When Is Starbucks Happy Hour? (+Other Common FAQs)

Starbucks’ Happy Hour is a popular part of its Rewards loyalty program. Members who buy a drink in size Grande or larger can get another BOGO (Buy One Get One Free).

Like many others, you may wonder when Starbucks Happy Hour is and how to claim your free drink. Read on for all the answers!

When Is Starbucks’ Happy Hour?

Starbucks Happy Hour happens every few weeks, on Thursdays between 2 and 7 p.m. Rewards members are sent alerts in the Starbucks mobile app about the date of the next Happy Hour. The Starbucks Happy Hour coupons will also be automatically added to your mobile app.

To learn more about Starbucks’ Happy Hour, like how to get notifications when it returns, keep reading!

How Do I Find Out When the Next Starbucks Happy Hour Will Be?

Happy Hour happens every few weeks, and Rewards members are notified of the date in the Starbucks mobile app and through email and text notifications.

With that, the best way to find out when the next Happy Hour will be is to download the Starbucks mobile app and create an account.

Then, you can start receiving alerts about Happy Hour and other Starbucks promotions.

However, remember to enable push notifications within the app to receive alerts about the next Happy Hour.

Also, the Starbucks mobile app is the best way to redeem the Reward, as your Happy Hour coupons will be added automatically to your account in the mobile app.

Finally, you can sign up for email notifications on the Starbucks website to receive alerts and promotions, but the app gives you more inclusive functionality.

What Does Starbucks’ Happy Hour Offer?

Starbucks Happy Hour is popular with customers because it offers them BOGO on qualifying drinks.

For example, customers who buy a drink in size Grande or larger get a second drink of equal or lesser value for free.

Additionally, the BOGO offer covers most customers’ favorite Starbucks drinks, making it a top-rated program.

Starbucks started Happy Hour in 2010 to introduce the Frappuccino, and it has become an eagerly-awaited promotion.

What Starbucks Drinks Can I Order For Happy Hour?

What Starbucks Drinks Can I Order For Happy Hour?

Unfortunately, there are some restrictions on which drinks qualify for the BOGO offer during Happy Hour.

For example, customers can buy one Handcrafted drink in size Grande or larger and receive a second drink of equal or lesser value for free.

  • With that, the handcrafted drinks include
  • Espresso-based drinks
  • Frappuccinos
  • Blended beverages
  • Seasonal drinks
  • Iced teas
  • Cold coffees
  • Nitro

Also, the BOGO offer includes holiday and seasonal drinks.

Are Any Drinks Excluded From the Happy Hour BOGO Offer?

Some drinks are excluded from the Starbucks Happy Hour promotion.

For example, hot brewed coffee, hot tea, bottled drinks like water and juice, alcohol, and Starbucks Reserve drinks do not qualify for the deal.

Do All Starbucks Stores Participate In Happy Hour?

Sadly, not all Starbucks stores participate in Happy Hour. However, you can use the store locator feature within the app to find the nearest store location that offers Happy Hour.

Moreover, Starbucks-licensed stores and kiosks in grocery and retail stores, schools, hotels, and airports do not participate in Happy Hour.

Why Is Starbucks Happy Hour In the Afternoon?

Starbucks Happy Hour is on select Thursday afternoons from 2 to 7 p.m. because the timings attract a new crowd of coffee drinkers needing an afternoon pick-me-up.

Usually, Starbucks has become a morning coffee habit for millions of people. However, by scheduling Happy Hour in the afternoons, Starbucks hoped to bring in another set of loyal customers.

How Can I Redeem My BOGO Coupons For Drinks?

Once you’ve downloaded the Starbucks mobile app and created your account, the app does all the work for you.

Not only does it send you an alert with the date of the next Happy Hour, it automatically adds Happy Hour coupons to your account.

Then, when you place Your Happy Hour order, the coupon is automatically applied to your account in the Starbucks mobile app.

However, customers should be aware that you can use just one BOGO coupon during one Happy Hour.

Fortunately, there is no limit to the number of qualifying drinks you can order with that one coupon; provided you meet all other criteria, you get them all BOGO.

Can I Participate In Happy Hour Even If I’m Not a Rewards Member?

Customers who want to join Starbucks’ Happy Hour program but have not yet joined the Rewards program can participate on the spot.

You can download the Starbucks mobile app on your phone or tablet and sign up as a Rewards member.

If your Happy Hour coupon doesn’t show up immediately, try signing out of your account and relaunching the app.

After refreshing the app, the Happy Hour card should show on your home screen, and you can click on it to claim your BOGO.

What Other Promotions Does Starbucks Offer?

Starbucks Rewards members can earn Stars which can be redeemed for free food, drinks, and merchandise.

With that, you can redeem Stars at any time. However, they do expire after six months. 

Also, customers can get a free cup of coffee at participating stores on National Coffee Day, September 29th every year.

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