When Does Uber Eats Pay? (Days, Weeks + Other Common FAQs)

When you work for Uber Eats the company tells you you will have full control of when you take orders and your load.

All this determines what you earn and it helps to know when to expect these earnings. To learn when Uber Eats pays so you can plan your schedule better before going in, read on!

When Does Uber Eats Pay In 2024?

Uber Eats pays weekly on Thursdays if drivers choose not to cash out before then in 2024. Uber calculates earnings made up to 3:59 a.m. on Monday which is paid out on Thursdays. Anything earned from Monday at 4 a.m. will be paid out on the following week’s Thursday. Payment statements are sent on Tuesdays via email.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about when Uber Eats pays, including how drivers are paid, how fast the payments are issued, and more!

When Does Uber Eats Pay Restaurants?

Uber Eats pays restaurants weekly on Mondays.

Earnings for restaurants on Uber Eats are calculated from midnight on Monday to midnight the next Monday in their respective time zones before the payments start going out.

Uber Eats pays restaurants via direct deposits that take between 1 and 2 days to process so they have their earnings by the middle of the week.

Restaurants that update their banking information on Uber Eats will have to wait about 1 week for their direct deposit to process the first time.

When Does Uber Eats Pay Bonuses?

When Uber Eats pays bonuses depends on the terms of the bonus in question.

One of the Uber Eats bonuses that should get paid out the fastest is the referral bonus that you get 1 to 2 weeks after it’s confirmed.

Other bonuses are tied to how long you work on the platform in order to keep drivers active for longer.

For example, there’s a bonus that says you will get a bonus to bring your earnings after 100 deliveries within a set time period to $1,400 if you don’t make that much.

However, we’ve found several reports on Reddit of Uber Eats taking incredibly long to pay out bonuses even after the drivers contact customer support.

Does Uber Eats Pay Immediately?

Uber Eats pays immediately if you choose the Instant Pay option. With Instant Pay you can cash out to a linked debit card up to 5 times a day.

In the US, Uber Eats delivery drivers can use Instant Pay immediately after their first delivery.

However, in other places like the UK, they have to wait until at least 2 weeks have passed since their first delivery and they’ve done more than 25 of them since then.

Instant Pay costs 50 cents per transaction but is free if you withdraw to an Uber Debit Card from GoBank.

Instant Pay usually has the money reflected immediately in your bank account, but it might take longer depending on how fast your bank processes transactions.

Does Uber Eats Offer Direct Deposit?

Does Uber Eats Offer Direct Deposit?

Uber Eats does offer direct deposit for usual weekly payments that go out on Thursdays, assuming you haven’t cashed out your earnings before then.

When you sign up to be a driver for Uber Eats, you’ll need to provide your banking details for payments and this is what the company uses for direct deposits.

In fact, direct deposits are the only available form of payment from Uber Eats; options like checks are not available.

Direct deposit payments from Uber Eats take a relatively short time to reflect in your account balance.

So, you should review your banking info or contact customer support if it takes more than 2 to 3 business days.

When Does Uber Eats Pay in the UK?

Uber Eats pays weekly in the UK and you can also use Instant Pay to cash out your earnings whenever you want up to 5 times a day.

Uber Eats drivers in the UK can use Instant Pay to withdraw earnings whenever they want as long as their balance is at least £1 for a £0.50 fee.

This fee is only charged if they choose to receive their earnings instantly.

Otherwise, they can cash out and wait for 2 business days or wait for the automatic weekly deposit, both of which have a £0 fee.

Does Prop 22 Affect How Uber Eats Pays?

Prop 22 does not affect how Uber Eats pays, only the amount that they pay.

This means that Uber Eats will likely continue to pay weekly through direct deposit or faster with Instant Pay regardless of what happens with Prop 22.

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Uber Eats pays drivers weekly on Thursdays and restaurants receive payment starting on Mondays. Uber Eats pays via direct deposit but drivers have the option to cash out their earnings via Instant Pay whenever they want up to 5 times a day.

Instant Pay in the US is available immediately after a driver completes their first delivery. In other places such as the UK, the driver has to wait at least 14 days after their first delivery and ensure they’ve completed more than 25 deliveries since then.

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