When Does Lowe’s Restock (Plants, Lumber, Day Shipments Arrive, Days Times + More)

As a popular home improvement retailer, you would expect Lowe’s to always stock its shelves.

Finding out when Lowe’s restocks the item you need can help you avoid disappointment and a wasted trip to the store.

I’ve researched when Lowe’s restocks its shelves and some of its more popular products. Check out everything I’ve found out below!

When Does Lowe’s Restock?

Lowe’s restocks its shelves overnight, employing overnight stockers to replenish the store’s shelves and get them ready for the next day. Products usually arrive every one to two days, depending on the busyness of the store. If there’s a high demand for a specific product, the shipment may occur more frequently at Lowe’s.

To find out when Lowe’s restocks plants, lumber, and its garden center, as well as how to find out if an item is in stock at Lowe’s, check out the rest of my research!

When Does Lowe’s Restock Plants?

Lowe’s stocks an impressive range of houseplants that are available all year round.

According to employees at Lowe’s, the day the store restocks plants can vary at each store across the country. The most popular days for restocking at Lowe’s are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

To better prepare for the weekend rush, Lowe’s employees report plant shipments also come in on Thursdays and Fridays.

Houseplant restocking days are a rather popular topic on internet forums. If you’re curious as to when your local Lowe’s restocks houseplants, you may consider joining one of these forums to help you learn when it’s best to shop.

There are also informative videos online that can help you purchase the houseplant you want from any big-box retailer, including Lowe’s.

When Does Lowe’s Restock Lumber?

When Does Lowe's Restock Lumber?

From employee reports, it appears that lumber is restocked overnight by the overnight team, though Lowe’s replenishes lumber whenever needed.

Lumber shipments are another product that’s delivered based on the store’s demands. Some Lowe’s employees report getting deliveries daily, but this can vary from store to store.

Lumber shipments are also subject to the industry’s supply. When there are lumber shortages, your local Lowe’s may not be restocked as frequently as usual due to the unavailability of the product.

When Does Lowe’s Restock The Garden Center?

Lowe’s garden center offers everything from seeds and bulbs to trees and houseplants.

The restock days for most Lowe’s garden centers depend on the season. According to associates, shipments of seeds and bulbs can come in as frequently as every day in the spring.

As seasons and the weather dictate what you can successfully plant, most Lowe’s stores follow seasonal trends. The garden center will have plants suitable for the season fully stocked.

When Does Lowe’s Get Shipments?

All Lowe’s locations will get shipments on different days due to the various suppliers in each area and the varying demands at each store.

Lowe’s employees report shipments coming in either daily or weekly, depending on the store’s foot traffic.

When Does Lowe’s Restock Online?

Online stock at Lowe’s is split between stores and distribution centers. Your local store is responsible for shipping more oversized items, like lumber, landscape rock, and fence paneling.

So if you order a large product online, the shipment relies on your store’s restocking schedule.

For smaller items, Lowe’s uses its distribution centers to stock and fulfill your online orders. Therefore, smaller items are not subject to the same wait times as larger items from local stores.

How Do I Know If An Item Is In Stock At Lowe’s Stores?

To check the stock status of an item at Lowe’s, you can check online at lowes.com. On each product page, the site will give you the number of your desired product available in-store.

Hit the ‘Find a store’ button and enter your zip code to set a preferred store, ensuring you see the stock levels at your nearest store.

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