Does Subway Do Breakfast? (All You Need To Know)

Subway is synonymous with lunchtime sub sandwiches filled with meat, cheese, and veggies, not to mention mustard and other savory sauces.

But suppose you’re hungry, and it’s still morning. Will Subway serve you a breakfast sandwich? To find out whether Subway serves breakfast, and if so, what breakfast items are on its menu, keep reading!

Does Subway Do Breakfast?

Subway offers breakfast at many of its franchises. This breakfast consists of four types of egg and meat sandwiches. Just as with regular sandwiches, the breakfast sandwiches are fully customizable. Also, Subway serves coffee, milk, and orange juice. Not every Subway opens for breakfast, but the breakfast options are still available later in the day.

For more information about Subway’s breakfast, such as what’s on the breakfast menu, keep reading for more answers!

What’s On Subway’s Breakfast Menu?

The four sub breakfast sandwich choices at Subway are as follows:

  • Bacon egg and cheese sandwich
  • Black forest ham, egg, and cheese sandwich
  • Steak egg and cheese sandwich
  • Egg and cheese sandwich

While not an extensive breakfast menu, the four sandwiches are very versatile since they’re entirely customizable.

For example, customers can choose any bread or flatbread, have it toasted or not, and add any toppings they wish.

In addition to the four breakfast sandwiches, Subway’s breakfast menu includes coffee, bottled milk, and bottled orange juice.

Of course, any of the soft drink options are available as well during breakfast.

Does Subway Only Serve Breakfast in the Morning?

Unlike many fast-food chains, Subway doesn’t put away its bacon, ham, or other breakfast meats after a specific time.

Instead, all of its ingredients remain in the front where customers can choose them. However, the one exception to the breakfast items left out is the eggs.

That said, Subway does put its eggs away after 11 a.m., so if you choose to customize a breakfast-type sub after 11, you won’t get eggs.

To sum up, Subway may officially stop serving breakfast at 11 am, but most of its breakfast items are still available to create a sub.

What Is the Price Range Of Subway’s Breakfast?

What Is The Price Range Of Subway's Breakfast?

If you order a Subway breakfast sandwich, the menu prices will range from $4.00 to $5.50 as of 2021.

Further, a six-inch flatbread or sub breakfast sandwich will start at $4.00, and a twelve-inch breakfast sub costs $5.50.

Also, some add-ons will cost extra such as avocado (.$75) to include on a sub.

As for breakfast beverages, Subway’s coffee will cost between $1.60 to $1.80, depending on the size. Additionally, a bottle of orange juice is $1.80, and a bottle of milk is $1.60.

Does Subway Have Hash Browns?

While Subway has offered hash browns and some worldwide locations, it doesn’t appear to serve them at US stores.

Furthermore, its website’s breakfast menu does not mention hash browns at all.

However, in other locations, such as the United Kingdom, Subway does indeed offer hash browns.

In fact, in the UK, you can add hash browns as a topping on any sub or enjoy them as a side item.

Is Subway’s Coffee Good?

For coffee drinkers, Subway’s coffee may not be your first choice. While Subway has some great cookies and subs, its coffee seems to receive mixed reviews.

For example, some customers describe it as terrible; still, others seem pleased with it. Essentially, it all depends on a person’s preference and whether the coffee is fresh or not.

Does Subway Also Serve Regular Subs in the Morning?

At Subway, even during breakfast hours, you can still request a lunchtime sub because it prepares all the ingredients at once. Therefore, everything is ready to go at opening time.

So, whether you want a steak egg and cheese sub or a meatball sub at 9 am, all of the meats, veggies, and sauces are available even during breakfast hours, so feel free to ask!

Does Every Subway Franchise Serve Breakfast?

While every Subway franchise was required to open for breakfast at one time, this is not the case now.

In fact, like many fast-food chains, Subway has struggled to find employees willing to work early morning shifts.

Also, while Subway’s breakfast was well-received initially, it has not remained popular.

Having said that, you can still find many Subways that serve breakfast starting early in the morning.

Moreover, even Subways that don’t serve a traditional breakfast can still make you a breakfast-style sub.

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