annual interest rate for some people, the overall cost of upgrading to a new device becomes more manageable.

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Samsung Upgrade is a program that allows you to get a new Galaxy device if you bought your older one straight from the company. You can send back the old one and get up to 50% credit depending on what condition it’s in or keep it and continue making payments on both devices.

If you’re sending in the older phone, it needs to be in good condition, meaning it should still hold  charge, have a fully functioning display, and not have any physical defects beyond normal wear and tear.

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