What Kind Of Chicken Does Subway Use? (+ Other Common FAQs)

Every parent knows that when you want something just as quick as fast food but with healthier options, Subway is the way to go.

After all, Subway urges customers to “Eat Fresh,” but is their meat as fresh as they would have you believe?

To put it more specifically, what kind of chicken does Subway use? It’s a good question, and I have a great answer for you below.

What Kind Of Chicken Does Subway Use?

According to Subway’s website, their oven-roasted chicken and chicken strips are made from 100 percent all-white meat chicken. The company admits that in some areas, the chicken is also comprised of less than 1 percent soy protein. Chicken suppliers to Subway include Perdue and West Liberty Foods, among others.

To learn more about the chicken from Subway, including reports of its make-up, whether it’s healthy, where the unique texture comes from, and even some high-ranking natural chicken options, keep going!

What Percent Of Subway Chicken Is Chicken?

According to Subway’s website, their oven-roasted chicken and chicken strips are made from 100 percent all-white meat chicken.

They continue, the chicken is mixed with spices, seasoning, and marinade; and in some regions, a small amount of soy protein is added as well.

They insist the final product contains less than 1 percent soy protein.

Subway also contends that their chicken is “free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors…” and that their chicken comes from animals who were “raised without antibiotics.”

This flies in the face of the 2017 CBC Marketplace program, which found that only 53.6 percent of Subway’s oven-roasted chicken contained chicken DNA.

Even worse, they alleged the strips were comprised of a mere 42.8 percent chicken DNA.

Naturally, Subway vehemently defended themselves, calling the statements “absolutely false and misleading.”

Unfortunately, when Subway tried to bring a $210 million defamation lawsuit to court, the Ontario Superior Court threw it out.

One judge, Justice E.M. Morgan, did give credence to Subway’s claims, saying they had “substantial merit.”

But the suit was thrown out because Marketplace’s findings are protected by a “matters of public interest” statute in Canadian law.

You can find more details about the suit, including further comments by Justice Morgan concerning the veracity of Marketplace’s statements, here.

Is the Chicken at Subway Processed?

An article by The Clever contends, “All the meat used in Subway restaurants is highly processed.”

As much as we’d like to think the oven-roasted chicken is fresh each day until you see chicken turning on spits behind the counter, that’s not the case.

Subway’s chicken definitely has some additives, including water in most cases, but also soy protein (which apparently works as a binder to hold everything together).

Is the Rotisserie Chicken From Subway Healthy?

Because of its processed nature, it’s not fair to call Subway’s rotisserie chicken entirely healthy.

That said, a serving of their rotisserie chicken contains 300 calories, only six grams of fat, 23 grams of protein, and four grams of dietary fiber.

The downside, again, is that the chicken also comes with fillers and has been processed before making its way into the ingredient bins.

Why Is Subway Chicken Spongy?

Subway chicken definitely has its own unique texture, with some calling it “spongy” or “rubbery.”

The people of Quora have their ideas as to why that might be, including the binding used to hold the meat together, as well as the “cooking” method used in restaurants.

The latter, if you haven’t watched it before, does involve microwaving. And the rotisserie chicken comes in a patty form, which then gets sliced up.

What Sandwich Chain Has Natural Chicken?

Subway chicken is a popular choice, and I would bet the affordability of Subway overall has something to do with it.

Still, other chains have slightly healthier and more natural chicken options if you’d prefer that.

A West Coast-based chain called The Organic Coup actually serves USDA-certified organic fresh ingredients, including chicken.

But for a wider audience, Chick-fil-A grilled chicken is the best fast-food chain option, with Wendy’s and (surprise) Dairy Queen grilled chicken in second and third.

Indeed, Chick-fil-A claims their chicken is not only antibiotic-free. It is also free of additives and fillers.

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