Where Is Molasses In Walmart + Other Grocery Stores?

Every day 100,000s of people flock to America’s largest department chain, Walmart, where they can count on affordable yet essential household items.

Due to their stores’ massive scale, you may run into a dilemma when searching for specific items like molasses. Luckily, I’m here to help you locate it!

Where Is Molasses In Walmart?

Walmart often stocks Molasses in the baking aisle next to the corn syrup and sweeteners. Customers can also find dark molasses and pomegranate molasses in the breakfast food aisle next to maple syrup and honey. Some Walmarts stock molasses in the organic and health food aisles.

Keep on reading to find out how you can quickly locate Molasses at Walmart and other stores!

Use The Walmart App To Find Molasses In-Store

The Walmart + App is a great tool to help you find exactly where individual items are stocked before you even reach the store! Download the App to your Android or Apple smartphone to begin.

To begin, simply enter your zip code to find your local Walmart store and type in “molasses” in the search bar.

If your desired Walmart has sufficient stock, the App will tell you exactly which aisle and shelf the molasses are positioned on.

To get your App started, hop onto the App Store or Google Play and click download; you’ll need to sign into a Walmart account or create a new one.

However, if you are shopping without the Walmart + App, you are more than welcome to ask a nearby Walmart associate for some assistance.

Where Is Molasses In Grocery Stores?

Grocery stores, including Meijer, Publix, Kroger, and Trader Joe’s, often stock molasses in the dry foods section along the baking aisle next to the sugar and corn syrup.

Many grocery stores also stock molasses in the breakfast foods aisle next to the honey and maple syrup. On odd occasions, stores will stock molasses in the organic and health food aisles.

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What Brands Of Molasses Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart stocks a generous range of branded molasses to choose from, including Grandma’s Original, Laodicea, Golden Barrel Blackstrap, Wholesome, and Al Wadi. A single jar of molasses can cost as little as $6.25.

There are excellent saving opportunities when buying molasses at Walmart when you purchase either a larger quantity or multiple jars. 

Alternatively, have molasses delivered to your door from the Walmart website, where you can view their entire range.

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