Where Is Lululemon From? (All You Need to Know)

Lululemon is a famous brand internationally, and you can find the clothing worldwide. However, with stores in so many locations, you might be curious: Where is Lululemon actually from?

If this question has popped into your mind, keep reading to learn what I discovered regarding this subject, along with other related facts!

Where Is Lululemon From?

Lululemon was founded by Chip Wilson in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1998. The company headquarters is still in Vancouver in 2024. However, the popular athleisure wear company was incorporated in Delaware and has offices in the Seattle, Washington area. While its roots are in Canada, Lululemon has expanded globally.

Do you want to know more about Lululemon’s origins and where the company is today? Read on to learn where Lululemon comes from.

Is Lululemon American or Canadian?

Lululemon was founded and is currently headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Generally speaking, people may consider it a Canadian company.

However, the company is also incorporated in Delaware, United States. Therefore, Lululemon is officially considered US-Canadian.

Where Did Lululemon Originate?

Lululemon originated in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1998. It was founded by Chip Wilson, a Canadian-American. Wilson has dual citizenship and was born in San Diego, California.

However, he lived and worked in Vancouver when he founded Lululemon, so the headquarters is in Vancouver to this day.

Where Is Lululemon Based?

Lululemon is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. This is the company’s birthplace and is where its headquarters remain today.

However, Lululemon has strong ties within the United States. It is incorporated in Delaware, and its digital team and cloud engineering are primarily based in Seattle, Washington.

Lululemon has grown internationally, with stores in Australia, China, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and Japan, amongst others. 

Where Is Lululemon Based in the US?

Where Is Lululemon Based in the US?

Lululemon is technically incorporated in the state of Delaware.

Since the company does extensive business throughout the states, it makes sense to have a legal base within the country.

Furthermore, Delaware is considered a very corporate-friendly state.

Corporations based here benefit from tax savings, privacy, and swift court procedures, and they don’t need to have a business license within the state.

However, Lululemon also has offices in the Seattle, Washington area. This makes sense due to its proximity to Vancouver.

Further, Lululemon’s U.S. headquarters is based in Sumner, Washington. Its digital team and cloud engineering are primarily based out of Seattle as well. 

Where Is Lululemon’s Headquarters?

Lululemon’s headquarters is in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Lululemon Athletica’s Corporate Office is located at 1818 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1C7, Canada.

Who Is Lululemon Owned By?

Lululemon was initially owned by its founder, Chip Wilson.

However, the company went public in 2007. When a company goes public, it sells some of its ownership to the public through stocks and shares.

Chip Wilson resigned as Lululemon’s CEO in 2013 and stopped working there altogether in 2015. However, as of 2024, he is the highest individual shareholder with 8%.

Where Is Lululemon Made?

Since Lululemon does not own its factories, the company outsources its production to companies internationally, including the following countries:

  • Canada
  • United States
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • India
  • Peru
  • Switzerland

Currently, China is responsible for the majority of Lululemon’s manufacturing.

Lululemon sources its materials internationally. Its signature fabric, Luon, is patented by the company and made exclusively in Taiwan.

Further, wool is sourced from South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and China. 

How Many Lululemon Stores Are There?

Lululemon continues to grow and open up new stores internationally. As of 2024, the majority of stores are in three countries.

There are 324 stores in the United States, 86 in China, and 63 in Canada. This is followed by Australia with 31 and the United Kingdom with 17.

What Is Lululemon Known For?

Lululemon is a Canadian-based company known for making comfortable, flattering athletic wear.

While its clothing can be used for multiple sports, the company initially specialized in women’s yoga wear. 

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Lululemon originated in Vancouver, Canada, and its primary headquarters is still based there. It has also become incorporated in Delaware and has a U.S. headquarters in Washington state.

Although it’s considered a U.S.-Canadian brand, you can find Lululemon stores worldwide, with Canada, China, and the United States boasting the most out of the countries. 

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