What Is the Walmart Savings Catcher? (All You Need to Know)  

One aspect of shopping at Walmart that customers rely on is that the retail giant continuously offers the lowest prices available. In fact, everyday low prices are the primary reason most people shop at Walmart.

But how do you know if you’re actually getting the lowest price compared to other retail stores? If you’re asking this question, you might be wondering, what is Walmart’s Saving Catcher tool? If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

What Is the Walmart Savings Catcher In 2023?

Walmart’s Savings Catcher tool was a feature in the Walmart app that automatically verified Walmart offered the lowest price on items you purchased, but the tool is no longer in service as of 2023. Walmart doesn’t use the Savings Catcher tool because it consistently offers the lowest available prices, so the tool has served its purpose.

If you want to learn more about the Savings Catcher tool’s history and how it worked, as well as other details about Walmart’s lowest price guarantee and other features on the Walmart app, keep on reading to see what I learned!

What Is the Purpose of the Walmart Savings Catcher App?

Customers were previously able to use the Walmart Savings Catcher tool in the Walmart app to assess price differences from top stores in their local area.

Further, customers could check if Walmart offered the best possible price for an item before they purchased it.

Then, when the Savings Catcher tool indicated a lower price on an eligible item purchased from Walmart, the customer received the price difference on a Walmart eGift card.

Is the Walmart Savings Catcher App Still Available?

Unfortunately, Walmart no longer has the Savings Catcher tool on its mobile app, as it was officially discontinued on May 14, 2019.

However, Walmart still currently has a mobile app with various features and tools to make shopping online and in-person at Walmart easier.

Why Did Walmart Discontinue the Walmart Savings Catcher App?

Essentially, Walmart discontinued the Savings Catcher tool because it had effectively served its purpose.

For example, in a statement addressing the issue, a Walmart representative said that a “vast majority of the time,” Walmart offered the lowest price available.

Additionally, after introducing the Savings Catcher tool, Walmart worked very hard at lowering prices on essential and nonessential products.

Therefore, Walmart almost always provides the lowest possible price on any item you can imagine.

So, there’s no longer a need for the Savings Catcher tool because you’re already saving as much money as possible. 

How Did the Walmart Savings Catcher App Work?

How Did the Walmart Savings Catcher App Work?

When the Savings Catcher tool was available for Walmart customers, it made it effortless to check potential price differences.

For example, all you had to do was submit your Walmart receipt number in the Walmart app, online, or through Walmart Pay.

The Savings Catcher tool automatically scanned advertisements from top stores in the local area to find lower prices that matched the eligible items on your receipt.

When the Savings Catcher tool identified a lower price, Walmart notified you within 72 business hours.

Finally, Walmart issued you a Walmart eGift card for the price difference the Savings Catcher tool located.

Does Walmart Price Match?

Walmart will price match, but only for items in which you find a lower price on Walmart’s website compared to the in-store price.

Additionally, there are a number of other qualifications to be eligible for a price match, including the following:

  • You must inform a Walmart associate of the price difference
  • The produce must currently be in stock on Walmart’s website at the time of the price match request
  • A Walmart supervisor must verify the price and availability of the identical item on Walmart’s website

Also, Walmart notes that it has the right to verify the price and availability of the identical item based on size, model, quantity, brand, or color.

Additionally, Walmart supervisors have the right to limit price matches to one per customer, per item, and per day.

Currently, Walmart doesn’t price match with other companies for the same reason it ended the use of the Savings Catcher tool.

Does Walmart Still Have a Mobile App?

Walmart currently has a mobile app available for Android and Apple devices. Additionally, the Walmart mobile app is free to download and use.

What Can You Use the Walmart App For?

The Walmart mobile app makes shopping easier and allows you to save money and time while shopping for all the items on your shopping list.

For example, some of the things you can use the Walmart app for include the Walmart Pay and Walmart Mobile Pharmacy features.

Further, Walmart Pay offers a secure way to pay for all your purchases at Walmart without having to use your wallet.

Moreover, Walmart Mobile Pharmacy makes it simple to manage and refill all your prescriptions.

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Unfortunately, Walmart’s Saving Catcher tool is no longer in service on the Walmart app. Walmart discontinued the tool because it worked hard to lower prices on everyday items, so the company felt the Savings Catcher tool had done its job.

However, Walmart will price match identical items, but only if you find a lower price on Walmart’s website compared to the in-store price.

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