Who Does Home Depot Use For Shipping? (Carriers, Shipping Methods + More) 

Home Depot, a leading home improvement retailer in the U.S., has been offering shipping services for large appliances for a long time, delivering them straight to customers’ homes. 

If you’ve ever had an appliance such as a refrigerator or dishwasher (or smaller products) delivered via Home Depot, you may be wondering – who does Home Depot use for shipping? Here is what I’ve found out!

Who Does Home Depot Use For Shipping? 

Home Depot uses a number of carriers for its merchandise deliveries, including their in-house delivery service and third-party shipping like UPS and FedEx. It is also partnered with Roadie to provide express, same-day delivery for more than 20,000 items, covering over 300 stores.  

If you want to learn more about the various shipping methods Home Depot offers, whether Home Depot uses distribution centers, and much more, keep on reading! 

What Are Home Depot’s Shipping Methods? 

Home Depot offers a number of different shipping methods for customers when checking out online, which include: 

  • Standard: Shipping by 3rd party carrier (3-5 business days) 
  • Standard Plus: 2-3 day delivery by 3rd party carrier 
  • Expedited: 2 day delivery by 3rd party carrier  
  • Express: 1 day delivery by 3rd party carrier  
  • Cost Saver: For products less than 1lb 

Other than that, Home Depot also offers shipping by appointment for specific products that may need to be unpacked, inspected, and/or assembled: 

  • Outdoor Equipment Delivery 
  • Certified Professional Delivery 
  • Bulk Delivery 
  • Threshold Home Shipping 
  • White Glove Home Shipping 

Note that different products may have varied processing times, and you’ll likely see the processing time listed in the Product Information in your shopping cart.  

Additionally, if you have a Pro Xtra account, you’ll be able to track your order and see how long it will take to be delivered to your address. 

How Long Does Home Depot Shipping Take?

Home Depot shipping speeds depend entirely on the product in question, your chosen shipping method, and any pre-existing issues with shipping across the country.  

For example, the Standard Shipping method takes 3 to 5 business days, plus additional processing time. 

Keep in mind that processing time is the part that will affect shipping time the most, and this is usually listed with product information in your shopping cart.  

Recently, Home Depot opened three new distribution centers across Atlanta in order to increase shipping times and keep up with customers’ demands.  

Does Home Depot Use Distribution Centers?

Does Home Depot Use Distribution Centers

Home Depot has over 90 distribution centers throughout America, Canada, and Puerto Rico in order to serve its customers quickly and efficiently for deliveries.  

These distribution centers help process items and orders at a great pace to help carriers get Home Depot products to the intended destination easily and quickly. 

Should I Tip Home Depot Delivery? 

Whether you should tip your delivery service depends on the delivery in question since direct delivery is difficult to tip as associates are not allowed to accept tips from customers. 

However, if a third party is delivering a large item or multiple items to your third-story apartment, you may want to reward your deliverer.  

As for UPS and FedEx, these drivers are allowed to accept tips even though their employers may have instructed them to decline them. 

So if you believe your delivery driver has gone above and beyond, you can either send their employer a gracious review or hand them a tip in cash.  

As for Roadie drivers, there is usually a Guaranteed Minimum Tip tag on some deliveries, which means that Roadie provides the minimum tip whether you choose to tip or not.  

You can still tip these drivers, and according to the Roadie website, you’ll have up to 14 days after delivery to leave a tip.  

If you do so, Roadie will then use $3 of your tip to cover this upfront guarantee. 

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Home Depot uses a number of services for its shipping, all of which comes from its distribution centers from across the country.

Its carriers include UPS, FedEx, Roadie, and professionals who will assemble any necessary items by appointment. 

With 10 shipping methods, there are many ways to get your items delivered, whether it’s a new bed frame, a refrigerator, or even a smaller product.

Shipping speeds will depend on the processing time of the item and whether the item is readily available. 

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