What Is Uber for Business? (All You Need to Know)

In the years since its introduction, Uber has launched several products separate from its main service targeted at different audiences.

In fact, for corporate clients, the company is pushing Uber for Business. So, if you’re interested in learning more before signing up, read on for more facts!

What Is Uber for Business in [currentyear]?

Uber for Business is a platform for companies to access rides, food, and local package delivery under one account in [currentyear]. Companies can use an Uber for Business account to allow employees to access and expense job-related rides. Employees can also receive subsidized work commute rides on Uber for Business. With Uber Eats integration, Uber for Business provides in-office meals.

To find out everything you need to know about Uber for Business, including what you get with it, how its different services work, and more, keep reading!

How Does Uber Eats for Business Work?

Uber Eats for Business works by providing the option to add employees to the company’s account so they can order food while at the office or during work-related trips and meetings.

It is also used to provide catering for the whole office team for things like work lunches and dinner programs.

When the company creates an account, it adds a payment option in the form of a corporate card where everything is charged.

All transactions are logged and available for review to make for easier expense tracking without having to go through physical receipts.

How Does Uber Package Delivery for Businesses Work?

Uber package delivery for businesses works by allowing companies to request shipping via the app.

It’s similar to Uber Connect in that it’s local, provides same-day delivery, and is on-demand, but it’s provided for corporate clients.

Since the couriers use mid-size vehicles and bikes, this solution is intended for smaller packages.

Companies can use this service to get packages out to their customers and also transport items to and from their suppliers and other locations.

What Is a Business Ride On Uber?

A business ride on Uber means that it will be charged to the corporate account you’re linked to with a receipt sent to whoever’s tracking them for reimbursement.

Employees can access these from the regular app by selecting their company’s Uber for Business profile from the payment options.

This ensures that these kinds of trips are separated from their personal rides and are reported to their company so they don’t need to keep a receipt.

Does Uber Charge More for Business?

Does Uber Charge More for Business?

Uber charges the same rates, regardless of whether customers are using personal or business profiles.

This is intended to prevent favoritism for one over the other.

How Do I Set up an Uber Business Account?

To set up an Uber for Business account, follow these steps:

  1. Visit business.uber.com and sign up by providing your name and the company’s, as well as the team’s size and an optional phone number
  2. Enter the details of the employees that are covered under your company’s account. When you do this, they’ll receive a notification via email
  3. Set the parameters for how the employees can use the account. For example, you can set the time and locations to business hours and in the office, or you can give them unlimited access
  4. Wait for the employees to set up their profiles to complete the process

When the employees set up their accounts, they can access the services by switching to a business profile on Uber’s apps.

What Are the Benefits of Uber for Business?

According to Uber, some of the benefits of Uber for Business include the following:

  1. It saves time and costs on business tasks, such as budgeting and expense tracking
  2. It simplifies meals, work trips, and rewards for employees so they can stay engaged and motivated
  3. It enhances control, visibility, and efficiency for the company’s overhead
  4. It provides scheduled and on-demand work rides, and meal and item delivery
  5. It improves sales and marketing pushes with incentives and rewards

Uber also looks at potential use cases for different company personnel. HR managers can use Uber for Business to do the following:

  1. Manage the company’s dinner program
  2. Cover the costs of rides and meals as rewards for employee performance
  3. Create and contribute to an employee commute program
  4. Introduce team lunches

Marketing managers can use the program to do the following:

  1. Send promo items out to influencers
  2. Execute important events and provide food via Eats
  3. Pay for rides to and from events for important guests
  4. Send out gift cards and other incentives to promote marketing campaigns

Travel managers can use the program to do the following:

  1. Implement travel and food budgets
  2. Provide rides for employees heading to conferences and other work-related events
  3. Provide travel to and from the airport in advance
  4. Track transport and food expenses on a business trip

Should I Open a Business Account for Uber?

Whether you should open a business account for Uber depends on your needs and the size of your company.

On the signup page, Uber lets companies state the size of their teams, from just one to over 5,000, meaning it’s intended for companies of all sizes.

If you’re struggling to keep track of business expenses like trips and meals, Uber for Business might be a suitable option.

Uber’s package delivery for businesses is also simpler to use than traditional options because it allows for same-day delivery with real-time tracking and no postage required.

If your company still hasn’t developed its own courier network and doesn’t have the resources to dedicate to exploring other alternatives, Uber for Business could be an ideal choice.

If you’re an employee in a company that’s using Uber for Business, we recommend setting up an account so that you’re not manually tracking receipts.

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Uber for Business is a program that lets companies set up an account from which they can access rides, food, and local package delivery.

An Uber for Business account also lets you add employees that are covered for the services, allowing them to track business expenses from the app.

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