Where Is Lemon & Lime Juice In Walmart? + Other Grocery Stores?

Walmart is one of America’s largest grocery suppliers, offering a tremendous range of fresh, frozen, and dry foods alongside an expansive range of beverages. While enjoying the privilege of many options, it can make specific items tricky to find.

Lemon juice and lime juice is a highly versatile ingredient meaning there are multiple places it could belong. This helpful article aims to help you quickly locate lemon juice in Walmart and other stores!

Where Is Lemon & Lime Juice In Walmart?

Walmart customers can find lemon and lime juice in either the non-refrigerated juice aisle or in the condiments aisle next to the salad dressings and vinegar. Walmart can also stock lemon juice and lime juice in the baking aisle or above the fresh citrus fruits in the produce section.

To learn more about locations, aisles, and other stores, keep on reading!

Use The Walmart App To Find Lemon Juice

If you are still having trouble finding lemon or lime juice in Walmart, you can download the Walmart + App to your Apple or Android smartphone via the App Store or Google Play.

Once downloaded, enter your login or create a new account, type in your zip code, and select a Walmart store of your choice.

Next, type “lemon juice” into the search bar; if your designated store has sufficient stock, the App will tell you the exact location of lemon juice.

However, if you do not have access to Walmart + App, many Walmart associates are ready to help you find what you need.

Do Other Grocery Stores Sell Lemon Juice?

In grocery stores such as Publix, Kroger, Meijer, Whole Foods, and Safeway, customers can typically find lemon juice and lime juice in the condiments aisle next to the salad dressing.

Customers can also find lemon/lime juice in the produce section above fresh citrus fruits or in the non-refrigerated juice section. Also, in certain stores, lemon and lime juice can be found in the baking ingredients aisle.

What Types Of Lemon Juice Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart stocks an extensive range of natural branded lemon juice such as Real Lemon, Volcano, Santa Cruz, and Collins.

Choose from a selection of organic and concentrated lemon juice for under $2!

There are also plenty of natural lemon beverages from popular brands such as San Pellegrino and Capri Sun for $2-$18. You can also shop for lemon juice at Walmart.com.

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