When Does CVS Restock? (Days, Times, Types Of Stock + More)

Whenever you need medication, health care, or beauty products, a CVS is usually around the corner to offer you something. They offer such a wide range of things that you may even end up with more than you expected to buy!

But what happens if they run out of your favorite items or even your medication? I’ve been looking into this, so here’s my research on when CVS restocks.

When Does CVS Restock?

CVS restocks products at least once each week, though some CVS stores have bi-weekly restocks if they need extra items such as medications. CVS also restocks items when they require them per week, so there are no set days for new products such as makeup.

But which day does CVS restock? Read on to find out more, including when they restock their online goods!

How Often Does CVS Restock?

CVS stores restock at least once per week, though this can increase depending on the amount of stock required.

This only changes as the holiday season approach, or external circumstances mean that the store needs to stock up in preparation, such as for bad weather.

If you’d like to save time and check CVS stock beforehand, log onto your CVS account on their website and enter the name of the item you want into the search bar.

You can then scroll down to a button that says “Check Store Availability.”

Upon clicking this button, the website will bring up all of the stores stocking that item based on the zip code associated with your account.

What Day Does CVS Restock?

CVS stores have no specific day for restocking, as many people have reported different days for their local CVS restocking.

To find out when your local CVS restocks, your best option would be to ask the employees at your local CVS or contact them via telephone.

Vendor items such as Celcius energy drinks are distributed by the vendor, which means CVS has no control over the stock availability for these items.

If you need to find your local CVS to either visit or contact them, you can use their store locator tool to get their contact information and address.

What Time Does CVS Restock

Most CVS stores will receive their restock items via truck on their restock days, and as soon as the workers clock in, they can begin restocking the store.

However, this takes some time to restock, and the workers often reportedly won’t know what’s in these boxes until they’re unpacked.

Because of this, it is recommended to go later in the day if you wish to grab any new items or if you’ve been waiting for your item to come back in stock.

When Does CVS Restock Pharmacy Items?

When Does CVS Restock Pharmacy Items?

If you’ve ordered your prescription, but your medication is currently out of stock, the pharmacy will be able to order it for you, and it should arrive within the next day or the next few days, depending on the medication in question.

In order to be sure you’ll receive your medication in plenty of time before you run out, you should order your prescription within 5 days of your medication running out.

As well as this, if you order your medication in plenty of time and discover that your local CVS does not have your item in stock, they can redirect you to another CVS which will have your medication in stock if you require it urgently.

When Does CVS Restock Online Goods?

Items from CVS.com are reliant on stock from nearby stores rather than a centralized warehouse, which is why you’ll see store availability for online items.

If you are logged into your CVS account, store availability will always be a store closest to your account’s associated zip code.

You can also call your local store for their item availability and check when they will get that item restocked if it is unavailable.

When Does CVS Restock Beauty Products?

CVS restocks its branded items at the same time as other CVS items are restocked, once a week every week at the least, though this will depend on the amount of demand for items and the supply of them available.

These restock days differ between each store, so it is recommended that you call ahead or ask a store employee when they will receive more items.

Beauty and makeup items that are sold by other brands, such as L’Oreal are restocked once per week by the vendors themselves as opposed to CVS, and CVS has no control over how often they will receive vendor items.

To learn more, you might also be interested in reading our guides on when Walgreens restock, the CVS coupon policy, and the CVS makeup return policy.


CVS does not restock its items on the same schedule country-wide. Every store has a specific day of the week when their restocking truck arrives with new items to refill the shelves, and these stores are often stocked and have CVS branded items available for customers.

The only exceptions to this are branded items such as beauty products from L’Oreal or sodas, as the vendor and not by CVS distribute these. This means that stores have no real control over when they will arrive in stock.

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