What Is Samsung Print Service Plugin? (All You Need to Know)

Smartphones have become the primary mode of storing, sending, and receiving information, including items such as documents, web pages, images, and more.

Inevitably, many people will need to print something out from their phone. Samsung Print Service Plugin is one app that looks to address this, which we’ll discuss below!

What Is the Samsung Print Service Plugin?

The Samsung Print Service Plugin gives your Galaxy device instructions to connect with wireless printers in [currentyear]. It’s made by HP and is one of several print service plugins available for mobile devices. When you install it, you can’t access it like a regular app afterwards because it’s meant to work in the background and facilitate processes related to printing.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the Samsung Print Service Plugin, including how to use it, some of its alternatives, and more!

What Printers Are Compatible With the Samsung Print Service Plugin? 

The Samsung Print Service Plugin is compatible with printers from the following manufacturers:

  1. HP
  2. Canon
  3. Samsung
  4. Toshiba
  5. Sharp
  6. Brother
  7. Kyocera
  8. Konica Minolta
  9. Dell
  10. Fuji Xerox
  11. Epson
  12. Lexmark
  13. Pantum
  14. Ricoh

Even in these brands, only certain models are supported, so you’ll have better luck when using a newer one that supports Wi-Fi.

However, you could also use certain older models if you connect your Galaxy device to it via USB OTG.

What Does the Samsung Print Service Plugin Do?

The Samsung Print Service Plugin introduces the Mopria standards and technology to allow a device to communicate with wireless printers more effectively.

In 2013, Samsung, HP, Xerox, and Canon got together to form the Mopria Alliance for this purpose.

Nowadays, the Mopria has grown to be available on over 6,000 printer models from even more manufacturers today.

It works similarly to drivers on desktop computers, only with a standardized protocol that supports models from several manufacturers.

How Can I Add a Printer to My Samsung Print Service?

To add a printer to your Samsung Print Service, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to “Printing.” Depending on what version of Android you’re running, you might need to go to “Advanced settings” first before you see “Printing”
  3. Tap “Samsung Print Service Plugin”
  4. Open the menu and select “Add printer”
  5. Follow the prompts and enter the information requested to complete the process

As well, you can use a cabled connection if you have an older printer after installing the service. 

Turn the printer on and connect it via USB OTG and wait for a prompt that asks if you want to use the plugin to operate the printer.

How Do I Use the Samsung Print Service?

How Do I Use the Samsung Print Service?

To use the Samsung Print Service, you can follow the usual procedure you use to print items from your device because all it does is allow you to connect to printers more easily.

Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that both your device and printer are on the same Wi-Fi network if you’re printing wirelessly.

Can I Print Text Messages With Samsung Print Service?

You can print text messages with the Samsung Print Service, but you’ll need to start by taking a screenshot of them and then printing the image.

There are other ways to print text messages from a Samsung phone, but most of them involve third party applications.

Many of them go through the texts and save them in a different format such as HTML or as a spreadsheet then print them from there.

As of now, taking and printing screenshots is the easiest and most reliable method because it doesn’t require you to set up multiple other aspects.

Do I Need the Samsung Print Service Plugin?

You don’t need the Samsung Print Service Plugin if you’re on a newer device because they come with the necessary protocols already installed.

As we’ve mentioned already, the plugin introduces the Mopria protocols, which Samsung had a hand in developing.

Now, it bypasses the need to install it by shipping devices that have native support for it built right in.

You can print directly by opening the item, hitting the “Share” icon then going to “Print” and following the prompts to locate the printer and complete the process.

As was the case with the plugin, you’ll still need to ensure that your device and the printer are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Can I Delete the Samsung Print Service Plugin?

You can delete the Samsung Print Service Plugin if it didn’t come preloaded on your device and you installed it yourself.

For certain models such as the Galaxy S4 to S7, it came preinstalled, meaning that you couldn’t delete it.

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The Samsung Print Service Plugin is an app that allows Galaxy devices to connect to wireless printers if they’re on the same Wi-Fi network.

It works by introducing certain protocols to older devices, but it’s not necessary on newer models because they ship with native support.

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