What Is Uber Pool? (All You Need to Know)

Uber is constantly updating its ride options to provide more variety in response to changing user needs.

One of the most notable ride types is UberPool. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear how it works, which is why we’ve come up with this in-depth guide, so keep reading!

What Is UberPool in 2024?

UberPool is a ride type that matches passengers heading in a similar direction and provides them with shared trips at a lower rate. UberPool was shut down but is now being relaunched as UberX Share in 2024. UberPool allows for a maximum of 2 passengers per ride request and doesn’t have a lot of flexibility in pickup and dropoff locations.

Find out everything you need to know about UberPool, including how it works, its shut-down and subsequent relaunch, and more below!

Why Did UberPool Go Away?

UberPool went away in early 2020 to make it easier to enforce social distancing guidelines in rides.

Lyft also suspended its shared ride option around the same time for the same reason.

UberPool relaunched in late 2021 as UberX Share because the prices on the platform were high, and this was a strategy to get customers back using affordability.

How Does UberPool Work?

UberPool works by allowing drivers to pick up different passengers on the same run even when they have different destinations.

Riders are matched with drivers if they’re going in the same direction, so everybody inside the car is going along one route.

To make this easier, pickup and dropoff locations are usually set along the route, so drivers don’t have to deviate too much.

As a result, passengers don’t have as much flexibility regarding where they can be picked up or dropped off, so they’ll have to walk to and/or from the car.

As well, passengers don’t have the option to change their dropoff locations once they’ve requested the ride.

Those who get in first don’t have to be the first to get dropped off, and it’s common for them to watch others get in and leave before they get to their destination.

Drivers will continue to get requests for UberPool rides while there are other people in the car, as long as there’s seating still available.

Since longer delays would be more of an inconvenience than usual, UberPool drivers are told to wait only 2 minutes before canceling the ride and charging you the cancellation fee.

Can You Do UberPool With More Than One Person?

Unfortunately, you can’t do UberPool with more than one person because the option is limited to two people per request.

Uber tells drivers to do headcounts for each UberPool pickup and, if there are three or more people, cancel the ride and direct them towards another option like UberX.

However, UberPool can pick up only one person per request, which could result in a situation where the car is full, but none of the people on the ride know each other.

What Kind of Car Is UberPool?

What Kind of Car Is UberPool?

UberPool uses the same cars as UberX, meaning they’re vehicles with four doors and can carry up to 4 riders at once.

Because Pool allows for a maximum of 2 riders per request, this capacity works out evenly.

For this reason, UberPool is open to UberX drivers who can toggle between the two ride types whenever they want to opt-out.

It’s also given as an option to people requesting UberX for themselves or when riding with one other person.

How Much Cheaper Is UberPool?

UberPool is 25% cheaper than UberX because passengers are sharing rides, making it the most affordable ride type in the country.

What Is the Difference Between UberX and UberPool?

UberPool is a shared ride option, while UberX is the standard ride type available on the platform.

Despite using the same cars and drivers, UberPool only allows you to bring one other person on a trip, whereas UberX allows for up to 4 passengers per request at no extra cost.

What Is the Difference Between UberPool and UberXL?

UberPool is a shared ride, whereas UberXL is closer to regular rides where it’s one request per trip.

UberXL also focuses on higher capacity vehicles like minivans and SUVs for more passengers and luggage, while UberPool drivers can use regular vehicles.

XL allows for up to 6 passengers per request, while UberPool only allows for a maximum of 2, no matter the size of the car.

Does UberPool Pay More?

UberPool pays more when the driver provides matched trips, i.e., ones where there are riders from multiple requests.

Is UberPool Worth It for Drivers?

Whether UberPool is worth it for you as a driver is relative, but we’ve found several reports from drivers who say it isn’t for different reasons.

For starters, it requires more effort because drivers might not get breaks in between rides and have to keep an eye on requests during active trips.

It also pays more, but the difference reportedly isn’t substantial and only applies if you provide matched rides.

UberPool also puts drivers in situations where riders are more likely to be unsatisfied but blame it on them, threatening their rating or acceptance rates.

Examples of this include having to walk to or from the car and being on a ride with other unpleasant passengers.

Some passengers might also not know how UberPool works, and they only picked it because it was the cheapest option.

Therefore, they think that the decision to have other passengers on the ride is the driver trying to game the system.

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UberPool is a shared ride type that matches riders and drivers heading in the same direction. It was shut down in early 2020 but relaunched in late 2021 as UberX Share.

UberPool allows for 1 to 2 passengers per request and uses regular Ubers, meaning it can take up to 4 riders at once. UberPool’s rates are 25% lower than UberX and drivers earn more for completing matched trips.

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