What Is Walmart-2-Walmart? (All You Need to Know)

You probably associate Walmart with a wide array of everyday products and groceries. But, did you know Walmart also offers financial services in its stores?

If you’ve used Walmart’s MoneyCenter, you may have heard about Walmart-2-Walmart. So, what is Walmart-2-Walmart, and what do you use it for? If you’d like to find out, keep reading for more facts!

What Is Walmart-2-Walmart In [currentyear]?

Walmart-2-Walmart is a money transfer service Walmart and Ria provide as of [currentyear]. With Walmart-2-Walmart, you can transfer up to $900 to Walmart stores in the US for fees between $4 and $8, depending on the amount. To use Walmart-2-Walmart, you need to fill out a form and pay with cash or a debit card.

To learn more about Walmart-2-Walmart, like why Walmart introduced the service, how you transfer money, and what other financial services Walmart offers, keep on reading for more facts!

What Services Does Walmart-2-Walmart Provide?

Walmart-2-Walmart is a money transfer service in partnership with Ria. With this service, customers can transfer funds between more than 4,000 Walmart stores in the United States.

Also, Walmart claims its Walmart-2-Walmart prices will undercut similar services that other companies provide.

Further, Walmart’s Senior Vice President of Services said Walmart-2-Walmart brings “transparent” pricing in a “market that has become complicated and costly for our customers.”

How Does Walmart-2-Walmart Work?

To use Walmart-2-Walmart services, the Walmart store must have a designated MoneyCenter or Customer Service desk.

So, after making your way to the specified area, you’ll have to fill out a form with the following information:

  • Transfer amount
  • Recipient’s name
  • State the funds are heading to

Next, Walmart-2-Walmart will transfer the money, and the recipient on the other end can pick up the cash at any store in the specified state within a few minutes.

Additionally, Walmart accepts cash and debit cards as acceptable payment methods for Walmart-2-Walmart money transfers.

Are There Fees to Use Walmart-2-Walmart Services?

There are fees associated with the Walmart-2-Walmart money transfers, which vary depending on the amount of money you’re transferring.

For example, Walmart charges the following fees for its Walmart-2-Walmart service:

  • $4.50 fee for transfers up to $50
  • $9.50 fee for transfer between $50 and $900

When comparing this to the competition, Walmart assures you’re saving money. For example, for the same service, other competitors charge fees between $4.75 and $11.

Moreover, the maximum amount you can transfer with Walmart-2-Walmart is $900.

Why Was Walmart-2-Walmart Introduced?

Walmart introduced Walmart-2-Walmart to add to its banking services profile and provide a service that unbanked individuals continually rely on.

As of 2013, financial services only account for 1% of Walmart’s sales. So, the Walmart-2-Walmart service is a way for Walmart to expand the number of banking services.

Additionally, about a quarter of people in the United States identify as either unbanked or underbanked.

Therefore, Walmart-2-Walmart is a way for people to take care of money transfers even if they don’t belong to a bank.

Moreover, there are Walmart stores in close proximity to many people, making Walmart-2-Walmart even more convenient.

Does Walmart Offer Other Banking Services?

Does Walmart Offer Other Banking Services?

Walmart offers several additional banking services through its MoneyCenter. Unfortunately, not every Walmart store has a designated MoneyCenter, but most financial matters can be handled at the Customer Service desk.

Still, to find out where the nearest Walmart MoneyCenter is for you, it’s best to use the store locator.

After typing in your zip code, the store locator will display the nearest Walmart locations. Then, you can see what additional services are offered, like pharmacy, auto, and the MoneyCenter.

Moreover, Walmart’s MoneyCenter allows you to save time with everyday financial services.

1. Check Cashing

Through Walmart’s MoneyCenter, one available service is check cashing. To cash a check at Walmart, all you need to do is bring the check and a valid government ID to the MoneyCenter or Customer Service desk, and an associate will take care of the rest.

However, there are fees associated with check cashing at Walmart, which include the following rates:

  • Pre-printed checks up to $1,000: $4 maximum fee
  • Pre-printed checks between $1,000 and $5,000: $8 maximum fee

Finally, if you have a Walmart MoneyCard, you can load the amount of your check directly onto the card.

2. Tax Services

You can also get help with tax-related matters at Walmart’s MoneyCenter. In a partnership with Jackson Hewitt, you can file your taxes, get your tax refund, and answer all your tax-related questions.

Further, Walmart allows you to file your taxes in-store, online, or with tax software.

Also, if you plan to file your taxes in person at Walmart, it’s best to schedule an appointment online to ensure a tax professional is available. Walmart notes that you’ll need to bring the following things with you:

  • W-2
  • Earnings statement, paystub, or other income verification
  • Driver’s license
  • Social Security number
  • Last year’s federal and state tax returns
  • Social Security numbers and birth dates of any dependents

Additionally, Walmart’s MoneyCenter allows you to receive your tax refund via a check, prepaid cards, or direct deposit.

3. Other Financial Services

In addition to tax services and check cashing, Walmart also offers the following financial services at its MoneyCenters:

  • Send money internationally
  • Purchase and load funds onto Walmart gift cards
  • Installment financing
  • Express money services
  • Check printing
  • Coinstar services
  • Bill payments
  • Money orders
  • PayPal services

What Are the Benefits of Using Walmart-2-Walmart?

As previously mentioned, there are several benefits to using Walmart-2-Walmart money transfer services. For example, some of the advantages of the service include:

  • Funds transfer within minutes
  • Can check the status or transfers with Walmart’s online account
  • Transfer can be completed entirely online

Also, this service is perfect if you don’t currently have a bank account or if a Walmart store is closer to your house than your bank is.

What Are the Downsides of Using Walmart-2-Walmart?

Like anything, there are a couple of downsides to using Walmart-2-Walmart, and the top complaints customers have about the service include the following:

  • Limited to domestic transfers only
  • Transfers have to be sent and received from a Walmart store
  • Fees

To know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Walmart does money orders, what is Walmart Savings Catcher, and if Walmart cashes international checks.


Walmart-2-Walmart is a money transfer service that Walmart offers at its MoneyCenter or Customer Service desk.

With Walmart-2-Walmart, customers can transfer funds up to $900 to Walmart stores all across the United States. Also, Walmart-2-Walmart charges fees between $4 and $8 for money transfers.

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