When Does Walgreens Restock? [Days, Times, Products + More]

Walgreens stores are visited every day by thousands of people all over the country who purchase a wide range of products, including makeup, toys, pharmacy items, and much more.

Since these often run out of stock, you may be wondering: when does Walgreens restock? Here is what I’ve found out through Walgreens customer service!

When Does Walgreens Restock?

Typically, most Walgreens restock once a week, while more visited stores restock twice a week. Additionally, Walgreens receive stock when needed, so there are no set days on when new products arrive. Walgreens also receive shipments from (3 am – 10 am) and restocks shelves during the day.

If you want to know more about the frequency and timings of restocking at Walgreens, as well as when products like makeup and toys are restocked, keep on reading!

How Often Does Walgreens Restock?

Walgreens stores do not have the same schedule across the country for when they restock.

However, a Walgreens store typically restocks most products, including pharmacy items, once every week. In locations where Walgreens receives many customers regularly, the stores may even restock twice during a single week.

According to former employees, the restocking is scheduled by the vendors themselves for vendor items like products from Red Bull, Pepsi, and L’Oreal.

Shipments tend to arrive once every week or once every other week at most Walgreens stores.

Note that the frequency of restocking is increased during days when there are store-wide sales on certain categories or brands of products.

Side note: If you have visited your local Walgreens and they are out of stock for makeup, Pokemon cards, toys, etc. You can ask a staff member to check outback as it takes time for staff to restock shelves, so there is normally more stock at the loading dock or in storage!

What Days Does Walgreens Restock?

There is no set schedule for when a Walgreens store will restock, i.e., it varies from location to location.

To find out when shipments arrive (and shelves are restocked) at your local Walgreens store, you should contact the store directly and ask the employees about their normal routine.

To do so, you can use the Walgreens Store Locator to get the contact number and open hours of nearby Walgreens stores. 

At What Time Does Walgreens Restock?

Most stores prefer to receive shipments early in the morning (3 am – 10 am) so that the employees can unload and restock the products while the store isn’t busy and full of customers.

Therefore, if you want to go back to a Walgreens store to buy a product that had been out of stock, it is best to visit the store in the afternoon on the day the shipment was supposed to arrive.

To find out when a particular Walgreens store restocks its shelves, you can contact it directly and ask the employee about their schedule.

When Does Walgreens Restock Online?

When Does Walgreens Restock Online?

Products sold online at the Walgreens website are always linked back to the inventory of a nearby store (or a store that you selected).

If an item is out of stock online, you can expect it to be restocked within a week, since this is the schedule followed by most stores.

Alternatively, you can make sure when the item is restocked by noting down the address of the store you’ve selected on the Walgreens website and calling the store to ask about the date for the next restocking.

When Does Walgreens Restock Pharmacy Items?

Although Walgreens sells a variety of grocery and convenience items, it is primarily a drugstore and pharmacy. Therefore, its pharmacy items are among the products most frequently purchased by customers.

This is why every store receives a shipment of pharmacy items to restock at least once every week. Beyond that, the shipments could be received twice and even thrice a week depending on how quickly these are getting sold.

When Does Walgreens Restock Makeup?

Walgreens-branded makeup items are re-stocked once every week or once every other week, depending on the amount of purchase volume at a particular store.

As for makeup items sold by other brands like CoverGirl, Neutrogena, and L’Oreal, these are restocked a maximum of once per week by the vendors themselves.

When Does Walgreens Restock Toys?

Toys are restocked depending on whether they are Walgreens-branded or from other vendors. In both cases, you can expect toys to be restocked either once every week or (more likely) once every two weeks.

You can always contact your nearest Walgreens store to ask when the next shipment for the restocking of toys is going to arrive.

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Conclusion: When Does Walgreens Restock?

Walgreens stores tend to receive shipments of pharmacy items and Walgreens-brand items for restocking once every week, with the frequency increasing based on the volume of sales at each store.

Vendor items are restocked once every other week in most cases. The day on which the store is restocked varies across locations, so you should contact your nearest store directly to find out about its restocking routine.

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