What Machine Does Subway Use To Toast Sandwiches? (All You Need To Know)

Subway offers a great deal of variety when you place your order; a choice of bread, a choice of proteins and cheeses, and they even give you the option to toast your sandwich.

However, you may be wondering about which machine Subway uses to toast their sandwiches. If you’d like to find out, continue reading through this article to gain more insight on this topic!

What Machine Does Subway Use to Toast Sandwiches?

Subway uses a specially designed TurboChef Tornado 2 High-Speed Countertop Convection Oven to toast its sandwiches, which is 12 times faster than your standard oven. The TurboChef can toast subs in as little time as 30-35 seconds, and it also doubles as a microwave, so your sandwiches can be reheated for you if they’ve gone cold.

Keep reading this article if you want to find out more about the oven Subway uses, how much it costs, whether Subway charges you extra to toast sandwiches and more!

What Type of Oven Does Subway Use?

The TurboChef Tornado Oven is designed to be more compact than a regular oven while being more versatile than other ovens and cooking/ toasting items much faster.

To toast and cook items quickly, the oven uses an impingement heating setting. This setting blows heated air both above and below the sandwiches at very high speeds in order to cook them more quickly.

The TurboChef takes around 15 minutes to fully heat up, and the optimum heat is between 400 and 500 degrees.

In addition to being an impingement oven, the Tornado 2 also has convection and microwave settings.

As well, the oven has a stainless-steel interior, which makes it very easy to clean.

How Much Does Subway’s Oven Cost?

If you were ever wondering if you could recreate Subway sandwiches at home by purchasing the same oven they use, you can! However, to purchase the TurboChef will not be cheap.

The TurboChef Tornado 2 High-Speed Countertop Convection oven costs around $10,000 from online retailers, which is due to the cooking time being 12 times faster than an average convection oven.

Also, your home will need the correct electrical wiring to be able to power it, so you might want to contact an electrician to check your wiring or install the correct wiring for you.

If you wish to make your own subs at home with accurate toasting, you can!

However, due to how expensive the TurboChef is, you’re recommended to consider very carefully the expense and how often you’ll use it.

How Long Does It Take to Toast Sandwiches in Subway’s Oven?

How Long Does It Take to Toast Sandwiches in Subway’s Oven?

To toast a 6-inch sub in the Tornado 2 oven takes 35 seconds, and around 10 more seconds for a Footlong, which is due to the impingement oven setting, along with the incredibly high heat of the oven.

The oven can also toast and cook other food items:

  • An 8” fresh pizza dough: 2 minutes and 45 seconds
  • Frozen chicken wings: 2 minutes and 10 seconds
  • French fries: 1 minute and 45 seconds

Therefore, if you were willing to spend $10,000 on one of these ovens, you can cook almost anything at a very rapid speed!

Can the Subway Oven Reheat Sandwiches?

The Tornado 2 oven has a microwave setting, which enables you to reheat any and all food items, including hot sandwiches.

If your sandwich has gone cold, you can ask Subway to reheat it in the Tornado 2 oven, and it will only take 30 seconds to a minute to reheat a sandwich to a good standard.

Additionally, if you own the Tornado 2 oven, you can also grill, bake, and cook various food items, such as dinner entrees, breakfast foods, and desserts.

How Many Sandwiches Does the Subway Oven Toast at Once?

The TurboChef Tornado 2 oven has a capacity of 29.9 liters. If you use one cooking rack shelf in the oven, it can fit around 5 to 6 Footlong Subway sandwiches or around 10-12 6-inch ones.

You can also fit other shelves into the oven, enabling the oven to toast over 10 Footlong subs.

However, Subway will only use one shelf unless the store is incredibly busy, which is done to cook the sandwiches more evenly, with a faster and more effective distribution of heat.

Does Subway Charge You Extra to Toast Sandwiches?

Subway doesn’t charge extra money to toast your sandwich, as toasting comes with the price of the sandwich, which is the same as 6-inch and footlong sandwiches.

The only thing Subway currently charges for is the base price of the Footlong or 6-inch you get. As well as free toasting, you get fresh vegetable toppings, cheese, and sauces free of charge!

Currently, the only items that cost extra are double meat/double veggie patties, extra cheese, and extra items such as pepperoni, avocado, and bacon.

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