Where Is Vinegar In Walmart + Other Grocery Stores? 

Walmart prides itself on being able to offer a wide variety of products and services to its millions of everyday customers, in order to make life just a little bit easier.

However, you may be wondering if Walmart stocks vinegar in-store, and where it can be found. Here is everything I have managed to find out!

Where Is Vinegar In Walmart? 

At Walmart, customers can find vinegar, including balsamic, white, brown, red wine, and apple cider vinegar, in the store’s condiments section next to the salad dressings and ketchup. If vinegar cannot be found in the condiments section, it may be found among the cooking oils in the baking aisle.

To learn more about other potential locations and how to pinpoint an exact location, keep on reading!

Use The Walmart+ App To Pinpoint The Location Of Vinegar 

If you’re having trouble finding an item in Walmart stores, don’t worry! Simply grab your smartphone and install the Walmart+ application!

Once the application has been installed, find the store you are in, and search for the item you need; the app will show you the exact location within the store! 

Where Is Vinegar In Grocery Stores? 

In grocery stores such as Publix, Kroger, Safeway, Target, Meijer, and Costco, vinegar (including white, brown, balsamic, apple, and red wine) can usually be found in the condiments section aisle, amongst cooking oils. Some vinegar products may also be found in the baking aisle or in the health foods aisle.

Are There Any Substitutes For Vinegar? 

It is incredibly unlikely that Walmart or any other grocery store would run out entirely of vinegar, but on the off chance that they do, there are a few items that can be substituted for vinegar. These items include:

  • Lemon or lime juice. If you cannot find ordinary vinegar, or an appropriate variety, then you can easily substitute it for lemon or lime juice, which works well, due to its acidic properties.  
  • Other vinegar products. If you cannot find a specific type of vinegar that you require, then you can substitute it with a different variety of vinegar. Some kinds of vinegar taste very similar, so can be substituted for one another if and when needed.

Walmart Vinegar Products 

Walmart stocks a wide variety of vinegar products, ranging from edible vinegar such as apple cider vinegar and balsamic vinegar to vinegars used as cleaning solutions! 

For other hard-to-find items, see my posts on where to find Velveeta, yeast, castor oil, and tahini in Walmart and grocery stores.


Vinegar can usually be found in Walmart, and other grocery stores, in the condiments sections, or close to cooking oils. For any specialized vinegars, such as rice vinegar, you will be able to find such products within their appropriate areas. 

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