What Is Verizon Mobile Secure? (All You Need To Know)

You probably know that Verizon offers insurance for your mobile device, but did you know Verizon also offers other services such as Mobile Secure?

Are you asking, what is Verizon Mobile Secure? and is it worth getting for your device? I’ve been researching this topic, so keep reading to learn what I’ve discovered!

What Is Verizon Mobile Secure In 2024?

Verizon Mobile Secure is all of the support you’ll ever need for your mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, as of 2024. For example, you will get same-day setup and delivery of devices, tech support 24/7, privacy features, and security features to keep your devices running and your identity protected!

Do you want to know additional details about Verizon Mobile Secure, including how much it will cost per month? If so, read further to learn all about it and determine whether it’s right for you!

What Does Verizon Mobile Secure Do?

Verizon Mobile Secure protects your smartphone and other devices, and you also have same-day delivery and setup of your devices if you purchase them from the Verizon website.

Additionally, you will get a lot of security and protection with Verizon Mobile Secure, including:

  • Identity Theft Monitoring
  • Block ability of robocalls using Call Filter
  • Full features of the Digital Secure app when downloaded such as malware and antivirus protection, network threats, protection from malicious websites
  • Secure Wi-Fi
  • 24/7 security advisors to assist you in setting up and optimizing the privacy and security tools
  • 24/7 tech coach that will allow you to optimize and connect your devices quickly
  • Unlimited refresh of devices which allows you to deep clean them and improve the battery life, speed, and performance of your devices

How Much Is Verizon Mobile Secure?

Verizon Mobile Secure is free and included in Verizon Mobile Protect or Verizon Mobile Protect Multi-Device.

However, you also can purchase Verizon Mobile Secure or Mobile Secure Multi-Device any time you want without Mobile Protect if you pay the following prices:

  • Mobile Secure: $5.60 per line
  • Mobile Secure Multi-Device: $15.35 per month

What Is Verizon Mobile Secure Multi-Device?

Verizon Mobile Secure Multi-Device is meant for any Verizon customer with three or more eligible lines and devices they would like to secure.

Furthermore, the Mobile Secure Multi-Device option will work with up to ten devices to protect your entire family, whereas Mobile Secure is just meant for a single line.

How Do You Enroll In Verizon Mobile Secure?

If you’d like to enroll in Verizon Mobile Secure, you can go into your My Verizon account and select it from the “Add-Ons and Apps” section of the app or website.

Additionally, you can contact Verizon Wireless if you’d like to add Mobile Secure to your account, but going online through My Verizon is much easier and quicker!

However, if you have Verizon Mobile Protect, you do not need to enroll in Mobile Secure since it’s included free with the purchase.

Is Verizon Digital Secure Useful?

Verizon Digital Secure is one of the apps that you can download onto your device if you’ve signed up for Verizon Mobile Secure, but Google reviews show it’s not that useful.

For example, it’s challenging for you to select the correct permissions needed for the app to run properly, which seems to be an issue Verizon hasn’t fixed even after multiple complaints.

Additionally, the Safe WiFi feature seems to turn itself off automatically, so you have to check it and turn it back on constantly, and scans don’t work correctly.

However, some users find it helpful and believe it helps them since you can schedule scans or run them anytime you want and are alerted to any potential problems.

How Do I Get Rid Of Verizon Digital Secure?

How Do I Get Rid Of Verizon Digital Secure?

If you’d like to get rid of Verizon Digital Secure, just follow the steps below if you’re using the My Verizon app:

  • Open the My Verizon app
  • Click on the Menu
  • Select “Account”
  • Select “Add-Ons”
  • Select “Manage” by Digital Secure
  • Select “Remove Digital Secure” from the line you want to remove it from
  • Click “Next” and then “Continue”
  • Agree to “I Accept The Terms & Conditions”
  • Select “Confirm”

Additionally, you can get rid of Digital Secure through the My Verizon website by following the steps below:

  • Log in to your My Verizon account through the website
  • Select “Products & Apps” from the top
  • Select “Manage Your Products”
  • Find the line you want to remove Digital Secure from
  • Select “Remove From Account”
  • Look at the changes, and then to confirm, select “Remove”

What Is Verizon Business Mobile Secure?

Verizon Business Mobile Secure gives you the same security you need for all of your devices and adds features and services you need to keep your business free of threats and harm.

For example, you will get app creation help, help with device configuration, and control tools. Moreover, you will have Lookout for Small Businesses to prevent threats to your network.

Is Verizon Mobile Secure Worth It?

Verizon Mobile Secure is worth it if you are not tech-savvy, need assistance with antivirus protection and malware protection, and need help setting up or refreshing your devices.

However, most people can achieve the same outcome as Mobile Secure by downloading apps and programs and running them without the help of Verizon.

Therefore, it’s not worth the money if you know what you’re doing on a mobile device, but the Business Mobile Secure may be worth it for a small business that doesn’t have an IT guy.

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Verizon Mobile Secure is an all-around product that provides your devices with the security and protection to keep your information safe and free from hackers or scammers.

In addition, you can get 24/4 tech support and 24/7 security advice, identity theft protection and monitoring, and access to help if your information is stolen.

Moreover, you can download the Call Filter app to help with robocalls and manage your device security through the Digital Secure app.

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